Taylor Swift Next Boyfriend Betting Odds: Pedro Pascal Emerges As A Favorite At +1200

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have called things off, which means that the 12-time Grammy Award winner is back on the dating market.

Taylor Swift Next Boyfriend Betting Odds: Pedro Pascal Emerges As A Favorite At +1200

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  • Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have broken up after six years together.
  • Swift has been linked to 16 different men since 2008. Not all have led to confirmed relationships.
  • The 33-year-old superstar is single for the first time since 2017.

After six years together, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have called it quits. Before the dust settled on that bombshell piece of gossip, sportsbooks sprung into action and began to speculate on who the 12-time Grammy Award winner could be dating next. Swift has been linked to 16 different men since she began dating back in 2008. The majority of them, starting with Joe Jonas, have been celebrities in their own right. From actors Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal to musicians John Mayer and Harry Styles, Swift's high-profile dating history explains why oddsmakers' roster of available men is so star-studded.

Who Will Date Taylor Swift Next?

Person Moneyline Probability
Pete Davidson +800 11.11%
Pedro Pascal +1200 7.69%
Drake +1500 6.25%
Jake Gyllenhaal +1500 6.25%
John Mayer +1500 6.25%
Luka Doncic +1500 6.25%
Scott Eastwood +1500 6.25%
Bradley Cooper +2000 4.76%
Conor Kennedy +2000 4.76%
Devin Booker +2000 4.76%
Jack Dorsey +2000 4.76%
Michael B. Jordan +2000 4.76%
Milo Ventimiglia +2000 4.76%
Alexander Skarsgard +2500 3.85%
Harry Styles +2500 3.85%
Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg +2500 3.85%
Theo James +2500 3.85%
Tom Brady +2500 3.85%
Trevor Noah +2500 3.85%
Brad Pitt +3000 3.23%
Dylan O'Brien +3000 3.23%
John Boyega +3000 3.23%
Liam Hemsworth +3000 3.23%
Paul Mescal +3000 3.23%
Shawn Mendes +3000 3.23%
Sam Heughan +3000 3.23%
Austin Butler +4000 2.44%
Ansel Elgort +4000 2.44%
Andrew Garfield +4000 2.44%
Justin Theroux +4000 2.44%
Leonardo DiCaprio +4000 2.44%
Lewis Capaldi +4000 2.44%
Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein +4000 2.44%
Timothée Chalamet +4000 2.44%
Elon Musk +5000 1.96%
Jack Schlossberg +5000 1.96%
Shohei Ohtani +5000 1.96%
Tom Sandoval +5000 1.96%
Nick Cannon +10000 0.99%
Rob Kardashian +10000 0.99%
Sklumper +15000 0.66%

This list can be a bit overwhelming at first glance. But there are ways to divvy up this expansive list. Here are a few buckets to divide these potential beaus into. 

Former Boyfriends

Jake Gyllenhaal (+1500), John Mayer (+1500), Conor Kennedy (+2000), and Harry Styles (+2500) are all being given a decent shot at reuniting with Swift. Styles may be the best value out of this group given the fact that the two were together most recently out of the ex-boyfriend camp. Despite dating for just one month, Swift wrote two songs about Styles, "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "Style" from the 1989 album.


Luka Doncic (+1500), Devin Booker (+2000), Tom Brady (+2500), Shohei Ohtani (+5000) are all interesting for different reasons. Doncic's Dallas Mavericks failed to make the NBA playoffs, so the young superstar has time on his hands for a fling. Booker has dated high-profile celebrities like Kylie Jenner and has been rumored to be dating breakout 2023 star actress Jenna Ortega. Tom Brady, who is 12 years older than Swift, officially broke off his marriage in the fall and has since retired from the NFL. Swift dated Gyllenhaal despite their age difference which was nearly a decade, so the differential with Brady isn't a deal breaker. Oh, and he guess who was listed as the favorite to date Brady next back in the fall? Taylor Swift. Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Angels' generational superstar, could be the first athlete Swift dates. From a fame perspective, given his international appeal, he could match Swift's understanding of otherworldly attention from the media and fans alike. 


Pete Davidson (+800), Pedro Pascal (+1200), Scott Eastwood (+1500), Bradley Cooper (+2000), Michael B. Jordan (+2000), Milo Ventimiglia (+2000), Alexander Skarsgard (+2500), Theo James (+2500), Brad Pitt (+3000), Dylan O'Brien (+3000), John Boyega (+3000), Liam Hemsworth (+3000), Paul Mescal (+3000), Sam Heughan (+3000), Austin Butler (+4000), Ansel Elgort (+4000), Andrew Garfield (+4000), Justin Theroux (+4000), Leonardo DiCaprio (+4000), and Timothée Chalamet (+4000). Actors comprising the deepest category of potential love interests makes sense. Swift has dated many actors, Eddie Redmayne, Zac Efron and Tom Hiddleston, just to name a few.  It's worth noting right off the bat that Dylan O'Brien (+3000) was recently spotted leaving Taylor Swift's apartment on a weekday morning. So he may be worth a flyer at such elevated odds. As for the rest of these actors, all are viable given Swift's history and fearlessness when pairing up with Hollywood's leading men.


Drake (+1200), Shawn Mendes (+3000), Lewis Capaldi (+4000) round out the last major category of potential Swift love interests. If Lewis Capaldi felt overwhelmed by his fame already, he may want to avoid any romantic entanglements with Swift. As for Drake and Shawn Mendes, both have been rumored to be with mega celebrities in the past. Mendes with Chloë Grace Moretz, Hailey Bieber, and Camila Cabello and Drake being linked to A-listers like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner. 

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