Best NFL Handicappers

On this page, you can find the best NFL experts who predict on OLBG. These football handicappers are highlighted below, only handicappers with current picks are shown in the list.

The lists are sorted by the NFL expert with the best annual profit.

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We're sorry but we can't make any tipster recommendations for Football right now. These are normally only available during the height of the NFL season. Please try again later or see our best betting picks. Also check our top tipsters across all the sports.

About The Best NFL Handicappers at OLBG

The annual profit is calculated from the handicappers' football picks over the past 12 months. It is shown to be a 10-point stake per pick. This does not only include NFL, but it also includes all American Football picks including NCAA picks and CFL picks.

As well as the annual profit, visible are the handicappers 'Annual Trends'. This is a breakdown of the expert's betting year with each month highlighting either a loss (red bar) or a profit (green bar).

Furthermore, you can view the Annual Strike Rate, 7 Days & 30 Days Profits and you can also sort the list by using the header icons.

If you are looking for consistency then look at the annual trends, look for a handicapper who is displaying more green than red because that indicates they have had more profitable months and losing ones.

Most Followed Football Handicappers (as of January 2024)

How do I view the Best NFL Handicappers Picks?

All of the NFL handicappers listed above will currently have open picks, this is indicated in the last column which highlights how many current picks they have open.

To view their current picks either click on the expert's name or the number of picks box which will take you to that handicapper's page.

On this page, you are presented with even more statistics for that expert. In addition to the statistics on the main page, you can now view a Daily Profit trend as well as high and low profits.

Below the statistics, you can see each American Football pick that they currently have open. This is broken down by the actual pick itself, the match for which the pick is placed, and the market for the pick.

For NFL tipping there will be three different markets, the Money Line is a straightforward home or away win.

The Pointspread which is a handicap market, one side will have a negative handicap to overcome whilst the other will have a positive handicap giving them a head start.

Finally, you have the Game Totals which is betting on the total number of points in the game, you can either go under or over the line which is set.

For each pick, you also get the overall consensus of the OLBG handicappers, with the total number of picks on that pick vs the total number on the event market. This gives you the percentage of picks on the pick and you also have the value rating.

Who are the best free NFL Experts?

For the NFL handicappers who currently have picks open then the most profitable NFL experts can be viewed above. These are listed by annual profit but you can also change the sorting by 7 or 30-day profits.

If you want to view handicappers as a whole, meaning including those without picks then head over to the American Football Picks Table where you can view current month, 6 months, and 12-month figures.

This table is also sortable, if you want to view the best profit over 6 months then click on the LSP under 6 months.

Top Free Profitable Football Handicappers (as of January 2024)

Paid NFL Handicappers vs OLBG Free Handicappers

You will often hear Who are the best-paid NFL handicappers or best professional NFL handicappers, some will claim to be the best, but can they provide you with honest statistics for their picks?

Here on OLBG, you do not need to search for paid handicappers because every single expert on OLBG is FREE and we have some cracking expert NFL handicappers too, every single expert is backed up with statistics too which are available.

So if you are looking for NFL handicappers, each of which comes with a full annual set of statistics then you do not need to spend money on professional handicappers, we have professional NFL handicappers right here and every single one of them is FREE!

When looking for straight-up NFL expert picks, picks against the spread, or game totals we have you covered, our expert NFL handicappers cover all of the markets with their knowledge and picks for each round of the NFL season all the way through to the Super Bowl.

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