eSports Betting Sites in Australia

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eSports is the fastest growing betting event with an estimated $19b to be bet on it in 2020. Now is the perfect time to get involved, researching and getting an edge. but which is the best bookmaker?

eSports Betting Sites in Australia

Growing exponentially in popularity for both watching and betting eSports is the fastest growing online betting sport in the world, but which is the best betting site for eSports in Australia?

The best betting site to bet on eSports in Australia is bet365. With a firm footing and the largest online gambling site in the world bet365 have superb game coverage and offer more betting markets than any other betting site.

4.4 / 5 1127 Ratings

Rated #1 for eSports Betting

Biggest range of games, great odds and many more markets than rivals, bet365 call GAME OVER on the competition.

bet365 Review

  • Most Games
  • Most Markets
  • Great Odds

With esports becoming globally more and more popular for betting and the press for the recent Fortnite World Cup, we wanted to find out which esports betting sites are best.

With a huge interest in CS:GO, Dota2, League of Legends [LoL, Overwatch, KOG and R6 we wanted to see which bookmaker offered the best all-round esports betting experience.

The Results of 4 sections with a possible 5 score in each and a total of 20 points finished with bet365 edging it from Unibet whilst the pair trashed the rest involved.

eSports Betting Sites Australia [List]

eSports Betting Site Score
bet365 19/20
Unibet 15/20
PointsBet 12/20
Betfair 7/20
4.2 / 5 14 Ratings

The best Live Streaming Bookie! - Unibet are all about taking the really good things from online gambling and making them better. Low Minimum deposit and on site stats!

Unibet Review

  • Unibet Expert Edge: Key stats and betting data on H2H match ups
  • Unibet TV: Live streaming service covering a wide range of sports
4.0 / 5 19 Ratings

If you don't use Betfair for horse racing you really should with the best odds and lowest market percentages, as well as flexibility to trade, Betfair is a 'must-have'

Betfair Review

  • The best market percentages
  • Flexibility to choose your odds
  • Winning punters never restricted or banned

As you can see from the table above which represents the possible score out of 20 each tested bookmaker could have gained, when betting on esports, bet365 is your best bet.

The 4 categories used to score were as follows, and each of the following sections will go into depth

  • Number of Betting Opportunities
  • Game Coverage
  • Betting Odds/Prices
  • Range of Betting Markets

You can use the link below to open a bet365 account right now or read on to see how it was game over for their rivals.

The latest update of this article and the data herein was undertaken in 2020

Number of Betting Opportunities

Depending on how much of a fan and how much you know about e-sports this may be a subjective category, but I have it at the top as I am looking at which betting site would be the best for the most enthusiastic esports betting fan.

bet365 KILL the Opposition with eSports Choice

With more than 17 x the options to nearest rival Unibet, no other betting site offers esports betting options like bet365

This update was conducted in 2020, and the following number of events were available by bookmaker taking bets on eSports

Bookmaker Events/Markets Score /5
bet365 1848 5
Unibet 105 4
Betfair 30 2
Bluebet 0 0

Since this article was originally written I am thrilled to find Pointsbet have introduced eSports betting the to spread betting options they offer.

If there was ever a sport worthy of a spread and the opportunities that present the eSports punter, this is it.

Be Careful

As with normal sports betting, following favourites blindly is not a good path. Learn about the games, teams and events and find the value.

Data collected on 19/8/2020

e-Sports Game Coverage

Bet365 smashed this category too with the following 6 games covered compared with 4 as best of the rest

bet365 eSports Games Covered
League of Legends CS:GO
StarCraft Overwatch
King of Glory Rainbow Six

Data collected on 19/8/2020

Of the other bookmakers, they covered the following eSports games

Bookmaker CS:GO LoL Dota2 OW Score



Data collected on 19/8/2020

Betting Odds

Taking a single CS:GO game to compare prices across each bookmaker, I found there to be very little between the prices offered.

Pointsbet pulled out the stop on the favorite with the biggest price, Bet365 were the shortest but went bigger on the underdog. Betfair and Unibet sat square in the middle

Complexity Gaming vs MAD Lions 19/8/2020

Bookmaker Complexitiy MAD Score
Unibet 1.24 3.75 3
bet365 1.22 4.00 4
Betfair 1.26 3.56 3

Betfair odds in table consider 5% commission payable for winners.

Data collected on 19/8/2020

Range of Betting Markets

Taking the same Vici Gaming v LNG Sports LoL Match I was looking for how many different markets were available to bet on.

Bet365 blew everyone out of the water with an incredible 34 different markets for this single match

Unibet and Betfair also blew the remainder away with 8 against the 1 offered by the others, but it still pales into insignificance compared to the options bet365 present the esports punter with.

Bookmaker Markets Score
bet365 34 5
Unibet 8 3
Betfair 8 3

These were both standouts as the remainder offered just the single outright winner market.

Unibet edge out Betfair for 2nd spot as the latter offered the +1.5 handicap as two separate Yes/No markets


  1. Match Odds
  2. Map handicap
  3. Map 1
  4. Total Maps Over/Under
  5. Map 1 First Blood
  6. Map 1 Champion kills Handicap
  7. Map 1 First to 10 Champion Kills
  8. Map 1 Total Champion Kills Over/Under

4.0 / 5 19 Ratings

An impressive array of betting markets, despite offering worse odds. Betfair esports betting is a trade-off.

Betfair Review

  • Map Winners
  • Total Maps
  • Yes/No Handicaps


  1. Map 1 Winner
  2. Map 2 Winner
  3. Home to win a Map
  4. Total Maps over/Under
  5. Correct Score
  6. Away to win a Map
  7. Vici Gaming +1.5
  8. LNG Sports +1.5

As you can see, both Unibet and Betfair offered an impressive number of different betting markets to consider.

eSports is a serious business

eSports is short for electronic sports, or to me and you, computer games.

It is the fastest-growing betting sport in the world right now, and the total worldwide amount of money bet on it by 2020 is expected to be… Wait for it…. $19billion

$19Billion AUD expected to be bet on eSports by 2020

The fastest-growing sports betting sector in the world right now

And it is still in its infancy. There has never been a better time to involved in researching the betting opportunities in esports. It is dynamic and exploding and for those with the best knowledge of the teams, the games and events have an excellent opportunity to be in early.

Up to $4.5m AUD prize money for winners

Players take it seriously, that's why esports betting is a serious business.

But don’t dismiss this as simply kids playing computer games for fun, these are bonafide professional gamers earning a living and a good one at competing internationally in these games.

Many people may have heard of Fortnite.  At the end of July 2019, a sixteen-year-old became the World Champion, winning the Fortnite World Cup and pocketed a cool $4.5AUD in the process.

eSports and eSports betting is here to stay and it will continue growing at an incredible rate in years to come.


eSports FAQ's (AU)

  • Where Can I bet on eSports?

    bet365 has by far the best coverage of eSports events for punters in Australia. Unibet weigh in with over 100 events covered at the time of writing, whilst betfair and Pointsbet offer various popular games and tournaments to play. Points bet offer the options of a different ay of betting of course

    Betting Sites with eSports betting

    • bet365
    • Unibet
    • Pointsbet
    • Betfair

  • How do you win eSports bet?

    The way to win a bet on eSports is to simply make a correct prediction on the winner of a game, tournament or proposition bet offered on an event. The best way to increase your chances is to pick a game, and specialise. Learn everything you can about the game, the teams and players who compete. The more you know, the better you will be positioned to make informed predictions and fin value in the betting odds.

  • Is it legal to bet on eSports?

    As long as you are using a bookmaker who is operating legally it is as legal to bet on an eSports event as it is the Cricket, horse racing or next big footy match.

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