Betting Odds For Major TV Shows To Be Delayed Due To The Writers' Strike

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Betting Odds For Major TV Shows To Be Delayed Due To The Writers' Strike

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  • The WGA Strike is now in its seventh week.
  • Shows are now being delayed and cancelled.
  • Stranger Things is one of the shows that may face a delay.

The WGA Strike is now over six weeks old and there appears to be no end in sight. Studio executives refuse to come to the negotiating table. Recent contract negotiations with the DGA went smoothly, but that hasn't opened up the lines of communication with the WGA. How long will this last? Our latest odds update projects the over/under for days of this strike at 125.5. Another way to think about this strike is its overall impact on TV and movie production. Will your favorite shows return next season or will those release dates be pushed back? Sportsbooks are now offering odds on the likelihood that specific shows will be delayed or cancelled.  

Television Shows That Will Announce A Delay Or Be Cancelled In 2023 

Team Odds Probability
-500 83.33%
Hacks -500
Stranger Things -200 66.67%
Yellowjackets -110 52.38%
Abbott Elementary
Euphoria -110
Emily In Paris -110

Severance and Loot on Apple+ have announced delays in production as well as Hacks on HBO Max. If a resolution were quickly forged between the writers and studios it's conceivable those shows could be released on initial timelines, but it's becoming more unlikely by the day. Stranger Things began the writing process for its final season in 2022, which means that it's possible they could start filming as soon as the writers' strike lifts. But even with a season in the can, from a script perspective, there is no guarantee that they can shoot the season fast enough to avoid a delay. Billions is one of the few shows that has a release date on the books. Deadline reported that the show's final season will premiere on August 11th on Paramount+ and August 13th Showtime. There is still a chance that the Writers Strike impacts Showtime's overall release strategy, but the public announcement makes a push-back unlikely. 

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