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2022 Specials Bets - Just 5/1 for Adele to Break 30m Followers on Twitter

Steve Madgwick

Published: Jan 5, 10:11am Last Updated: Jan 17, 10:37am 0 Comments 69 Views

Adele already has 27m followers on twitter, what's another 3 million?

There is no doubt who the biggest star in the world in the music industry is right now, with her super times 'era' releases Adele has owned record sales both in the UK and America among a host of other countries around the world with the long-awaited follow up to '25' with the release of '30' which has even outsold The Beatles in America.

To go from 27 million to 30 million Twitter followers by the end of the year, Adele will need to add an average of 8219 new followers daily without losing any. Given Twitter's ongoing clean up of dead accounts, we can probably increase that to closer to 10,000 daily

Jake Ashton - Social Media Manager -

With this in mind, there is a potential coincidence that the release of '30' may even coincide with her Twitter following increasing from its current 27 million to 30 as well.

While all bets or off as to how successful the Album will be Betting sites have zoomed in on her social following as a betting subject and are offering odds on whether her Twitter following number will grow in 2022 in light of the fresh success..

Market Odds Probability
Adele to hit 30m Twitter Followers 5/1 16.67%
Adele to headline Glastonbury 4/1 20%

Betting on Adele

Betting on Adele is not new, she has been the subject to betting wagers all around the world over the years

People from all over the World not only buy and love Adeles music but have the opportunity to bet on all range of things the North London star might get up to. She is 4/1 to headline Glastonbury in 2022, or 5/1 to increase her Twitter followers to 30million

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

2012 - UK

Way back in 2012 Bookmakers were offering odds of 4/1 on whether Adele would be chosen to sing the Next James Bond theme for Skyfall - Even before it was Officially announced William Hill paid out punters as it became clear there could be no other choice.

2015 - USA

After 'Rolling in the Deep', Someone Like You' and 'Set Fire to The Rain' all occupied top 10 spots in the US Billboard simultaneously after the release of '21' in 2011, American Sportsbooks couldn't get enough of betting on potential outcomes and fallout from the release of '25' in 2015

2017 - Australia

Australians were given the opportunity as to Adele's control over her 'potty mouth' after an outburst over an insect on stage at a concert in Perth.

Online bookmakers in Australia wasted no time in offering odds of just 7/4 that she would swear on stage 3 or 4 times in the follow up Sydney concert or odds on that a Mosquito would bite her while she was on stage

2021 - UK

After the long-awaited release of '30', betting on Adele headlining Glastonbury Festival in 2022 was thrown into the air with acts still to be confirmed for the spots, and of course, betting on how successful a first new album in 5 years would be alone and in comparison to previous releases.

What do the bookmakers think will happen in 2022 Entertainment Betting

For more information on TV & Entertainment Betting as well as Sport, and political specials, we have a complete 2022 betting guide

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