Big Bets Today - Which Bookie for High Stakes?

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Got a big bet you want to make but not sure if a bookmaker will accept it? This guide provides info on where you are most likely to be able to place your bet.

Big Bets Today - Which Bookie for High Stakes?

There is nothing more frustrating than having a good bet and your bookmaker restricting or closing your account. So we provide this guide to find out which bookie is best for big bets today and will accept high stakes punters.

The best bookmaker for big bets and high stakes is the Betfair Exchange. Given the model is different from traditional bookmakers you will never have a problem with a high stakes big bet on your next fancy.

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No1 for Big Bets and High Stakes

The exchange model allows for big stakes on the most popular events, and Betfair will never close you down for winning.

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  • Can Lay Off Bets from Elsewhere

The Betfair exchange is such an obvious choice for punters who want to bet with big stakes although this is not the case for all sports. Soccer is huge on betfair, Rugby and Horse racing will also offer the opportunity for big bets but Aussie Rules sees far less exchange betting action

Avoid account restrictions and closures with Australian betting sites with the firm that survives on winners. Although they need the losers too to balance the markets!

Avoid Account Closure and Restrictions with Betfair

Betfair need winners so you'll never get closed down. Although they need losers too! Be on the right side.

If you are looking to bet in the region of $1000 on your prediction, Rugby and Basketball markets will stand that, as will American Football.

Cricket and especially Test matches, IPL and the Big Bash will see huge activity and large stakes bets will be matched.

Move to soccer and it is incredible what size bets will be taken.

As I write I am looking at an English Premier League match between Liverpool and Norwich. The game is 48 hours away and already $313,000 has been matched. and right now if you wanted to bet $80,000 on Liverpool to win, you could place that bet, right now at comparable odds to traditional online bookmakers.

Bet $80,000+ on EPL Games

There are huge bets available on Betfair for English Soccer

No questions asked and no restrictions if you won a dozen bets like that in a row 

Try winning $10,000 five times in a row with an online bookmaker and see what happens. If your account hasn't already been closed, you'll find you'll not be able to place a similar bet with high stakes on that sport if any at all.

Without a doubt, the best place to play high stakes betting on sport is at the Betfair Exchange.

Different Bookmakers for Different Sports - Or Not?

Betfair for soccer betting is a no brainer but what happens when it comes to Australian Rules where there is far less liquidity?

You will have to rely on a traditional bookmaker if you want to play high stakes, and how quickly will they close you down when you win?

I have played pretty much all bookmakers over the years and for what I would describe as considerable stakes at times. I can not claim to win often enough, or even overall but I have had extended winning form on the footy with Unibet and had no problems.

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Not all winning punters are restricted or closed down, and there are ways you can win and avoid this. At the bottom of this article is a guide on how to stop your account being restricted or closed down altogether.

Why have My High Stakes Been Restricted I'm Not even Winning?

Sometimes punters will claim they have had stakes restricted even when they are not winning overall with a bookmaker.

This does indeed happen and you may think it strange, but there is usually one very good reason.

When you register with a new bookmaker, you will automatically be set, invisibly, a maximum staking level. 

You start placing bets on 2 or more different sports.

You win regularly good amounts on Sport 1 but are not so successful on Sport 2 - Overall, on both sports, you break even, you may even make a small loss.

Understand How The Bookie Sees You

understand how bookies track you and you can make small changes to your betting patterns to protect your account.

What will be happening in the background and invisibly to you, is the sport you are winning good amounts on regularly will have been noted and your maximum staking level will be coming down all the time, Whilst on Sport 2 where you are losing, the opposite will be happening and the amount you can stake and win there is getting greater - because you're not very good at it.

You will be able to happily increase your high stakes on the sport you lose regularly on, that's good business for the bookmaker, whilst Sport 1 is seen to be loss-making for the bookie, so they will try to prevent, or at least minimise losses from you here.

It's Not Unfair - It's Business

Bookmakers can't operate at a loss and will tweak their business to improve profits. If that means removing winning punters, they will.

UNFAIR! I hear you cry. Well maybe, but from a general business perspective, it makes perfect sense and would not be frowned upon in most industries.

It is simply a case of tweaking your sales model to increase profits and minimises losses, perfectly acceptable anywhere else.

What is High Stakes?

That is very subjective and personal, intrinsically linked to your personal circumstances.

What is a High Stakes Bet

It will differ between one person and the next but for the purpose of this article we are looking at stakes that might not be accepted by a bookmaker

For one person a $25 bet might be considered High Stakes and a $250 unthinkable.

For someone else, $250 may be normal, and $2500 considered a big bet.

Then for true high rollers, $2500 would be a walk in the park and $25k would be nearer the mark.

The most important thing when considering high stakes betting is to gamble responsibly and never gamble more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

You would probably have no trouble getting a big bet on the main EPL Soccer games at Betfair

Betfair Accept High Stakes Big Bets

The only limitation to your Betfair Stakes is the amount of money someone is willing to lay you

Traders on the Betfair Exchange may place many dozen of high stakes bets of $1000 or more every day, and during times like the spring carnival, may even do so, several times a race as they scalp the exchanges with high stakes trades.

How to Stop Your Account Being Restricted or Closed

There are a number of things can you can do to avoid the dreaded email, or the stake restrictions when you try to place a bet after a few wins.

There is no way you can prevent being tagged by a bookmaker, but there are ways you can carry out your betting to stay as far off the radar as possible.

Bookmakers track and record every single move you make on their site, and they have very sophisticated ways of understanding how you bet, if you are linked to other punters with accounts, if you are linked to a tipping service, or even in a group that chats on social media.

How to Keep Your Betting Account

Follow the tips below to avoid restrcitions and account closures

Here are a few tips on how to remain as invisible as possible.

Have several accounts and give the winning one/s a rest

If you operate a few betting accounts it may be that you find yourself winning more on one than another. 

If this is the case, give the winning one rest and place the high stake bets with another bookmaker. This breaks up the consistency of winning with just one bookie on a single sport.

It will help if you keep a record of where you bet and when you win [and lose], you will be easily able to identify if you are winning consistently on one sport with a single bookmaker.


There is no bigger flag to a bookie than if you win consistently on one sport.

Don't ONLY bet with the bookmaker when they are the best odds.

The bookmaker will be fully aware of they are offering better odds than rivals. 

If you consistently only place your high stakes bets when they are best priced, and win, they will soon put a stop to it.

Sure use them often, but not exclusively.

The Best Odds Trap

Nothing like shouting I'm a winner by only betting with a bookie when they offer the best odds. Don't if you want to keep your account.

Spread Your Bets Out on Low Turnover Markets or Specials

If you are looking at a very low division team sport, or a special market that has been created, don't go flying in with your big bets with one bookmaker.

See if other bookmakers are offering the same markets and spread the best out.

These events usually take much less money, and whilst you know it inside and out and can predict the outcomes, the bookmaker will soon stop you if your high stakes are unlevelling their book and they can make a profit.

Don't Smash The Specials

At least not with one bookie. Spread your bets around to stay under the radar

Use e-Wallet Solutions for deposits and withdrawals and Withdraw only once a month.

These methods do not rack up the same level of charges for the bookmaker as credit and debit cards. Whether this can contribute to account restrictions or closures I can't be sure.

What is clear though is that multiple withdrawals do take administration time and cost. Some bookmakers in Europe have even started making withdrawal charges if doing so more than a couple of times a month.

So, if possible, withdraw to an e-Wallet and do so monthly at most.

e-Wallets and Infrequent Withdrawals

Use electronic payment methods for depositing and withdrawal and don't withdraw often to keep bookies costs down. It will help keep your account open.

Round Up Your Stakes

This usually isn't a problem for high stakes punters. However, if you really want to find trouble, simply place high stakes big bets with random values.

A bet for $2195.88 will stick out like a sore thumb as a shrewd punter playing a system and staking plan. Win or lose, you'll be marked for life. Round it up to $2200 and there's much less chance you'll be tagged as soon.

Don't be a Promotion or Odds Boost Abuser

Usually, when you see an odds boost, tread carefully. 

The bigger odds are not being given for free, the likelihood of the bet coming through is factored in. 

However, mistakes are made and there are punters who can spot the opportunities in these odds boosts and make a killing. But if that is all they bet on with that bookmaker, the account won't last long.

Bookmakers are known to remove features such as odds boosts if you become too adept at profiting from them. So in addition to getting high stales restricted and your account closed, you also risk the chance of this extra value when it is presented.

Again spread it around, make other bets with this bookie, on a range of sports if possible and don't bet only on odds boosts when they are in your favour.

Don't Abuse the ODDS BOOSTS

If you bet only when odds are boosted with a bookmaker, and win, they will soon take the ability to take the boosts away from you.

SUMMARY | How to Bet with Big Stakes and Keep Your Account

We know the bookmaker is the enemy who has to be relieved of as much cash as possible and it seems unfair the minute you do, they can stop you.

 Affording some respect and understanding their business will help you keep a profitable account open longer and you shrewdness off the radar for a bit longer.

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