[List] Bookmakers In Ireland with Best Odds Guaranteed

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A BOG Bookie is almost second nature when betting on Horse Racing. Which bookmaker offer is, and how early are the prices guaranteed from? Not all bookies are the same

[List] Bookmakers In Ireland with Best Odds Guaranteed

What is Best Odds Guaranteed

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Most bookmakers now offer Best Odds Guaranteed on horse racing. Some on greyhounds too.

Fortunately, you have just found the most comprehensive guide to betting best odds guaranteed online in Ireland.

This list of best odds guaranteed bookmakers is regularly updated to ensure you know which bookies offer BOG and those which are moving into greyhounds, or different versions of BOG. 

Also note details below of when BOG is available from, as this is something that has changed recently, and you may find that taking a price on the day before the race no longer qualifies your bet for BOG!

Best Odds Guaranteed Example

These are 2 different bets, placed online at 11 am

You use one BOG bookie, and the other bet uses a bookie who doesn't offer BOG

The horse you both backed with €10 at 6/4 in the morning wins at a starting price of 11/4 in the afternoon. 

You win €27.50 thanks to BOG, your friend only wins €15 because he didn’t have BOG.

Non-BOG Bookie BOG Bookie

6/4 11/4
Profit €15 €27.50

List of Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers

This regularly updated list of bookmakers offering best odds guaranteed for Irish customers keeps you informed of who offers BOG and from what time each day. 

N.B: Many bookmakers now only offer best odds guaranteed on the day of racing.

When is Best Odds Guaranteed Available?

Check the table below to which bookmaker offers BOG from what time.

Some have stopped offering BOG before the day of racing and now only offer it from midnight or later in the day. 

Depending on what time of day you usually place your bets, use the information to select a bookmaker that offers best odds guaranteed at the time you do them.

Click on any bookmaker name to read their full review and more details on their best odds guaranteed offer.

Day/Night Before
Before 9 am
After 9 am
Betfred (8.00 am)
Bet Victor

Betfair (8.00 am)

Unibet (8.00 am)
SportNation (9.00 am) - Selected Meetings

QuinnBet (8.30 am)
William Hill (10.00 am)


Best Odds Guaranteed On Multiples

Some bookmakers offering BOG do not extend the offer to multiple  bets like accumulators or lucky15’s

Some bookmakers say they do not apply BEST ODDS GUARANTEED to Lucky15,31 & 63's but it may be that double's and trebles are OK

BOG can make a big difference to returns on multiples, so consider this information carefully and don’t miss out on some remarkably increased returns with BOG.

If we take a winning treble from horse racing on Thursday 21/06/18, using a Best Odds Guaranteed bookie and one that doesn't offer the promotions on multiples.

You can see the three bigger prices from the BOG bookie in the right-hand column. 

Non BOG Bookie
BOG Bookie
% Better

This is an extreme example, although perfectly possible. 

It shows just how quickly things can mount up if horses drift from the price you take.

You can see that they all have larger starting prices than the odds taken earlier in the day.

With the great SP prices now combining to provide a return some 4 times larger than without best odds guaranteed applied

Best Odds Guaranteed Lucky 15

Much as you have seen from the example above, this is an example of the same in a lucky15 bet, where the BOG is applied more than once because these bets are permed.

[This is why some bookmakers will not offer BOG on multiples, because they have to pay out more, multiple times in this type of bet]

In June 2019 the bookmakers below DO NOT STATE that lucky15, 31 & 63 bets and other multiples are excluded from BOG promotions.

Bookmaker Bog on Multiples Horses Greyhounds

Paddy Power

William Hill


Greyhound BOG Bookies

The list remains short but some bookmakers are now offering BOG on greyhound racing.

Bookmakers Offering Best Odds Guaranteed on Greyhound Racing

  • bet365
  • Paddy Power
  • Betfair
  • Coral
  • William Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betfred

BOG Win Limits

Some online bookmakers will limit the bonus amounts that can be one with BOG applies to bets.

Others do not state any maximum bonus per race or per day.

The list provided below was correct at the time of research, which was undertaken in June 2019 but is subject to change. Will endeavour to keep this list up to date and it is reviewed monthly for accuracy.

Please check with the individual operator for the most up to date information. 

If you are looking to bet at high stakes We have the ideal guide if you are looking for which bookmakers have the highest payouts in general

Bookmaker Win Limits on Best Odds Guaranteed

Bookmaker Maximum Bonus with BOG per Day
Betfair €50,000
Ladbrokes €50,000
Coral €50,000
BetVictor €25,000
Unibet €25,000
Betway €25,000
William Hill €25,000


Best Odds Guaranteed Strategy

You really need a range of bookies to take advantage of best odds guaranteed. 

Using BOG with one bookmaker for a winning strategy would be flagged up pretty quickly, and it is possible that the offer of BOG would be withdrawn from your account. 

This is arguably perfectly legal and will be stated in the bookmaker's terms and conditions. 

Worse still, you could find your account restricted to small stakes betting only, or terminally, a ‘Dear John’ email, informing you of the closure of your account due to a ‘trading decision’

If you have had trouble with restrictions, closures or removal of promotions as an online betting customer we have a  dedicated article with advice on how to prevent your account being closed or restricted


Best Odds Guaranteed (IE) FAQ's

  • Can you still get BOG the day before?

    Many bookmakers began removing the offer of BOG prices before the day of racing a while back. Bookmakers that still presently offer before midnight BOG are bet365 and Boyles. This could change without notice, so best check with your respective bookmaker for up to date terms of the offer.

  • Do bookmakers like best odds guaranteed

    Years ago when the concept was first introduced bookmakers would have been keen on the additional business BOG betting could bring in. Now, however, punters have become more sophisticated in the way they use BOG, and for operators, it is more of a necessary evil now than something they like to provide.

  • Can you get BOG on multiples?

    Whether BOG will be applied to each selection in multiple bets will depend on the individual bookmaker. because of the potential compound effect of the BOG on doubles trebles and bigger, it can make huge differences that are not financially viable for a bookmaker to support. Again, check with individual bookmakers' terms as to whether they extend BOG to multiple bets.

  • Can you get BOG on other sports except Horse Racing?

    Best Odds guaranteed is also freely available on greyhound racing. It has been tried and offered on football but is little incentive to punters to switch bookmakers for this as the odds movement is so minimal in comparison to horse racing as to make it really not worthwhile. To that end, outside of racing sports like horses and dogs, it is nor generally offered.

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