Megan Hornby New 5/2 Favourite to win in The Apprentice Betting Odds

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Megan Hornby New 5/2 Favourite to win in The Apprentice Betting Odds

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  • Megan Hornby is the new 5/2 favourite to win this year’s The Apprentice
  • Dani Donovan has slipped down to 7/2 and is second-favourite to win the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar
  • Odds have been shortened on Simba Rwambiwa too as he has gone to 4/1 from 8/1

We have a new favourite in the betting to win The Apprentice TV show and that is Megan Hornby, who bookmakers have now made the 5/2 favourite to win Lord Sugar's quarter of a million pound investment in a business idea.

The Apprentice Winner Betting Odds

Candidate Odds Probability
Megan Hornby 5/2 28.6%
Dani Donavan 7/2 22.22%
Simba Rwambiwa 4/1 20%
Mark Moseley 6/1 14.3%
Bradley Johnson 7/1 12.5%
Richelle Raye Anthony 12/1 7.7%
Avi Sharma 12/1 7.7%
Marnie Swindells 16/1 5.9%
Victoria Gouldbourne 20/1 4.8%

*As bookmakers currently aren't taking bets on this event, odds have been compiled as theoretical probability as assessed by a Senior Trader and odds compiler with 24 years industry experience.

As we enter week eight of The Apprentice, Megan Hornby is the new 5/2 favourite to win the show with Dani Donovan now 7/1 and Simba Rwambiwa 4/1. After seeing the lunchbox disaster and Sohail Chowdhary getting fired, we’ll be seeing the candidates in Shropshire this week putting on immersive events. Victoria Goulbourne, who is 20/1, claimed to know alot about events in Dubai, but how will she hold her own in the West Midlands.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Expert -

Long-time favourite Dani Donavon is now only second in The Apprentice betting odds at 7/2, while Simba Rwambiwa is the biggest market mover of late, with odds stringing by half from 8/1 a coup[le of weeks ago to just 4/1 today

Who is Megan Hornby?

Megan comes into the Apprentice hailing from East Yorkshire and the current owner of a Sweet Shop by the name of The Candy Shop in Hull

Vowing to bring honesty to the table even if is the hardest thing to hear, it remains to be seen if that stands her in good stead in the boardroom, although, hitting the front of the betting market at this stage it would seem she is doing well.

Whilst Megan claims to be overly-ambitious, she is doing well in the current series, where the winner will get a huge investment into a business idea from Lord Sugar.

She desires for her business to be nationally recognised and while that is an ambition, will national recognition be ambitious enough for Lord Sugar to consider her for investment?

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