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  • About the Best Golf Tipsters at OLBG

    Above you will find the best golf tipsters on OLBG and we have plenty of great tipsters too when it comes to golf!  You should find picks on a regular basis with golf tournaments taking place throughout the year. The PGA Tour runs from October through to August.

    The tipsters above are ordered by the most profitable golf tipsters over the past twelve months with annual profits calculated to a 10-point stake. Only tipsters with current outstanding picks are shown. As well as the annual profit their 'Annual Trend' is also displayed, this is a breakdown of the past year, month by month showing if they made a profit or loss.

    The more green bars means the more months in profit! The 'Annual Strike Rate' is an indication of how many winning picks they have put up compared to the number of picks. Meaning the higher the strike rate the more consistent they have been over the past year.

    Both seven day and thirty-day profits are an indication of how they have performed more recently. Finally, you can see how many current open picks they have. Each event covers multiple markets, so the tipsters will not only be tipping on the outright winner.

    You will also find picks on the likes of 1st round leader, group and match betting, top US player, top GB & Ire and so on.

    The four majors in 2022 will all be covered with golf tips, these are set to take place:

    • US Masters at Augusta National (7th-10th April 2022)
    • PGA Championship at Southern Hills (19th-22nd May 2022)
    • US Open at The Country Club at Brookline (16th-19th June 2022)
    • The Open at Old Course St Andrews (14th-17th July 2022)
  • Best Golf Tipsters Individual Picks?

    When you see a tipster in the list above who stands out to you, simply click on that tipsters name. This takes you to the tipsters personal golf tipping page. On their tipping page, you will once again see their annual statistic breakdown but now you can also see their daily statistic breakdown too.

    As well as this you can view their high and low profits for both annual and daily.

    A list of their current open golf picks will be displayed next. Each pick is complete with the tournament which the pick is for and also which market the pick is on. Be sure to check which market it is because you do not want to be backing outright winners if the tipster has put it up as a 1st round winner!

    The total number of OLBG golf tipsters who have made the same pick is also displayed as well as the total number of picks on that market. You can read why the tipster has placed this pick also and be sure to check whether it says 'Win' or 'EW' as many tipsters place each-way bets on outright markets.

  • Who is the best golf tipster?

    When asking this question, some people will immediately turn towards paid golf tipsters as because they charge for their tips, they must be better than free tips? Well, that is what they would like you to think but we would argue the free OLBG golf tipsters can give anyone a run for their money!

    There are some good other free golf tipsters out there like Ben Cohen from sporting life golf tips, Steve Palmer golf tips of the Racing Post is another good golf tipster but we believe we have some of the best right here on OLBG and all of our golf tipsters are backed up with statistics!

    If you are looking for which golf tipsters are most followed, we have a host of tipsters on OLBG who have accumulated a number of followers, the top seven as of March 2022 all have over 2k followers each with the top tipster having over 7k followers!

    Most Followed Golf Tipsters on OLBG

    1. lola1183 (7,652 followers)
    2. RenkilAtas (2,946 followers)
    3. whippetman (2,800 followers)
    4. attitude adjuster (2,384 followers)
    5. jimmylazers (2,241 followers)
    6. Ralfie1982 (2,025 followers)
  • Can I view all Golf picks?

    If you wish to view all of the current tournaments which have bets, then visit our 'Golf Picks' page. On here each current tournament will be listed along with the most tipped outcome on the event.

    You can click on the event which will take you to the event page, here you can view all markets complete with who has been tipped and any comments left.

    Why not also visit our Golf section on our forum where you can discuss any upcoming tournaments, ask any questions or even get involved with the golf forum competition.

    If you are new to golf then we would recommend having a read of this 'Golf Betting Advice' article and also worth reading who are the best bookmakers for golf.

  • The Most Profitable Golf Tipsters

    You can use the golf tipster competition table to see who the most profitable tipsters are. You can view by the current month, last six months or last twelve months. All columns are sortable so if you click on LSP for twelve months then the most profitable over that period will come out top.

    Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a golf tipster and think you can take on these guys? Why not get involved in our tipping competition and add your golf tips. Can outperform the current tipsters and be in with a chance of scooping some of the monthly prize money!

    There are some excellent golf tipsters on OLBG, at the time of writing (March 2022) there are three tipsters who show a profit of at least +1,000 over the past twelve months (based on 10pt stakes).

    Top 3 Best Golf Tipsters on OLBG

    1. rockabilly_kat (Profit of +1,803)
    2. dwainec (Profit of +1,452)
    3. tadley (Profit of +1,452)
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