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Next US President Betting Odds: Trump Chance Sensationally Increases from 3.5% to 21%

Steve Madgwick

Published: Oct 15, 9:00am Last Updated: Oct 18, 8:51am 0 Comments 87 Views

Donald Trump has sensationally risen to the top of the betting to return as President of the US

Support in the Next US president betting markets has pushed Donald Trump back to the head of the market ahead of Joe Biden, and is now offered at just 7/2 to win the next presidential election in the US.

As low as 3% chance was given for the former POTUS to return to power, but in the last few days all the money being laid down on wagers at betting sites for who will be in office next term have come for Trump and increased his chance to beyond 21% against Biden's 18%

Next US President Betting Odds

Next President Odds Probability
Donald Trump 4.7 21.28%
Joe Biden 5.3 18.87%
Kamala Harris 8 12.50%
Ron DeSantis 15.5 6.45%

Back in January Trump was just a 3% chance of returning to the White House, even in May he was just 10% likely, but as we near the end of the year he has risen to 7/2 favourite in the betting markets to become the next President of the USA pushing Kamala Harris and Joe Biden aside.

Nigel Skinner - Political Betting Expert - OLBG.com

Chart showing how Donald Trump has risen to the top of the betting for next president of the US

Flip Flop Favourites

Without doubt, the most likely candidate to become the First Female President of the United States is Kamala Harris who is currently trading as at 7/1 with bookmakers. 

This is a fall from glory in the betting, however, as she was the 7/2 favorite herself back in May with a 21% chance at 7/2 in the betting markets.

The table below shows how Harris was first the favourite, replaced by Joe Biden and now how Donald Trump has risen to the head of the market consistently improving his position since May

Month Trump Biden Harris
May 10% 15.15% 21.28%
June 10.20% 16.95% 20.41%
July 10.42% 16.13% 17.24%
August 11.11% 21.28% 12.82%
September 16.67% 19.61% 14.71%
October 21.28% 18.87% 12.50%

Donald Trumps chance of winning the vote in the next Presidential Election in the US has doubled from 10% in May to over 20% today making him the current favourite as next POTUS

Nigel Skinner - Political Betting Expert - OLBG.com


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