Betting on Adele's New '30' Album | Christmas #1 and Best Selling Album Yet

Adele is about to release (November 19th) what could potentially be the greatest selling UK album of all time.
Adele is about to release (November 19th) what could potentially be the greatest selling UK album of all time. Photo: marcen27 from Glasgow, UK, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
  • New Adele Album '30' is Released on 19th November
  • Bookmakers give the Album a 90% chance of Being the Number One Album in the Charts at Christmas
  • To become Adeles best selling Album to date has betting odds of just 1/3
  • And betting sites even go as short as 5/2, or a 66% chance it will be the UK best selling album ever

Adele's new album has a lot to live up to. Previous albums have all coincided with her ages, and we have listened to 19, 21 and 25 whilst they have sold multi-millions of copies.

5 years later we are being treated to 30, which one might presume will be a more mature release with more life experience to pour into the lyrics.

Either way, betting sites are hugely confident that this long-awaited 4th Studio album will deliver on so many levels, they are offering betting on a range of markets which include if wit will be No1 at Christmas, if it will be the artistes biggest selling album to date and even if it could outsell the biggest ever selling UK album.

Adele 30 Betting Specials

Market Odds Probability
Christmas Number 1 Album 1.10 (1/10) 90%
Biggest Selling Adele Album 1.33 (1/3) 75%
Biggest UK Selling Album of all time 3.5 (5/2) 28%

Betting sites think Adele's new album '30', has a 75% chance of becoming her biggest selling album of all time, out-selling the 5.2million copies shifted of '21'

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

Biggest for Adele

It is no secret that Adele has made her fortune by writing and releasing some of the most popular albums of all time.

From a worldwide perspective, she has sold nearly 91 million copies of her three studio albums, 19, 21 and 25 to date. An average of 30 million sales for each is a quite phenomenal figure.

Both 21 and 25 are in the top 20 UK album sales of all time, with 21, now 17 x platinum and just a couple of hundred thousand copied behind the Beatles Sgt Peppers classic which has been on sale for some 43 years longer!!

Biggest UK Album of all Time

Bookmakers think Adele can Join Michael Jackson and Queen in having 2 Top 10 Best Selling UK Albums of all time, and give her a 28% chance of becoming the best ever replacing Queens' original Greatest hits album

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

Given Adele is already in 4th position in the biggest selling albums of all time with her release 21, bookmakers are being cautious in offering odds on the new '30' to not only surpass 21, but also become the biggest selling album in the UK for all time

Biggest UK Selling Albums of All Time

Artiste Album Released (Years on Sale) Sales
Queen Greatest Hits 1981 (40) 6,600,000
ABBA Gold Greatest Hits 1992 (29) 5,580,000
The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 (53) 5,340,000
Adele 21 2011 (10) 5,200,000
Oasis  (What's the Story) Morning Glory 1995 (26) 4,940,000
Michael Jackson Thriller 1982 (39) 4,470,000
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon 1973 (47) 4,470,000
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms 1985 (36) 4,350,000
Michael Jackson Bad 1987 (34) 4,140,000
Queen Greatest Hits II 1991 (30) 3,990,000

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