Best Hurling Handicappers

Here we highlight the best Hurling handicappers on OLBG. These are the experts who have made a profit over the past twelve months for Hurling. See who they are backing today right here.

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We're sorry but we can't make any tipster recommendations for Hurling right now. These are normally only available during the height of the Hurling season. Please try again later or see our top Hurling picks. Also check our top tipsters across all the sports.

The Best Hurling Handicappers at OLBG

If you are looking for the best hurling handicappers then you have come to the right place! Right here, we highlight only the profitable experts, those who have made a profit over the past twelve months for their hurling picks.

You will find these listed above complete with numerous statistics to display just how well they are performing which include their annual profit and trends, the trends show you how they performed each month.

In addition, there is also their annual strike rate, this is the percentage of picks that have been successful. As well as the annual figures, you can also see more recent numbers, their 30-day profit, also their 7-day profit, both of which give you a better idea of recent form.

How to view Individual Hurling Picks?

There are plenty of top-quality Hurling handicappers on OLBG, and plenty of the GAA favor Hurling so if you are looking for professional GAA handicappers, then look no further, we have you covered!

Each expert will be highlighted how many current open picks they have for hurling which you can click to load their dedicated picks page for hurling. On this page, you have even more statistics to help guide you which include daily profits as well as high and low points.

On this page, you can view any open picks they currently have on the sport. Each tip will be presented along with the handicapper's thoughts, this is the reasoning as to why they have selected this outcome as their prediction.

You can also see the general consensus of the OLBG handicappers on each event, the total number of picks from our handicappers also supporting the outcome can be seen as well as the total number who have tipped on the market.

The Most Profitable Hurling Handicappers

If you wish to view all the best GAA handicappers then head over to the Gaelic Sports Picks Competition Table.

These tables are sortable meaning you can view the best profits over the past twelve months, six months, or for the current month.

If you think you know your Hurling or even your Gaelic Football then why not get involved with the monthly competition?

It is free to enter and you could scoop yourself some of the monthly prize money!

Most Profitable Free Gaelic Sport Handicappers (as of May 2024)

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Andy Powell

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