American Idol Betting Odds: The Final 10 Is Finally Revealed! Who's On Top?

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As we head down the final stretch, Brendan Luck breaks down the contenders to win American Idol Season 21.

American Idol Betting Odds: The Final 10 Is Finally Revealed! Who's On Top?

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American Idol season 21 has definitely cemented itself as one of the best seasons of the show. At long last, we’ve reached the final 10 contestants that will sing their hearts out for a taste of superstardom. During the last round of elimination (on April 30), Georgian singer Nutsa and 28-year-old Lucy Love were voted off the show. While Lucy Love was a longshot to win the competition, Nutsa had a real shot early into the competition, before watching her stock take a dive as the show went on. 

Last episode, the final 10 contestants performed their songs for this round ahead of the next elimination episode on Sunday, May 7. The competition has been fierce, and each contestant brought their A-game with the hopes of taking home the top prize. 

American Idol Current Odds

Contestant Moneyline Probability
Iam Tongi +250 28.6%
We Ani +300 25%
Megan Danielle +500 16.7%
Colin Stough +750 11.8%
Zachiariah Smith +900 10%
Warren Peay +900 10%
Tyson Venegas +1000 9.1%
Oliver Steele +1000 9.1%
Marybeth Byrd +1000 9.1%
Haven Madison +1000 9.1%

Iam Tongi and We Ani Remain the Top Two 

At this point in the season, we’d be shocked if Iam Tongi or We Ani don’t make the final two contestants for the season. Tongi’s heartfelt performance of a Hawaiian classic “What A Wonderful World”, was definitely one that has already gone viral on sites like YouTube. In most seasons, he’d be the clear favorite. However, We Ani continues to deliver incredible performances, and she’s only built on that success with her recent rendition of “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. It takes guts to dare sing a Whitney Houston song, but Ani pulled it off. They’ll likely remain at the top of our odds table for the rest of the season. 

Megan Danielle Sees Her Stock Rise with An Emotional Performance

Although Toni and Ani seem to be running away with the competition, Megan Danielle has managed to stick around as a possible contender for the top prize as well. She chose to sing “Go Rest High On That Mountain” by Vince Gill. Megan revealed that the last time she sang the song was at her grandfather’s funeral, and the emotion in her performance was certainly felt by the judges. “That was unbelievable.” exclaimed judge Lionel Richie, and we agree. She takes third place on our odds table for this week. 

Colin Stough – Rock and Country Star in the Making? 

As far as rock and country vocalists go, there is no other vocalist that compares to Colin Stough so far. Tongi, Ani, and Danielle all have crystal clear tone and intonation, but Stough is the vocalist who manages to add some grit and country twang to his performances. That was definitely the case with his recent performance of “It’s Been Awhile” by Staind, and judge Katy Perry declared that he knocked it out of the park. American Idol comes down to audience votes, so don’t discount the country and rock viewers that will continue to vote for Stough. 

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