Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

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Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Micko70 » Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:04 pm

The Grand Slam of Darts is the next big TV tournament taking place, which starts this weekend.

I have had a full in depth look at the event and highlighted a couple of bets that i fancy for this years event.

The blog can be read by clicking HERE

Please feel free to add your thoughts to this thread regarding this event.

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Bobsselections » Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:51 pm

Scott Waites lost his last match against the player ranked 61st with the BDO so Thornton who is ranked number eight with the PDC looks value at even money to beat him.

Also evens on Brendan Dolan with Bet Victor who is 8-1 in recent matches compared to opponent Max Hopp who is 4-5 from his last nine matches and 1-3 from his last four.

Others i have backed at odds against are Darren Webster who is available at 2/1 with Ladbrokes, Bet365 and Betfair as his 77.7% win rate from his last nine matches looks good enough to give Ian White a game as he has a 33.3% win record from his last nine matches.

Finally Gary Anderson has not been his usual self in recent matches losing his last four 2-5 against MVG, 5-6 against Jeffrey De Graaf, 0-6 against James Wade and 5-6 against Joe Cullen so the BDO`s number one might give him a good match at odds of 12/5 with Skybet. He has won twenty two of his last twenty three matches.

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Raffo94 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:46 pm

One of my favourite tournaments this, with the bigger names from BDO mixing it with the PDC guys, always interesting to watch and you get to see some matches you wouldn't normally get to see.

I'm just going to share my thoughts about each group, how I think the standings will finish in each group with reasoning and some bets I fancy on it.

I will post thoughts on Groups A-D just now, then I will do the same for Groups E-H on Saturday morning as it's quite time consuming.

Group A:

Prediction -

1st - Van Gerwen
2nd - Adams
3rd - Dolan
4th - Hopp

Van Gerwen as most of you probably know is consistently the best in the world right now, and has been for a couple years. His dominance at the European/Pro Tour events this year has been no different. He's won 8 of the 16 Pro Tour events he has entered, including 3 consecutive wins in Barnsley in September. He has won televised tournaments the last two weeks in World Series Finals and European Championship. He should find life pretty comfortable in this group and I expect him to finish with maximum points. Fancy him to win the whole tournament the way he is playing at the moment, he will be determined ahead of the World Championship.

Martin Adams has been about for so many years now yet never seems to get any worse, he's always a threat to anyone he plays. He has sadly been diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier in the year but only revealed it recently, but is still fit enough to play and doesn't seem to be affecting his game too much thankfully. He really enjoyed this tournament last year, topping his group before being put out in the last 16. He seemed to thrive off the participation by the crowd last time and he could be the same again, I think he could get the better of Dolan and Hopp.

Dolan has always been a steady player, nothing more and nothing less. He can be a tricky opponent on his day but sometimes just doesn't turn up. He was going to give up the game a few years back but came in to better form and carried on. He has made most televised tournaments this year and has done ok. Can see him taking a beating from MVG but could be tight in his matches against Hopp and Adams.

Hopp is one of the most talked about young players in the game at the moment, at the age of just 19. I sometimes think he can be slightly over-hyped as he hasn't shown me enough signs yet that he could be one of the worlds best, however as I said, age is most definitely on his side and he has years to improve at his game and I'm sure he will. I feel his scoring sometimes lacks a bit just now which can let him down against the better players. The best scenario he can hope for is wins against Adams and Dolan but I don't see it happening, keep an eye on this young German lad for the future though.

Group A tips:

Adams to qualify - 5/6

Group B:

Prediction -

1st - Price
2nd - Waites
3rd - Thornton
4th - Van den Bergh

Price has improved more and more since becoming a professional darts player (previously a professional rugby player). He regularly makes the last 16 of tournaments now and is a match for any player, proving so in a narrow 6-5 defeat to Van Gerwen last weekend. He can blow a bit hold and cold in terms of his performances but can potentially score pretty heavily and finish well. Although all similarly matched, I'd say he's the most in form out of the 3 players and think he could well win the group.

Waites is current BDO World Champion. He has had an average year since then, the highlight has been winning the European Darts Classic, he has always refused to take up the game as a full-time job as he still enjoys doing joinery work, this may cost him slightly I feel over the years. Don't forget he won this tournament in 2010 so can't be ruled out to do some damage here, I reckon it's between him and Thornton for the other qualifying spot.

Thornton has had a terrible year in all honesty. Since winning the World Grand Prix last year he has failed to progress at all and has instead back tracked. He's failed to get beyond the quarter finals of any tournament this year, including Pro Tour and European Tour events. He suffered a poor Premier League campaign at the start of the year, getting hammered a lot of matches and I feel this may have dented his confidence slightly. He lacks consistency and struggles to stay in form for a full match. He's proven in the past he can be one of the best but he hasn't shown signs of it this year, he needs to get it together soon but he's been handed a difficult group here and I think he'll struggle to qualify.

Van den Bergh is another young player who could mellow given time. His biggest result was probably his World Championship 1st round victory over Ian White next year. He has played in a few European Tour events so he's got experience of playing the big names. He hasn't had any major results or runs as of yet but he's a decent young player who can be a good scorer, again this is too early for him to make a real impact I think but it will be a good experience for him and another stepping stone.

Group B tips:

Price to win the group - 9/4
Price to beat Van den Bergh - 4/9

Group C:

Prediction -

1st - Whitlock
2nd - Wright
3rd - Smith
4th - Evetts

Whitlock has been excellent since the summer. He was sliding down the ranking for a couple of years after being an established Premier League player, but the last few months he has found that old firm and is actually scoring better than he ever has before. He's been unfortunate to bump into Van Gerwen the last couple tournaments but before that he won two Pro Tour events and also beat Van Gerwen in a match. It's between him and Wright for 1st I think but I reckon he could possibly get a win against him.

Wright reached the final of the World Series final before narrowly losing out to Van Gerwen 11-9 in a thrilling match in which he could've thrown for the match. Up until then he'd had a fairly average year by his standards, but he's always likely to reach the latter stages of tournaments. He knows how to get the job done against lesser opponents and I expect him to win comfortably against Smith and Evetts which should be enough to get him through.

Smith reached the BDO World Championship final which was the first tournament I properly seen him play. He hasn't really done a lot since, doesn't seem to regularly play in that many tournaments and this will favour the PDC guys over him. Could potentially be a threat but I'm struggling to see it happening at the moment.

Evetts is a young up and coming player. I've not really seen him playing yet to be honest, but he has been playing on the Development Tour all year, his best achievement was reaching the quarter final of the Youth World Championship with does involve some handy players. We will see what this lad has this next week but for the moment I have to assume he isn't as good as the rest, certainly not Wright and Whitlock.

Group C tips:

Whitlock to win the group - 13/8
Whitlock to beat Evetts - 3/10
Wright to beat Smith - 2/7

Group D:

Prediction -

1st - Taylor
2nd - White
3rd - D. Webster
4th - Fitton

Taylor is still battling hard and trying to keep up with world number one Van Gerwen. He has won a few tournaments this year and you would never rule him out of winning this too, he's won this event 6 out of 9 times since it was introduced in 2007. I think this group will be a walk in the park for him and should ease him in to the tournament nicely. None of these guys have went far in TV tournaments (bar Fitton in the BDO World Championship) and I don't think they can compete with Taylor's scoring power. Fancy him to finish 1st with 3 wins out of 3.

White has never had a brilliant record on the TV, it has always been his achilles heel and it's something I'm sure he'd love to overcome. I think it's between him and Darren Webster for 2nd place and their match could prove crucial in the end. White's scoring power isn't in question here, it's normally his doubles that are suspect especially when the pressure is on.

Darren Webster is a good wee player and a tricky one to play against. He's never going to win anything but is capable of beating most players if not all. He has reached two Pro Tour semi finals this year and has appeared more regularly on the TV tournaments as a result. I actually think he is good value to possibly qualify as it's a bit of an open field outwith Taylor.

Fitton has been around for a long time now and never seems to get any worse, he's actually had a pretty decent year. He won the BDO World Trophy in May which is what qualified him for this event. He blows a bit hot and cold but could prove a handful for White and Webster if he bring his A-game with him. Who knows what to expect with him but the standard is a lot higher on PDC so he may struggle a bit here.

Group D tips:

Taylor to win the group - 2/7
Webster to qualify - 11/4

There's my thoughts for Groups A-D, hope this is of assistance to some of you wanting to have a flutter on this tournament. Good luck guys.

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Raffo94 » Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:53 am

My thoughts and predictions on Groups E-H in this year's Grand Slam...

Group E:

Prediction -

1st - G. Anderson
2nd - Durrant
3rd - Norris
4th - Derry

Gary Anderson has been in poor recent form after defeats against MVG, Wade and Cullen in his last three matches, however you'd like to think this is a blip and he will start to come stronger ahead of World Championship where he will be going for a hatrick of consecutive wins at the Ally Pally. He faces tough tests here in Durrant and Norris so he is going to have to be on his game to qualify, I'm expecting a reaction from him after poor showings this last month.

Durrant is arguably the best player on the BDO circuit just now, despite still not winning the World Championship at Lakeside. He has consistently showed the best scoring power over the last year or so, he has won the BDO Gold Cup and British Classic this year so is still in pretty nice form. Really intrigued to see how he gets on alongside the PDC guys this week, could be an indicator as to whether he could make the switch over from BDO in the near future. His match against Norris could be crucial in terms of getting through the group.

Norris has had a really good year in the PDC and has kicked on from his run to the quarter finals of the World Championship at the end of last year. Consistently making TV tournaments and winning his first ever PDC title in a European Tour event in Germany just last month. He can be a real big scorer but can't always quite find his A-game so this will be the question mark over him.

Derry I don't know a whole lot about to be honest. He is a young player who has been mainly featuring in the Youth Development Tour which isn't televised. The last time he featured in a European Tour event was in March in Gibraltar, in which he defeated Ian White before being put out by Klaasen. He's been handed the group of hell here but it should be a good learning curve for the lad.

Group E tips:

Norris to beat Derry 1/3

Group F:

Prediction -

1st - Suljovic
2nd - Van Barneveld
3rd - Noppert
4th - Aspinall

Suljovic has had an excellent year in which he'd be delighted with. He has reached the latter stages of numerous tournaments, won his first European Tour title in September and put himself right in contention for a place in next year's Premier League. His finishing is normally lethal and his scoring is normally good too. It was between him and Barney for top spot in this group but Suljovic is playing far better than Barney at the moment so I fancy him to potentially go through with maximum points.

Van Barneveld has had a poor year in which he hasn't really won anything. He reached the semi finals of the World Grand Prix last month which was an impressive run, but too regularly he is slipping up against average players and he is struggling to stay in the top 16 recently, due to not bothering to attend a lot of tournaments on the tour which is costing him. I think he has the experience to get through this group but whether he'll go much further than that is questionable.

Noppert is a Dutch BDO player who I haven't seen a lot of. He's had minor tournament wins earlier in the year at the German and Scottish Opens. He is ranked 3rd in BDO but doesn't seem to have done a hell of a lot at the majors to back this up. He didn't feature at Lakeside this year which is an odd one, unless due to an injury. Not sure what to expect from him but on paper he doesn't look like he'll threaten Suljovic and Barney much.

Aspinall has been in shocking form the last couple of months. Another player who has rarely been on the TV and the closest he's really got this year is playing in a couple European Tour events, the last one he was in was September where he crashed out losing 6-0 to Alan Norris. I can't see him making much impact here.

Group F tips:

Suljovic to win the group 5/4
Suljovic to beat Noppert 4/11

Group G:

Prediction -

1st - Wade
2nd - Chisnall
3rd - Wilson
4th - Hughes

Wade has had a usual kind of Wade year... regularly making latter stages of TV tournaments, the odd shock early exit and won a European Tour event earlier in the year. He's always one of the hardest players to beat and is an expert at knowing how to just get over the line in tight matches, I think he is likely to grind wins against Wilson and Hughes which is why I'm tipping him over Chisnall to finish 1st. But this is my group of death, and it's not going to be an easy ride for him in any match.

Chisnall has been OK this year. He hasn't really won anything which he'll be disappointed about, other than a Pro Tour event in July. This is because he isn't consistent enough IMO and can get quite nervy in the latter stages of tournaments, he needs to overcome this if he's ever to win a major, which I can't see him doing. But he is one of the biggest scorers in the game so this gives him a chance in every match, he could win every match in this group but at the same time he could lose any of them. Stay away from him in the match betting in this group.

Wilson has had a much improved year after a tough start to life in the PDC since he made the switch from BDO. He has started to make every TV tournament and is growing in confidence. I'm quite a big fan of him, he has a brilliant action and nothing seems to put him off his game. He arguably isn't gifted with the scoring power of some of the players on the circuit but he does have good composure and a good attitude which could potentially sneak him through this group if he plays well.

Hughes is one of my favourite players in the BDO. He is regularly making quarters/semis/finals of tournaments however only has the Romanian Open to his name this year. He's definitely one of the heavier scorers over there and if he can take that into this week then he could cause problems for all three players in his group. Another one I'm intrigued to see how he gets on this week, don't rule him out.

Group G tips:

Not anything I fancy enough here to suggest, it is a very unpredictable group full of good players. Wilson to qualify at 13/8 caught my eye but not enough to tip it.

Group H:

Prediction -

1st - Van de Pas
2nd - Lewis
3rd - Mitchell
4th - Dobey

Van de Pas isn't actually a player I rate all that highly, but he seems to have a habit of beating players who are ranked below him very regularly. I think he will do enough to beat Mitchell and Dobey and Lewis' poor record and poor form this year potentially gives him a chance of beating him also. It's one of they groups, he could even finish bottom, but I edge him just aside of the bottom two.

Lewis has had a poor year. I feel like he's taking steps backwards on previous years and feel like he's lost a bit of his big scoring. There is no doubting he is one of the most naturally gifted players in the game but he can't afford to solely rely on this, he needs to put the practice in and sometimes I get the impression he doesn't do this, and sometimes doesn't appear to be that bothered. He has a bad record at the Grand Slam, failing to get out of the group stages 6 times out of 9 attempts. This group has the potential to cause him problems and it could well be a 7th time exiting at the first stage, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt here and tip him to scrape through, I wouldn't back him to do so though.

Mitchell is another BDO player I quite like, I was delighted for him when he won the BDO World Championship in 2015 playing some excellent stuff throughout. He always looks pretty decent when I watched him, despite not qualifying through his group I thought he was quite good at last year's Grand Slam. He's a player who you don't always know what you're going to get with him, but there's no doubting he's talented and he'll go in to every match believing he can win it.

Dobey is a cracking young player and I've been impressed the majority of the time from what I've seen of him this year. He really knows where the treble is and can score heavily, his doubles finishing has been his main problem and has cost him quite a few games. You can tell the game comes pretty easily to him and if he uses the correct practice methods and puts the hours in then he could well become a big player over the next couple years. He's been given a tricky group here but I think he'll fancy to get a win out of it at least, again, don't rule this young Geordie out.

Group H tips:

Van de Pas to qualify 8/15

There's my predictions for Groups E-H, you can see my thoughts about Groups A-D in my previous post.

I think it's going to be a cracking tournament and I personally can't wait for it all to start. Again, best of luck if you are having a punt on this guys.

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby nors » Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:47 pm

Good posts Raffo, packed with interesting information. :win:

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Raffo94 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:50 pm

Group stages were good fun, plenty good matches/performances, some upsets and even a nine-dart shootout to determine who went through out of Thornton and Van den Bergh.

Tonight the knockout phase starts, with the first half of the last 16 games being played tonight, and the other 4 tomorrow night.

Here's my thoughts/tips about tonight's matches...

Price v Dolan:

Price played well under pressure against Thornton last night to sneak through in to the knockout stages. It's a bit of a surprise Dolan got through given his average performances so far but Adams and Hopp weren't any better in his group. Price can definitely score a lot heavier than Dolan can over this kind of format, as long as his doubles are OK then he should do enough to win this match.

Selection - Price to win the match 8/15

Taylor v Jeff Smith:

Taylor wasn't at his best in the group stages. He played well in beating Fitton with a 104 average but has struggled since, a lacklustre win over White then he shockingly got whitewashed 5-0 by Darren Webster, he could claim he was already through once that match took place but it was still a terrible result for him none the less. Smith was pretty poor against Wright but picked up in his win against Evetts, then played excellently last night beating Whitlock 5-4 in a cracking match, he was averaging 113 after 5 legs which tells you how good he was playing. If he can play close to that level again then he will give Taylor problems, it is a big "if" though. I think Taylor will win but Smith could win a fair few legs if he turns up.

Selection - Over 13.5 legs in the match 4/11

Van Gerwen v Thornton:

Thornton had suffered a torrid year up until this tournament. He has found some form of old these last few days and played pretty well in all 3 of his group matches, he still has the odd lapse but generally his scoring and double hitting has been more consistent. Van Gerwen breezed through his group and has yet to be challenged. If Thornton continues how he's playing then I reckon he'll win 4-7 legs, Van Gerwen should still win comfortably though.

Selection - Over 12.5 legs in the match 1/3

Wright v Fitton:

Wright played brilliant last weekend when reaching the World Series of Darts final, before narrowly losing out to Van Gerwen 11-9. He has taken that form in to this tournament and played pretty well in every match with 3 wins out of 3, that included a 5-0 win over Whitlock. Fitton was pretty poor in all his matches and much like Dolan, it's a surprise he managed to get through but his opponents were poor against him. Tonight is a different kettle of fish and if Wright carries on the way he has been playing then I think he will get a convincing win.

Selection - Wright (-2.5) 4/11

The 4-fold would be 2.8/1. Looking forward to the last 16 matches and good luck if you're having a punt.

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Raffo94 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:02 pm

3 out of 4 selections correct last night, really should have been a clean sweep as Price was winning 5-1 but bottled it and ended up losing 10-9 in a deciding leg.

On to tonight and the matches look a lot more interesting from a viewing point of view and pretty hard to call, so I'm favouring a lot of legs to be played tonight.

Hughes v Dobey:

Both of these lads weren't expected to get through their respective groups but done so. Both were always capable, with similar kind of standard (potentially good scoring but inconsistent double finishing). Dobey done a job over Mitchell to win 5-3 and Hughes had a remarkable comeback in his match against Wilson, winning the last 4 legs to win 5-4. When Hughes gets his finishing together he is such a dangerous player as he almost always scores well, his nerve under pressure has been questioned previously but he showed nerves of steel to come back against Wilson. Dobey has nothing to lose and is already on track for his biggest pay day in darts yet, he has the game to beat Hughes. It's so difficult to separate these two which is why I'm fancying it to go some distance.

Selection - Over 15.5 legs in Hughes v Dobey 4/11

Wade v Van de Pas:

Wade wasted no time in sealing his place in the next round, with comfortable wins over Hughes and Wilson, before being beaten by Chisnall but it didn't matter so much by that point. Van de Pas played some of the best darts I have ever seen him play yet, as he got 3 wins out of 3 in what looked like a tough group on paper but he made it look easy and justified my prediction that he would top the group. He is still learning but regularly plays at a high level now and knows what to expect from the big players, he has already played Wade 3 times this year in which he has won 2 of them, the last 2 have both went to deciding legs with 6-5 scorelines. I can't see tonight being much different with Van de Pas looking more than up to the task of challenging Wade today. Fancy this match to go deep also.

Selection - Over 15.5 legs in Wade v Van de Pas 4/9

G. Anderson v Noppert:

Anderson has played pretty well so far, no issues as he proceeded to the knockout stage with maximum points. He has recently started using glasses when he's playing which arguably could be helping him. Noppert has been a nice surprise package representing the BDO, no one knew a lot about him having hardly ever featured on the TV and not playing at Lakeside last year, however was ranked number 3 in BDO. He has justified that ranking place with some impressive performances, beating Suljovic and Aspinall which was enough to see him through, and lost to Barney despite averaging around 100. He's a really consistent player and doesn't seem to buckle under any kind of pressure. Two players in form here but I fancy Anderson to win, however 2/9 not showing much value for me so I'm going to go for over legs again.

Selection - Over 14.5 legs in Anderson v Noppert 4/11

Van Barneveld v Durrant:

Really excited for this match. Holds so much promise with both players playing some cracking stuff here in Wolverhampton so far. Barney is playing the best he has all year, even better than he was playing at the Grand Prix last month where he never dropped a set until the semi finals. He has a tournament average of around 104 so far which is a lot higher standard than he's played for some part of the year. Durrant is number one on BDO and is proving why so far, his TV stage form has been questioned with him still yet to land a Lakeside World title but he's been putting they doubts to rest so far. He lost in a deciding leg to Anderson opening match before hammering Norris and Derry in fine fashion. Both these players are unlikely to buckle or have a lengthy dip in the match, so again I can see this match going some length. However both like a big checkout especially with the way they are playing, both players will fancy to hit a big ton-plus checkout each.

Selection - Checkout of over 128.5 in Van Barneveld v Durrant 5/6

The 4-fold pays 3.92/1, all prices from Bet 365.

Again, good luck if anyone punts and enjoy what should be a cracking night of darts.

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Raffo94 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:13 pm

Last night only 2 out of 4 selections correct, pretty poor with Van de Pas getting hammered by an in-form Wade and no big checkout in Barney v Durrant surprisingly.

Anyhow on to tonight's matches where only one selection is taking my fancy out of the two matches.

Van Gerwen v Dolan:

Best leave this one alone. Absolutely no value as it's inevitable Van Gerwen will win comfortably over such a long format against Dolan. 1/33 to win the match, 1/12 to hit most 180's, no thanks I'll pass.

Taylor v Wright:

Wright has been impressive recently, reaching the final of World Series Darts Finals and has continued that form here with 4 wins out of 4 and only dropping 7 legs in the process. Taylor has had a stuttering tournament, 3 wins out of 4 but the only great performance was in his opening match against Fitton, his defeat was a 5-0 hammering against Darren Webster. Wright just recently beat Taylor 11-10 in the semi finals of the World Series event which proves he can better him over a long format. 7/4 is far too big for Wright IMO as he's in better form and it's definitely worth backing.

Selection - Wright to win 7/4

Good luck.

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby GeorgeTheBettor » Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:56 am

There is no doubt Gerwen will get his second trophy today. I've already bet on him a beautiful amount and i'm more than sure he won't dissappoint me. Moreover, I won't be surprised Michael to gain more trophys than Phil Taylor the next years. he fully deserves this.. it's a pleasure to watch him playing, so focused and precize. :nap:

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Micko70 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:15 am

My Peter Wright to win his quarter was a winning bet, lets hope Gary can do the business

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Re: Grand Slam Of Darts - Nov 12 - 20

Postby Raffo94 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:31 pm

My selection of Wright to beat Taylor at 7/4 was a winner so happy with that. Unfortunately I wasn't about yesterday to post my thoughts about last night's matches, Wade cruised past Dobey and Anderson vs Barneveld was one of the best matches so far this year. Anderson coming through the winner in the end.

This afternoon's semi finals look excellent and there is a lot to be excited about with they match ups..

Van Gerwen v Wright:

Wright is playing some of the best stuff he has in some time. He cruised through the group stages with impressive performances, brushed aside Fitton in the last 16 then he played one of his finest performances to date when dispatching Taylor 16-10 in the quarter final, with a 103.37 average. He's also started hitting a lot more 180s recently and there's a big case for suggesting he could match Van Gerwen's scoring power over a longer format now. Van Gerwen recently beat Wright 11-9 in the World Series final but Wright missed 3 doubles to throw for the match, so it was that tight. I don't see today being much different as both of these players are still playing nicely, Van Gerwen has had a pretty easy ride so far and this should be his first proper challenge, although it's still difficult to see him being stopped today.

Selections -

Wright (+6.5) 8/13
Over 18.5 180's in Wright v Van Gerwen 5/6

Anderson v Wade:

What a match this could turn out to be, both players playing the best stuff they have all year. Anderson has raised his game a level so far at the Grand Slam in comparison to the rest of the year, something tells me he is gearing up for the Worlds again and wants to go in to it on a high. Wade, a lot like Van Gerwen, has had a pretty easy ride so far, he had a pretty tough group but made easy work of it, already qualifying before the last match, then hammering Van de Pas and Dobey in nice fashion. Arguably though, none of these players have given him near as much of a challenge as Anderson will give him. If both players continue in this vein of form then I can see it being pretty tight, although I fancy Anderson to get a narrow win.

Selections -

Over 26.5 legs in Anderson v Wade 4/7
Anderson to hit over 8.5 180's 4/6

My plan is to put a big stake on Wright handicap and over legs in Anderson v Wade, then smaller stake on 180 selections.

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