Best Bookie for Basketball Betting | The Top Pick and How We Chose

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Best Bookie for Basketball Betting | The Top Pick and How We Chose

Best Bookmaker for Betting on Basketball

When betting on basketball, you can gain an edge by ensuring you are betting with the betting sites with the best options. These are not obvious at first look, and certainly, odds comparison can take some time, so who is the best betting site for basketball betting?

4.3 / 5 16 Ratings

The Best Online Bookie for Betting On Basketball

bet365 offered by far the best options for basketball betting in our tests. more events, more betting markets, best odds and most futures options - UNBEATABLE

Bet365 Review

  • More Events
  • More Markets
  • Great Odds
  • Most Futures

Who is the best bookmaker for basketball betting? - Without a doubt the best bookmaker for betting on Basketball in Australia is bet365 - They offer more events, markets, futures option as well as the best betting odds. If you bet with only one bookie on the hoops it has to be bet365

The ability to find and bet on the event of your choice where you have found an opportunity and key to your long term basketball betting options. If you can tie that in with finding the best odds or even futures betting, you are one step closer to a successful bet. Our team has put together the following guide and recommendation as to why the best bookmaker for basketball betting has been chosen.

4.0 / 5 19 Ratings

Best Bookie for Underdogs Betting

When checking basketball betting odds, Betfair fared well if you like to bet on the underdogs. They also had competitive handicap lines and props

Betfair Review

  • Great basketball leagues coverage
  • Best odds when betting the underdog
  • All Australian Betting brand
4.2 / 5 14 Ratings

The best Live Streaming Bookie! - Unibet are all about taking the really good things from online gambling and making them better. Low Minimum deposit and on site stats!

Unibet Review

  • Unibet Expert Edge: Key stats and betting data on H2H match ups
  • Unibet TV: Live streaming service covering a wide range of sports
4.2 / 5 15 Ratings

No frills, no fuss simple online betting solution. 100% Aussie owned with a fantastic range of markets. If you already know what you want to bet on, BlueBet will probably suit you.

BlueBet Review

  • 100% Australian Owned and Operated
  • Low Minimum Deposits
  • Very Good Racing Fixed Odds

Best bookmaker in Australia for Betting on Basketball

Basketball is one of the most exciting team sports you can bet on with a sports betting app. With Basketball Australia growing in popularity every year, as well as American NBA action rating highly on Aussie basketball fans list of best leagues, you'll want to find a bookmaker offering the very best basketball betting options.

bet365 was by far the best options across every category

See below how we compared online bookies to find the best for basketball. bet365 was in no mood for a challenge and walked away with our recommendation

We have got our betting site expert team together, this time with some basketball betting fans, to discuss and decide on which bookmaker in Australia is the best choice for placing your basketball bets.

We have an overall winner, but if you have a particular betting style, or are looking to niche down your basketball betting, we have broken the scoring categories down too. Enjoy.

Best Sportsbook for Basketball Betting in Australia
Best Overall bet365
Biggest Basketball Events Choice bet365
Most Basketball Betting Markets bet365
Best Basketball Betting Odds bet365/Betfair
Best for Futures bet365

Best Overall Bookie for Basketball Betting and Why

Best Bookie for betting on Basketball? - The overall best bookmaker for betting on Basketball in Australia is bet365 dominating every category that the Australian punter would be looking for to serve the best events, markets, and online betting options. Betfair is a good alternative if looking to bet on the underdog.

Best Bookie for Number of Available Events

It has to be said Australian punters are spoiled for choice when it comes to basketball betting with great coverage of worldwide basketball leagues from almost all betting sites. bet365 lead the way followed by Unibet

Bookie With Most Basketball Events
bet365 66 Leagues
Unibet 34 Leagues
Betfair 15 Leagues
BlueBet 14 Leagues

Best Bookie for Basketball Betting Markets

Bookie Number of Markets
bet365 163
Unibet 86
Betfair 12
BlueBet 12

The above market was checked on the 5/11/2019, in a match between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Best Bookie for Basketball Betting Odds

bet365 was best odds for betting on the favourites, but betfair offered greater generosity for the underdog and some great handicap line prices too. You'll often find better odds with a betting exchange as long as you consider the commission first.

Betfair for Handicap Lines

Betfair offer good handicap lines beating what's on offer from other firms.

Best Bookie for Basketball Futures Betting

bet365 were unbeatable at the tip-off once again in the futures betting market offering a wider choice of bets to grab the early and pre-season value on. 

Bookie Number of Futures Markets
bet365 23
Unibet 14
Betfair 6
BlueBet 1

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bookmaker for Basketball Betting

You have the results of the best bookmaker for basketball betting in each of the categories above. Here I explain why they are chosen and their importance in ensuring you are not missing out on better opportunities by betting with the wrong one.

Event Choice

There is a great deal of professional basketball taking place around the globe year-round. You may specialise in local basketball, the NBS, or even Euroleague. There are experts in Asian basketball too looking to bet on games.

To be able to access the widest range of basketball events means the greater the opportunities to find a value bet will be. This section scores highly in the overall best bookie selection, as specialisation in basketball betting can be very important to a punter. The lesser the league or more diverse, the greater the chance of the local knowledge not getting to the odds compilers and thus your edge in finding a value betting proposition is increased.

Betting Markets

You don't need huge depth in basketball betting markets, but a wider choice can provide more opportunities, especially in the niche leagues where knowledge may not be so widespread. You will want to find the basic money line, handicap spreads and totals betting, but extended markets and props are essential to get ranked as one of the best bookies for basketball betting. It may be the case that some online bookies do not increase the number of additional markets until 24 hours prior to tip-off in a game, and to an extent, I would advise not getting too involved in props prior to this time frame anyway.

But a good range of betting markets is advantageous to us as punters.

Basketball Betting Odds

Finding the best lines is a great start and a huge consideration in choosing the best basketball odds bookmaker. The bookmaker offering the best lines is targetting the most popular basketball bet, and it may be than they take some of that value away in other markets by being less competitive.

We have taken a range of games, different markets and completed head by head comparison to find which bookmaker offers the best odds most often. 

If you want to use only one bookmaker account, then choose the bookie with the best odds. 

They will not be the best odds on both sides of the market, that's not really good business sense, and they may not be best odds every single time, but the analysis has ascertained that if you bet with them only, you will be getting the best odds or joint best odds more often than using another. You could, of course, undertake your own odds comparison, however, finding the event and the market for each is time-consuming. The choice is yours. if you have the time on your hands feel free to go compare, if not, we have done the work for you.


A good range of futures markets is not essential for a bookmaker to be ranked well in this guide, but for the sharp punter who wants to predict outcomes way before the respective season starts, it holds weight. You'll never get better odds on your team to win the division than before the action starts. [unless they have a bad start of course]. Some punters specialise and only bet on futures markets in basketball, or indeed in a range of sports. Good coverage of a range of international leagues and events is key here.

Live Streams

Basketball live streaming is often available on sites like Bet365 and betfair. The best betting site streams will also provide NBA action from America.


Basketball Betting FAQ's (AU)

  • Why Are bet365 so popular for Basketball betting in Australia?

    Once you look and compare bookmakers offering basketball betting online in Australia it is plain to see that with more Emore events, more markets, better odds and the best futures betting options why bet365 are the clear beat online bookmaker for basketball betting.

  • How do you always win a basketball bet?

    There is no way of guaranteeing that you will make a winning basketball bet, but there are a few things you can employ to put the odds in your favour. Try to specialize by betting only one team. But first, you have to learn everything you can about them, and each player. Follow the schedule, know when they are fresh or fatigued and just don't bet them when they are huge favourites. 

  • How often does the favourite win in NBA?

    The easiest answer to this question without going into a long list of season by season specifics is that it is not as often as you might think, and certainly not often enough to bet the favourite in every game and make a profit. 

  • What is a good bet on the NBA

    Betting on the point spreads is usually both a good approach and low-risk betting. The main thing is to ensure you are getting good lines, If you can consistently get better than 1.90 on the point spread, then this is a good line. But don't bet it blind. Ensure you assess the game, the recent form of the two teams and recent scoring record at the home court.

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