Laureus World Sport Awards Betting Odds And History

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The Laureus World Sports Award betting is now available. The competition will be fierce in the main categories.

Laureus World Sport Awards Betting Odds And History
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Laureus Awards Betting Headlines

  • Emma Raducanu wins the Laureus Breakthrough Of The Year category

  • The Laurus Sportswoman of the Year was more competitive, but Elaine Thompson-Herah (Olympic Sprinter) took the honour.

  • Max Verstappen the F1 World Champion win the Sportsman Of the Year award.

Laureus 2022 Awards

The Laureus Sports Awards celebrates sporting achievements from both teams and individuals throughout the year. 

First awarded in 2000 there are 8 categories as follows.

Laureus World Sportsman Of the Year
Laureus World Sportswoman Of the Year
Laureus World Team Of the Year
Laureus World Comeback Of the Year
Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year
Laureus Action Sportsperson of the Year
Laureus World Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability
Laureus Best Sporting Moment of the Year


The ceremony is scheduled to take place in April.

Laureus Betting Odds are available in selected categories, although only the best betting sites currently have live markets. 

Laureus World Sportsman Of the Year

The bookmakers had Tom Brady as the short-priced favourite for the Sportsman Of The Year Laureus Award, however, Max Verstappen took the prize.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Betting Expert.

Year Laureus World Sportsman Of The Year
2022 Max Verstappen
2021 Rafael Nadal Tennis
2020 Lionel Messi Football
2019 Lewis Hamilton F1
2018 Novak Djokovic Tennis
2017 Roger Federer Tennis
2016 Usain Bolt Athletics
2015 Novak Djokovic Tennis
2014 Sebastian Vettel F1
2013 Usain Bolt Athletics
2012 Novak Djokovic Tennis
2011 Rafael Nadal Tennis
2010 Usain Bolt Athletics

Laureus World Sportswoman Of The Year

The Laureus Sportswomen Of The Year normally has a more open betting feel than the men's category.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Betting Expert

Year Laureus World Sportswomen Of The Year
2022 Elaine Thompson
2021 Naomi Osaka Tennis
2021 Simone Biles Gymnastics
2019 Simone Biles
2018 Serena Williams Tennis
2017 Simone Biles
2016 Serena Williams
2015 Genzebe Dibaba Athletics
2014 Missy Franklin
2013 Jessica Ennis Athletics
2012 Vivian Cheruiyot Athletics
2011 Lindsay Vonn Alpine Skiing 
2010 Serena Williams Tennis

Laureus Team Of The Year

Year Laureus Team Of The Year Sport
2022 Italy National Team Football (Soccer)
2021 Bayern Munich Football
2020 South Africa National Team Rugby Union
2019 France National Team Football (Soccer)
2018 Mercedes Team F1
2017 Chicago Cubs Baseball
2016 New Zealand National Team Rugby Union
2015 Germany National Team Football (Soccer)
2014 Bayern Munich Football (Soccer)
2013 Europe Ryder Cup Team Golf
2012 Barcelona Football (Soccer)
2011 Spain National team Football (Soccer)
2010 Brawn Team F1

Laureus Breakthrough Of The Year

Emma Raducanu won the Breakthrough Of The Year in 2022, fully deserved as she went from a relative unknown to being the biggest tennis story of the year.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Betting Expert

Year Laureus Breakthrough Of The Year
2022 Emma Radecanu Tennis
2021 Patrick Mahomes NFL
2020 Egan Bernal Cycling
2019 Naomi Osaka Tennis
2018 Sergio Garcia Gol
2017 Nico Rosberg F1
2015 Jordan Speith Golf
2014 Daniel Riccardo F1
2013 Marc Marquez Moto GP
2012 Rory Mcllroy Golf
2011 Martin Kaymer Golf
2010 Jenson Button F1

Betting Awards

Betting on award shows has grown over the last 10 years with the bigger online bookmakers offering these annual events. 

Betting exchanges have also got involved with Betfair normally leading the way followed by Smarkets. 

If you are new to placing a bet please check out any of the betting school pages where a range of helpful articles are available

For the latest sports betting headlines please visit the betting news pages which are updated daily. 

Laureus Comeback Of The Year

The Laureus Comeback Of The Year award recognises those competitors who have overcome injury, illness, adversity, disappointment or failure and bounced back to triumph in sport. 

Year Laureus Comeback Of The Year Sport
2022 Sky Brown Skateboarding
2021 Maxence Parrot Snowboarding
2020 Sophia Florsch Motor Racing
2019 Tiger Woods Golf
2018 Roger Federer Tennis
2017 Michael Phelps Swimming
2016 Dan Carter Rugby Union
2015 Schalk Burger Rugby Union
2014 Rafael Nadal Tennis
2013 Felix Sanchez Athletics
2012 Darren Clark Golf
2011 Valentino Rossi Moto GP
2010 Kim Clijsters Tennis

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