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  • The Best Cycling Tipsters at OLBG

    Here we present to you our best cycling tipsters. These are tipsters who are showing a profit on cycling picks over the past twelve months. They are ordered by the most profitable from top to bottom. Only tipsters who currently have picks open are displayed. To view, all current cycling picks head over the cycling betting picks page.

    With each tipster is displayed their annual profit, annual trends which is a breakdown of their cycling tipping for the past year and their annual strike rate. As well as the annual statistics you can also see a more recent breakdown with seven and thirty-day profits. Then you can see how many current picks they have open. If the tipster is showing any sort of streak, like months in profit or consecutive days profit this is shown under their tipster name.

    Who are the best cycling tipsters? In terms of profits, as of March 2022, Payne1164 leads the way on OLBG over the past twelve months with a profit of +260 (to 10pt stakes) for their cycling predictions.

    For expert cycling betting picks, you have them here from the best OLBG cycling betting experts, each tipster listed here has shown a profit over the past twelve months and currently have open tips. With betting on bike races becoming more and more popular, be sure to bookmark this page to see which riders they are backing to win the upcoming races.

    Who is the most followed cycling tipster? At the time of writing (March 2022), it is neilsus who is the most followed cycling tipster having accumulated a total of 1,225 followers.

  • Major Cycling Races in 2022

    Date Race Details Discipline Location
    6th May to 29th May Giro d'Italia Road Italy
    1st July to 24th July
    Tour de France Road France
    19th August to 9th September Vuelta a Espana Road Spain

    You can find details of the full year's calendar here.

  • Best Cycling Tipsters Individual Picks?

    When coming across a cycling tipster who catches the eye simply click on their name. This takes you to the tipster dedicated cycling picks page. On here you can once again view their statistics for cycling tipping as well as additional statistics which were not available on the previous page.

    Each cycling pick that the tipster has open will be listed with the pick itself, the event which the pick is for and the market. Pay attention to the market as some will be outright picks whilst others may be match picks. You can read why this tipster has selected this pick and see how many OLBG cycling tipsters agree with them.

  • The Most Profitable Cycling Tipsters

    Using the cycling tipster table you can see who are the best tipsters. Each column is sortable meaning you can sort by best current month, best six months or best twelve months. See who has the best LSP, Strike Rate or ROI.

    Why not get involved in our tipping competition and add your cycling tips and compete against our best cycling tipsters? Do you have what it takes to scoop some of the monthly prize money?

    These are the top cycling tipsters showing over a +160 profit based on twelve-month LSP at the time of writing (March 2022) (Profits to 10pt Stakes):

    Top Free Cycling Tipsters

    1. Payne1164 (+260)
    2. Yaines (+188)
    3. theviper21 (+161)
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