UK to get around 400 points at Eurovision according to bookmakers

UK to get around 400 points at Eurovision according to bookmakers
  • Bookmakers predict a winning score of 550-599 with odds of 3.75 and a 27% chance
  • Odds of 1.90 for either under or over 380 points for the UK in the final
  • Ukraine and Italy head the betting for Eurovision

Tonight sees the second semi-final of Eurovision 2022 and by the end of the event we will have the final lineup confirmed for Saturday night's grand finale, of the biggest song contest on the world. 

They are trying over the pond with an American Song Contest which has just had its inaugural event, but it can never be as big as Eurovision.

Judging by the odds being offered by bookmakers on the chance of success at Eurovision 2022, the United Kingdon look to be changing ZERO points in 2021, into around 400, with bookie suffering betting on over or under 380 points scored.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

Anyway back to Europe and betting sites are offering odds on how many points the winner on Saturday will amass from both the Jury votes and televoting, and offering the chance for us to bet on the winning score.

Not only that but the UK, of course, finished last and scored ZERO points on the night, but 2022 is tipped to be very different by betting sites who have no made the UK 3rd favourite to win.

In doing so, it is expected that the 0 points score in 2021, could turn into close to 400 in 2022, with odds of 1.85 being offered for betting either more or less

UK Score at Eurovision 2022

UK Score Odds Probability
Over 380.5 1.90 52.63%
Under 380.5 1.90 52.63%

**Probability percentage figures include bookmakers overround - odds correct at12/5/22

So that brings us to what the winning score might be, with over 500 needed to win since the scoring was changed, how many points will secure the victory in 2022?

What Will The Winning Score be in the Eurovision Final?

Score Odds Probability
under 500 4.1 24.39%
500-549 3.85 25.97%
550-599 3.75 26.67%
600-649 6.00 16.67%
650 or over 6.4 15.63%

Whilst Eurovision has been around since 1956, the voting system has changed considerably and many times over the years and the current system was only put into place in 2016. Below we can see the scores the past 5 winners have amassed, ranging between 498 for the Netherlands in 2019 against a high of 758 for Portugal in 2017

Year Winner Points
2021 Italy 524
2020 No Contest
2019 Netherlands 498
2018 Israel 529
2017 Portugal 758
2016 Ukraine 534

It remains to be seen if the 2022 winner will be able to amass anything like record holders Portugal from 2017 when they scored over 750 points, but bookies are offering odds of 5/1 or more for scores beyond 600 points, with Ukraine and Itlay favourites to win.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment betting Specialist -

Full Eurovision 2022 betting

How Many Points will the UK Score?

Infamously, the UK scored zero points and unsurprisingly finished last in 2021 in Eurovision but 2022 is tipped to be the comeback year as bookmakers have slashed the 10/1 down to just 7/1 in recent days 

But just how many points can we expect the UK to gain, betting sites offer just 11/10 odds of the UK winning the Jury vote, which often differs from the Televotes, but can be some indication to the fate of the contestants

The odds are just 11/10 that the UK will win the Jury vote at the Eurovision final in Turon on Saturday night. and they are expected to score between 300-400 points on the night, improving upon the ZERO in 2021.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist

UK Eurovision Points Predictions

UK points Odds Probability
Over 500 7/1 12.50%
between 401-500 3/1 25.00%
Between 301 - 400 Evens 50.00%
Between 201-300 6/4 40.00%
Under 200 4/1 30.00%
Nil Points 10/1 9.09%

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