Boris Johnson and wife Carrie Baby Name Betting Odds: 7/2 that Boris names his daughter Maggie with bookies!

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson
  • Boris and Carrie Symonds announce birth of baby girl on Thursday morning, bookmakers speculate on possible names
  • Bookmakers are going with 'Charlotte' as the 3/1 favourite choice in the betting.
  • Former Tory leaders Maggie and Theresa have also possibilities according to bookies.
  • The latest arrival is Johnson's 4th Daughter & 7th child in total.
  • Double- Barrelled Theresa-May tribute, an outsider in the betting at 250/1

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and wife Carrie announced the arrival of a baby daughter on Thursday morning, with their "healthy baby girl" doing well according to their statement. 

Whilst the furore around whether he will last as PM through 2022 rages on, the revelation of the sex of their expected baby will be a welcome distraction.

The newly born girl is Boris Johnson's seventh child and second with wife Carrie.

Bookmakers have given odds for the name of Mr and Mrs Johnson's new baby:

Boris Johnson's daughter name Odds Implied Probability
Charlotte 3/1 25%
Maggie or Margaret 7/2 22.22%
Alexandra 9/2 18.18%
Anne 9/2 18.18%
Florence 8/1 11.11%
Victoria 8/1 11.11%
Josephine 10/1 9.09%
Beatrice 10/1 9.09%
Mabel 10/1 9.09%
Elizabeth 12/1 7.69%
Isabella 12/1 7.69%
Octavia 14/1 6.67%
Dina 16/1 5.88%
Theresa 33/1 2.94%
May 33/1 2.94%
Allegra 50/1 1.96%
Borrisa 100/1 0.99%
Theresa-May 250/1 0.40%

**Odds probability include bookmakers overround edge - meaning percentages will add up to over 100%, this being the bookies edge - How bookmakers use odds

A whole host of suggested names related to the Prime Minister feature in the betting odds, including naming his daughter after former Conservative leader Maggie Thatcher. 

Maggie at 7/2 is second favourite in the market, with Theresa and May also after Prime Minister Theresa May featuring higher up in the betting odds. 

After Boris and Carrie's first born was named Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas, with the Nicholas coming from Boris' COVID doctors, they may look at inspirational women in English history for help in naming their daughter.

Steve Madgwick - Senior News Editor -

Names that are suggested include favourite Frances, Victoria and Elizabeth

Charlotte, Frances, Victoria and Elizabeth all feature in the market for Boris's baby name, with Charlotte favourite with bookies at 3/1.

Could Boris name his child after the Queen? At odds of 12/1 bookmakers suggest there's a 8% chance that that happens.

With Wilfred getting his name from Boris' Grandfather, it's interesting to see that his Grandmother's name Frances is favourite in the odds.

Carrie's Grandmother Anne could also be a name that would be worth mentioning when it comes to the betting for their daughter's name. 

Who are Boris Johnson's other children?

Boris has confirmed in the last year that his new-born daughter will be his 7th child.

# Name
1 Lara Lettice
2 Milo Arthur
3 Cassia Peaches
4 Theodore Apollo
5 Stephanie Macintyre
6 Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas
7 ???????

A hyphenated moniker of Theresa-May is unlikely according to betting sites who offer huge odds of 100/1 on the couple honouring the former Tory leader. Maggie is a better bet at 7/2

Nigel Skinner - Political Betting Expert -

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