Best Online Bookmaker in Ireland for Superbowl Betting

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Best Online Bookmaker in Ireland for Superbowl Betting

Everything you need to know about how and where to bet on the Superbowl

One of the biggest betting events of the year worldwide is the Superbowl in America. The pinnacle of the season, it is the biggest NFL game of the year. 

What is the best bookmaker for Superbowl betting

bet365 have the widest range of betting options for the Superbowl along with amazing live betting options

  • Ante Post betting
  • Range of Markets
  • Live Betting Options
4.0 / 5 13 Ratings

Best Bookie for the Superbowl

The biggest name in online betting has been top rated by OLBG members for years. There is no reason not to use the biggest and best online bookie available in Ireland

Bet365 Review

  • The Worlds Leading Online Bookmaker
  • Best Bookie for Football Betting
  • Best Bet Builder Product
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American Sports Specialists

Fabulous promotions for existing customers and a great range of sportsbook options make 10Bet a serious competitor against the bigger names.

10bet Review

  • Fantastic Odds
  • Fast and easy to navigate
  • Plenty of daily promotions and free bets
4.4 / 5 7 Ratings

Superbowl Spread Betting

Discover Spread Betting with Spreadex. A great welcome offer, leads you to a different way to bet on 20 sports. Fixed odds and casino too, Everything you could wish for in one place.

Spreadex Review

  • Discover Unique Betting Markets
  • Win More On Correct Predictions
  • Open and Close Spread Bets When You Choose
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Superbowl Exchange Betting

Irish Horse Racing, GAA betting and more with fixed odds and exchange betting they cater to every level of sports betting enthusiast across Ireland. With Betfair SP outstripping industry SP amounts regularly.

Betfair Review

  • One account for Exchange and Sportsbook apps
  • Win more on Horse Racing with Betfair SP
  • Enormous range of in play markets
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An innovative bookmaker based in Ireland that continues to offer generous daily cashback offers. Quick to price up markets especially on less popular events.

BoyleSports Review

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  • Horse Racing and GAA Specialists
  • On Site Football Statistics

What is the best way to bet on the Superbowl?

There are many ways you can bet on the Superbowl each year. 

They include making an early prediction in the Superbowl Ante Post Betting Market, or when the finalists are known, you can bet on the Winners, MVP, or a whole host of what the Americans call 'Propositions bets'.

This article will roll through each and every betting opportunity you will have with the best online bookies available

We will help you identify the best betting site and where to find the best betting odds, not to mention Superbowl Tips and where to get some free bets.

When it comes to sports betting, the expert team at OLBG has years of experience with online betting websites across the world and can share that information for your benefit.

What are the Most Popular SuperBowl bets?


The first bets you can make on the Superbowl each year are the outright winners in the ante post market. This market is usually available straight after the previous Superbowl, and even sometimes before.

Selecting the winner of the Superbowl 12 months in advance both provides interest for an entire 12 months, but more importantly, provides the opportunity to get bigger betting odds since you are making the bet so far in advance.

Most Popular NFL Betting Markets

Keeping to the most popular bet types will also keep you with the easiest to play

Since you can predict the winner of the Superbowl so far in advance, this is one of the most bet on markets for the event.

Beyond that, the most popular bet types you would find for any NFL game are mirrored for the biggest game of the season. The most popular betting lines are

  • Money line
  • Point Spread
  • Totals Over/Under

Money line Betting on the Superbowl


Selecting the money line as a bet for the Superbowl is more popular for the than any other NFL match during the season. The reason for this is because, there are very many one-sided games throughout the season but once we have got the final game, the pinnacle of the year, the two sides, will have one favored team, but the gap in ability between the pair is much closer.

This provides an alternative to the point spread which is a far more popular bet in normal circumstances.

Point Spread Betting on the Superbowl

Most Popular Bet on the Superbowl

The point spread is the most popular of the simple online bets you can make on the Superbowl

Still by far the most popular single wager type for NFL betting. When it comes down to the Superbowl, more often than not, the spread setters are on fire. The spread rarely comes into play. Only 6 times in the first 54 Superbowls have the favorite won the game but failed to cover the spread.

Totals Over/Under Betting on the Superbowl

An incredibly popular wager is predicting if the total points scored will be under or over the line provided. let me tell you, this is fiercely difficult to predict on the main line.

Try to find alternative lines to grab a little better odds


Superbowl Lines Betting History

Find below betting lines history of all Superbowls since 2000. Note the favorite (and line) and the result and (total result)

in the 21 events since and including 2000

  • Favorite 7
  • Underdog 11
  • Under 11
  • Over 10
Superbowl Year Line (Total) Result (Total)
LIV 2020 Kansas City -1.5 (53) Favorite (under)
LIII 2019 New England -2.5 (56) Favorite (under)
LII 2018 New England -4 (49) Underdog (over)
LI 2017 New England -3 (57) Favorite (over)
L 2016 Carolina -5 (43.5) Underdog (under)
XLIX 2015 Pick 'em (47.5) (over)
XLVIII 2014 Denver -2.5 (47.5) Underdog (over)
XLVII 2013 San Francisco -4.5 (48) Underdog (over)
XLVI 2012 New England -2.5 (53) Underdog (under)
XLV 2011 Green bay -3 (45) Favorite (over)
XLIV 2010 Indianapolis -5 (57) Underdog (under)
XLIII 2009 Pittsburgh - (46) Underdog (over)
XLII 2008 New England -12 (55) Underdog (under)
XLI 2007 Indianapolis -7 (47) Favorite (under)
XL 2006 Pittsburgh -4 (47) Favorite (under)
XXXIX 2005 New England -7 (46.5) Underdog (under)
XXXVIII 2004 New England -7 (37.5) Underdog (over)
XXXVII 2003 Oakland -4 (44) Underdog (over)
XXXVI 2002 St Louis -14 (53) Underdog (under)
XXXV 2001 Baltimore -3 (33) Favorite (over)
XXXIV 2000 St Louis -7 (45) Push (under)

How to Bet Superbowl Futures

Online Bookmakers will offer a range of bets on the Superbowl in the Ante Post section. All should have at last the options to Bet on the outright Superbowl winner, and better ones will have other betting markets available early in the season too.


The benefit of betting in advance of the event is that betting odds can often be much greater before the draft and before a ball has been kicked or thrown.

If you can predict the Superbowl winners some 10 months in advance of the event, then you ill certainly be able to make your bet at much higher odds than you would in the week prior to the game when the two teams are confirmed or just after the coin toss.

You can choose to make your bet after a few rounds of the regular season. This way you could get an early handle on who is performing and who looks likely to find it tough throughout the football season.

Superbowl Futures Betting

The earlier in the season you make your wagers, the bigger the odds you will b able to get on your pick

Other Ways to bet on the Superbowl

All gambling sites should have the widest range of betting markets to choose from for this once a year event. The total number of different markets available can top 300, and some become very specific, not to mention complicated at times.

online betting

Predicting how many sacks there will be in the game, how many yards thrown in total or by each QB, or how many rushing yards will be options.

You will be able to make a call on the total number of touchdowns, right through to something for the novice bettor, the Coin Flip.

Seriously! Please don't bet on the Coin toss. It's a 50/50 chance but you will not be offered those odds, it would be a pure luck wager and one of many poor gambling decisions you could make on the Superbowl.

DO NOT Bet on the Coin Flip

There are better proposition bets you can make that involve an element of skill over luck

Game Prop Bets

The best bookmakers will offer a good selection of propositions on the game itself. The professional bettors will be looking for opportunities in these markets which can often offer great value wagers if you know what you are looking for.

Better odds can be found for your online betting in these markets, although, in line with those odds and lower probabilities comes the higher risk of losing your money.

Be selective with these types of markets and try not to guess at them. Take a considered view and really think if the odds are in your favour or not.


Player Prop Bets

As well as game prop markets, there will be on offer, player market options too. The more you know about the teams and the player and as much about the offense and defense setups for the game, the more informed you will be to make decisions on what bets to make in the player prop markets.

Prop Bet Offer Bigger Odds

They come with lower probability to standard betting lines but can be fun and rewarding if you predict correctly

Once again, higher odds are available and some big profits can be won, but make sure you are not just throwing cash at big odds bets in the 'hope' they will come in. make your bets when you have informed yourself of the real chances.

4.4 / 5 7 Ratings

Open up more Superbowl Markets with Spread Betting

Spreadex offer a full range of spreads for NFL, and things get interesting in the game and player spreads

Spreadex Review

  • Discover Unique Betting Markets
  • Win More On Correct Predictions
  • Open and Close Spread Bets When You Choose

Superbowl MVP Betting

MVP Award

One of the most popular bets for the Superbowl is predicting the player who will receive the MVP award. Everyone has their idea of who it might be and generally you do not have to look too far down the list of contenders in terms of the favourites in the betting odds charts to find the eventual winner.

This is not a bet to get rich off of, but is more of a fun bet and provides a player to keep a close eye on and follow throughout the game.

Superbowl MVP Betting

You wont get rich on this betting market, but it can be one of the easiest to predict

Live Betting on the Superbowl

4.0 / 5 13 Ratings

Bst SuperBowl Live Betting Options

The biggest name in online betting has been top rated by OLBG members for years. There is no reason not to use the biggest and best online bookie available in Ireland

Bet365 Review

  • The Worlds Leading Online Bookmaker
  • Best Bookie for Football Betting
  • Best Bet Builder Product

Once the coin flip has taken place and the subsequent kickoff, Live betting on the Superbowl comes into play.

There are few more exciting betting activities than watching and following the action live on TV and being able to see how the game is ebbing and flowing, then being able to make a wager on the action as it happens right there and then..

online betting

Superbowl Betting Picks

If you are not a regular football bettor, perhaps you don't know a great deal about betting on football and are looking for some Expert NFL Tipster picks, you've come to the right place.

Here at OLBG, we have a huge number of NFL Tipsters, finding the best value bets for the biggest game of the year.

Head over to our football picks section where you can find the most profitable and consistent tipster picks for you.

How to get a Free bet for the Superbowl

If you have yet to open an online sportsbook account, it is very likely that you could take advantage of a special offer for the Superbowl or one of the many free bet offers we have when you open a new sportsbook account through one of the links on our pages.


Superbowl Betting FAQ's (IE)

  • Who is the best bookmaker to bet on the Superbowl with?

    Depending on what type of bet you would like to make on the Superbowl, you should go with bet365 for general betting, 10Bet are a US Sports specialists, whilst Betfair Exchange and Spreadex offer alternative Superbowl betting methods.

  • What is the best bet to make on the Superbowl

    The 3 most popular Superbowl bets are 

    • Points Spread
    • MVP
    • Total Points

  • Can you bet on the Superbowl Coin Toss

    Incredibly, betting on the coin toss to decide who kicks off is available. it will be one of the worst value bets you would be able to make on the Superbowl and I would very much advise against doing it.

  • When And Where Is The Super Bowl Being Played

    Super Bowl LVI will be held at the SoFi Stadium on Sunday, February 13th. 

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