Best Baseball Handicappers

Below you can find the best baseball handicappers on OLBG. Any expert who is currently showing an annual profit for baseball and has any open picks will be displayed below.

During the baseball season, there will be plenty of handicappers available who tip across the games and on the world series too.

  • Profitable Baseball tips for 4 days in a row

    Strike Rate
    30 Days
    7 Days
    19 Picks
  • 71% strike rate on Baseball in the last 30 days

    Strike Rate
    30 Days
    7 Days
    2 Picks

Profits calculated to a 10 point stake.

We only show tipsters who currently have active tips. Please check later for better results.

The Best Baseball Handicappers on OLBG

First of all, Are you looking for the best baseball handicappers? Then this is the place to be! Above are the best baseball handicappers on OLBG who currently have open picks. Only handicappers who are showing a profit over the past twelve months are included.

Our handicappers love tipping on the MLB, whether it be game by game or on the big one itself, the World Series. On individual games, you can expect picks across three different markets.

Money Line: This is a 2-way betting market where you are backing either team to win, this market includes any extra innings.
Run Line: This is the US equivalent of Asian Handicap betting, one team is given a head-start, and the other is given a deficit to make up.
Total Runs: You are given a line and then two options of either there being Under or Over the number of runs in the game.

Along with each expert, there is also a set of statistics to guide you. These include the likes of Annual Profit, Trends & Strike Rate. Also, there are seven and thirty-day profits for a more recent guide of form.

Most Followed Baseball Handicappers (as of January 2024)

Should I Use Paid Baseball Picks?

There are plenty of people out there who call themselves 'Professional Baseball Handicappers' or 'Expert Baseball Handicappers' but the question is can they back up those claims? Can they give you a monthly breakdown for the past twelve months?

You can get exactly that here on OLBG, you can see which baseball handicappers have performed well over the past year, how many months they have shown a profit, and best of all, it's all free!

So the question is, why would you pay for baseball picks when you can get them free right here from expert handicappers who specialize in baseball, follow our top MLB Handicapper & baseball betting handicappers right here, right now!

These handicappers specialize in baseball, many are based in the US and their knowledge is second to none our expert handicappers are not only providing MLB predictions for today's matches, but they are also supplying you with picks on Korean and Japanese baseball too.

Are you convinced yet? We cover the three most popular baseball leagues in the world, the MLB, the Japanese NPB, and the Korean KBO league, all the expert baseball picks are free, what more do you need?

View the best Baseball handicappers picks

Each of our best baseball handicappers comes complete with their own dedicated picks page. As a result of clicking on either the expert's name or the number of picks box, you will be taken to this page.

As well as the statistics from the previous page, additional statistics are now also displayed such as annual and daily highs and lows and a daily trend graph.

The picks are then displayed with the selection, which event this baseball pick is for, and then which market. For individual matches, the picks will all be for Win but on some outright markets, you will see 'EW' meaning the handicappers have tipped the outcome Each way.

For each pick, you can also see an overall opinion from OLBG baseball handicappers, how many have agreed with this expert compared to the total number on the market. Finally, you can read the expert's reasoning for going with this pick.

Want more Baseball picks?

Head over to the Baseball Betting Picks section where you can view all upcoming events. For each event, you can see the most tipped outcome whether it be individual games or outright events.

You can go into each event to see how many picks each outcome for each market has as well as read all the helpful insights from our baseball handicappers.

Finally, head over to the MLB Home Run Derby Betting Guide article for information on this year's tournament and a look at who has previously won it.

Who are the best Baseball handicappers?

Using our picks contest table for baseball you can view three different areas to find our best baseball handicappers. By sorting the table you can view the best for the current month, the last six months, or the last twelve months. Columns are sortable meaning you can view them by LSP, Strike Rate, or ROI.

Finally, if you are a fan of Baseball or even US Sports in general then why not test your tipping ability against current members? Join the tipping competition and see how you fare. Perform well and you could scoop some of the monthly cash prizes!

Top Free Baseball Handicappers (as of January 2024)

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