American Idol Betting Odds: Competition Was Fierce In the Final 8, Iam Tongi Remains Favorite At +200

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American Idol Season 21 is down to the Final 5.

American Idol Betting Odds: Competition Was Fierce In the Final 8, Iam Tongi Remains Favorite At +200

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On the last episode of American Idol (which aired on May 7) guest judges Alanis Morisette and Ed Sheeran took to the stage to judge and perform alongside the final eight contestants of this season of the long-running singing competition show. 

The contestants were tasked with picking songs to perform solo from the established catalogs of Alanis Morisette, as well as performing duets of a song from Ed Sheeran’s catalog with one another. While each contestant certainly gave it their best shot, Warren Peay, Haven Madison, and Oliver Steele were sent home – leaving us with our final five contestants for the season: Iam Tongi, We Ani, Zachariah Smith, Colin Stough, and Megan Danielle. Next week, these contestants will face “Disney Night”, as each contestant will be forced to choose a song from a Disney film and give it their best shot to avoid elimination. 

American Idol Current Odds

Contestant Moneyline Probability
Iam Tongi +200 33.3%
We Ani +300 25%
Megan Danielle +600 14.3%
Colin Stough +800 11.1%
Zachiariah Smith +1000 9.1%

Iam Tongi is Untouchable Heading into the Final 5

Although it’s been fun to provide odds for each contestant during this season, there really hasn’t been a question of who is the most likely to take home the top prize this year. Ever since going viral with his emotional rendition of “Monsters” by James Blake, Iam Tongi has captivated fans of American Idol, and only continued that line of success with his recent rendition of “Guardians” by Alanis Morisette. 

We only predict this trajectory of success to continue, as Tongi’s vocal style should complement a more musical number like the ones found in Disney films. He’s by far and away our top pick to win this season of American Idol and oddsmakers agree. 

Zachariah Smith is Most Likely to be Eliminated Next

We definitely need to give credit where it’s due: Zachariah Smith has talent, and that’s evidenced by how far he’s made it into the competition. However, at this point in the competition, it’s a long shot for Zachariah to take home the top prize. The competition is simply too fierce, and Smith is absolutely the weakest link the remaining five contestants. As a result, we’d steer clear of any bets involving Zachariah, as betting on him at this point is just too risky to pay off. 

Don’t Discount We Ani 

While the consensus among American Idol fans is that Iam Tongi should take home the top prize, there is a growing pool of voters that think that Ani, not Tongi, is the most talented contestant of this season. Upsets have happened in American Idol in the past, such as in Season 2 when Clay Aiken shockingly lost to Ruben Studdard after leading in votes every single week ahead of the final. 

While we’re not saying that will happen here, we wouldn’t totally count out Ani just yet. She may prove to be a legitimate foil to Tongi – and we suspect the final will come down to Tongi vs. Ani. 

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