Best Cricket Handicappers

If you are looking for the best cricket handicappers then you have come to the right place!

On this page, you can find the best cricket experts on OLBG based on profits over the past twelve months.

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We're sorry but we can't make any tipster recommendations for Cricket right now. These are normally only available during the height of the Cricket season. Please try again later or see our top Cricket picks. Also check our top tipsters across all the sports.

How do I view the Best Cricket Handicappers Picks?

When you come across a cricket handicapper above who is of interest you can then view their picks. To do so simply click on their name or the green picks box.

You will then be presented with the handicapper's personal picks page for cricket. Here you can find all of the statistics you need. From annual profit and trends to daily profit and trends.

Each current cricket pick that they have open will then be displayed. Along with each pick, it will highlight which event and which market the pick is for. Underneath you can read the expert's comments on the pick, this gives you an idea of why they have tipped it.

Then you have the overall numbers, how many OLBG cricket handicappers have also tipped it compared to the number of overall picks on the market? As a result, you can see what percentage of OLBG handicappers are in agreement with this expert.

Most Followed Free Cricket Handicappers (as of May 2024)

Who gives the best cricket prediction in the world?

People will also be searching for that one place where they can find reliable cricket predictions on a daily basis, so who gives the best cricket predictions in the world?

That is for you to judge, however, a large majority of those who put their service forward will charge you for their picks whereas everyone on OLBG is completely free!

Does that mean less reliable predictions? Absolutely not, we have great handicappers who focus on cricket and these come from around the world meaning you can get different angles on the matches all in one place on OLBG.

On this page we only show the best cricket handicappers, these are experts who have made a profit in the past year.

That is another thing that makes OLBG the place to come for today's cricket match predictions, each expert is backed up with plenty of statistics over the past year and you can see for yourself who has been profitable, which ones have a good strike rate, and so on.

So, if you have come here looking for the answer to ‘Who will win today's cricket match?’ then you will find plenty of opinions from our expert handicappers on this page.

The Most Profitable Cricket Handicappers

You can view the profitable cricket handicappers by visiting the tipping competition cricket table. You have plenty of sorting options on here, so can sort by current month, last six months, or last twelve months.

The options are by Level Stakes Profit (LSP), Return on Investment (ROI), or Strike Rate.

Most Profitable Free Cricket Handicappers (as of May 2024)

James Banting and Andy Powell, the dynamic duo driving OLBG's cricket content, merge their profound passion to curate an immersive experience for cricket enthusiasts.

Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy Powell, a devoted cricket enthusiast, traces his passion for the sport back to his formative years, ardently supporting Somerset County and idolizing Andrew Caddick. His love for cricket transcends boundaries, encompassing all its diverse forms. Andy's profound knowledge and unwavering dedication to the sport enrich OLBG's comprehensive cricket content.
James Banting

James Banting

Tipster competition assistant

James Banting, a cricket fan and authority in the realm of cricket analysis, brings his views to OLBG's cricket content. With a passion for the sport that transcends boundaries, James dives deep into the intricacies of cricket, providing insightful analysis and comprehensive coverage of matches and tournaments.
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