Best Rugby League Handicappers

Below you can find our very best rugby league handicappers. The expert rugby league picks are complete with statistics and can range from club to international matches.

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About the Best Rugby League Handicappers on OLBG

Here we have our very best rugby league handicappers. Each expert who is displayed has shown a profit in rugby league over the past year.

Only handicappers who have open picks will be displayed and the number of picks is displayed on their row. So if you are looking for rugby league picks for this weekend or super league predictions, you can find them all here.

Along with each expert is displayed their annual profit. This is calculated to ten-point stakes and is their profit on rugby league picks over the past year. You can also view their rugby annual trends which are presented by a chart. Each green column means they made a profit that month if red then they made a loss.

The annual strike rate shows how many successful rugby picks they had compared to the total number of rugby picks placed. So had they made 50 picks in the past year and 30 were successful, their strike rate would be 30 divided by 50 = 60%.

For a more recent record for the best rugby league handicappers, we have two columns, seven and thirty-day profits. This being the same as the annual profit is just a more recent indication.

Who are the best Rugby League Handicappers?

The most followed rugby league handicappers on OLBG has almost two thousand users following their rugby league betting predictions and those rugby league picks are completely 100% free! So we would question why anyone would want to get paid rugby league picks and you can get professional picks right here for free.

We have some expert rugby league handicappers who are backed up by annual statistics, so whether you are looking for super league predictions, rugby league championship predictions or rugby league picks for today from expert handicappers then you have them right here from handicappers who have shown a profit over the past twelve months.

These handicappers specialize in rugby league and you can expect picks from worldwide, we have some handicappers who are based in Australia and specialize in NRL (National Rugby League) predictions whilst those based in the UK will be more at home in predicting Super League matches.

Most Followed Free Rugby League Handicappers (as of May 2024)

Best Rugby League Handicappers Individual Picks

When finding a rugby league expert who you like, simply click on their name. As a result, you will be taken to their dedicated rugby picks page. 

As well as the statistics shown on the previous page, you can now view additional stats. There is a daily profit trend that gives you the breakdown of if the expert made a profit or loss for each day over a certain period.

There are both annual and daily high and low points indicating when the expert had their best month/day and their worst month/day. Also, any streak that the expert is currently on will be displayed. For example, you may see something like 'In profit on Rugby for 5 of the previous 6 months'.

Next, you have the handicapper's rugby picks. Each pick will display the pick itself, the market, the event, and comments from the expert on why they have selected this pick. You can also see how many other handicappers agree with this handicapper on the market.

Who are the Best Rugby Handicappers?

You can use the picks competition table to order all handicappers by twelve-month LSP, some may not appear here as they do not have any current picks available. On the table, you can also sort by month and six-month LSP as well as strike rates.

If there are currently no best handicappers listed above, why not head over to our Rugby League Picks section for this weekend's picks? In addition, head to the Rugby Union Picks page for this weekend's rugby union predictions.

Finally, why not get involved in our picks competition and add your rugby picks, and compete against our best rugby handicappers? Do you have what it takes to make the best handicapper list? and to scoop some of the monthly prize money?

Most Profitable Free Rugby League Handicappers (as of May 2024)

Luke Bradshaw Lee and Darren Brett, the driving forces behind OLBG's dynamic Rugby League content, merge to deliver an immersive experience for fans. With Luke's passion spanning both Rugby League and Rugby Union and Darren's understanding of the sport, their collaboration offers comprehensive insights, betting strategies, and in-depth analysis.

Luke Bradshaw Lee

Luke Bradshaw Lee

Commercial content manager

Luke Bradshaw Lee, a devoted aficionado of Rugby League, channels his passion for the sport into enriching OLBG's comprehensive rugby content. His expertise transcends boundaries, offering insightful betting angles and in-depth analysis.
Darren Brett

Darren Brett

Tipster competition manager

Darren Brett, a stalwart in crafting and managing OLBG's rugby content, possesses an understanding of the sport's intricacies. With a keen eye for detail, Darren provides invaluable insights, betting strategies, and comprehensive analysis for Rugby League.
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