Ski Slalom Schladming Tuesday 25/01 16.45

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Ski Slalom Schladming Tuesday 25/01 16.45

Postby bottomlesspit » Mon Jan 24, 2022 9:23 pm

Noel 5.0
Kristoffersen 6,30
Braathen 8.10
Feller and Foss Solevag 8.10
Vinatzer 14.0
Pinturault 17,50
Dave Ryding 20

Congrats to Dave Ryding for winning in the snowstorm in Kitzbuhel, but he won't be repeating that here in -7 degrees on a rock hard piste. He is a decent price if you think lightning will strike twice. I think it is more likely that he will be hit by a meteorite.

That said - the first 2 in the betting can't string 2 good runs together. Noel can't ski a decent second run, and Kristoffersen can't seem to be able to choose which one he will make a huge mistake in

There are 4 course specialists here -
Kristoffersen has won here 4 times (last time in 2020) and been second once. Should have won in wengen, came from miles back to grab 3rd in Kitz, and a class act if he can do 2 good runs. 4th after 1st run to 12th in Adelsboden, though.
Pinturault has been placed in all 3 of his last appearances here and is 5.40 to repeat that this year. Was 2nd under lights in Campiglio
Noel came 2nd here last year - beaten by Schwarz, who hasn't been the same since returning from injury and is available at 22.0
The year before that, Noel had a commanding lead after the first run and then totally buggered up number 2, as is his speciality (See also Campiglio, wengen and Kitzbuhel this year). He absolutely destroyed the field in Val Disere in December, so he can't be struck from your shortlist.
Yule put in a hat-trick of 3rd places in 2018,19 and 20 and is also 5.40 to manage it again. 2nd in Wengen, so in form.

Feller is the wildcard in the race - he missed Kitz with a positive test, but has been finishing his races this season, which makes a nice change - he can get a bit over-excited and blow it. 2nd in Adelboden, 5th in Wengen (2nd after the first run)
I wouldn't back him to win it, but 7.0 to win the 1st run looks tempting with start number 1
The top ranked Austrian is Strolz, who won in Adelboden, but has done nothing before or since.

With question marks over pretty much everybody, I think it might finish something like this...

Kristoffersen made a huge mistake here 2 years ago and still won. He will make another mistake but has been close enough recently to suggest that a victory is not too far away - and should he win here, he will have won exactly 20% of his 25 victories here. Nobody has won 2 slaloms this season, and this would continue that run.
Noel or Braathen in 2nd. Noel will either get it together or blow it. Braathen will prove he is either a force to be reckoned with or a flash in the pan. One will exclude the other
Yule to take third again(5.40)- something of a night race specialist and his 2nd in Wengen gets him the nod over Pinturault and Foss-Solevaag, who have similar form.
Feller to do something mad

Good luck!


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