Football betting comp with 888Sport

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Football betting comp with 888Sport

Postby johnyyydal24 » Thu May 31, 2018 11:25 pm

I think that all these competitions are fixed out of all my bets for the month of may I had 1 losing bet plus two pushe's with a 96.60% strike rate and I have been in rank 38 to 40 so not moved that much and I had seen a player with only 6 games but was ranked higher so just checked his picks and they were mostly based on cricket and horse racing and his profit for may was not that great so I just don't know how this works. in my mind I think it's about signing up to bookmakers just thought i would rant off. my profit for may was only 3.000 points. :sarcasm: I had (31 winning games out of 34) 1 loss. two pushes.

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