Growth In Esports Popularity

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Gaming Habits March 2020

March saw an unprecedented rise in online gaming after figures released by gaming platform Steam showed a 22% rise in users in its top 20 games.

In fact, here at OLBG, we’ve seen a staggering increase of 943% in traffic to our esports betting tips page, with more people than ever before watching and playing video games at home. 

Steam has been one of the platforms to have experienced the biggest spikes in popularity, with new data showing the average player count at any one time was up 22% in March from the previous three months.

OLBG has studied the trends in gaming to see which games have experienced the biggest spike in popularity over the past month when compared to previous results. 

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As you can see on the above graphic, Counter Strike - Global Offensive, is currently the top played game according to Steam.

The first person shooter has gained an average of 127,054 players in the last 30 days and achieved peak players of over 1.1 million, the highest figures since the game was released all the way back in 2012. 

Aided by it’s 23% increase over the last month, CS-GO is currently on course to surpass DOTA 2’s record-high playing figures from February 2016, a game which once attracted over 700,000 average players. 

Online battle arena game Dota 2 had always been the most popular game on Steam since it was released in July 2013.

Although, Dota had been suffering a progressive lull in popularity ever since it peaked in February 2016, whilst maintaining its position in the top two most played games on its own platform.  

Despite Dota’s ever-falling average and peak player count, over the last month numbers are quickly climbing back up again, with the Valve game seeing a 7.68% increase in average player numbers and peak numbers are 80,000 up on February figures.

Football Manager is another game that has seen their average player numbers for March rise through the roof, up 60% on the previous three months and saw its users peak at 189,230 at 5pm on Sunday, March 29. Many football fans turning to use their own skills and judgement in the absence of live football, perhaps filling a gap for OLBG football tipsters with less opportunities to make their football predictions.

The popular open world game Grand Theft Auto IV has been seeing a steady rise in player numbers for a while now, coinciding with the release of a brand new online casino update in July last year.

Having said that, GTA IV is one game that has actually seen a drop off in average player numbers over the course of March. 

The Rockstar Games creation saw a 18.7% drop in users from February to now, after previously increasing at a significant rate. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege 6 had more average players in March than it has had since it’s release over four years ago, due to an upturn in 22,210 (22.7%) users from February. 

This tactical shooter video game has been steadily becoming more popular on Steam over the last few years, but over the last month the increase has been noticeably more rapid. 


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