Harry Potter Anniversary Show Betting - Will JK Rowling Appear? Bookies say 10/1

Will JK Rowling appear on the Harry Potter reunion show?
Will JK Rowling appear on the Harry Potter reunion show?
  • 10/1 Chance that JK Rowling will make an appearance on the reunion show according to bookmakers
  • Betting sites are offering a range of bets as to what might happen on the show on HBO MAx
  • Bookies offering 50/1 for a New full length Harry Potter book to be released in 2022

Much like the Friends reunion show there is one planned for release in the US for Harry Potter in the New Year and bookmakers have wasted no time in setting up some bets that fans can take advantage of, or avoid if they think the events wont happen.

We know the date the show will be aired in the US and the date for which the bets have to be placed by to qualify, but there is yet to be an official air date for the UK announced

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts is aired on HBO Max in the US on January 1st, 2022. A UK transmission date has yet to be confirmed.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist - OLBG.com

Harry Potter Reunion Show betting Specials

Event Odds Probability
JK Rowling to appear on the show 11 (10/1) 9.09%
to be the Most Watched TV program in UK of 2022 21 (20/1) 4.76%
New full-length Harry Potter book to be announced in 2022 51 (50/1) 1.96%
to be the most-watched UK TV program of all time 67 (66/1) 1.49%

The odds on the potential bet outcomes have to be considered pretty low and possibly unlikely with JK Rowling to appear on the show the most likely at 10/1 but just 9% in probability terms.

The show will surely be quite popular with million of fans all around the work and of course in the UK with some of the books, even after 20 years sat atop the amazon books charts in the run up to Christmas.

Potter fans could be hoping for the next book in the series to be released in 2022, but bookmakers quote odds of 50/1 of that happening making it quite unlikely.

When can Harry Potter Reunion be Watched on UK Screens?

Following in the footsteps of HBO’s Friends: The Reunion, it is likely that the Harry Potter special will air in the UK on Sky Max via Sky TV.

How popular it will be and how many viewers it might gain is also subject of some speculation from betting sites, with odds being offered as to whether it will be the most-watched show in the UK for 2022, or even of all time.

Most Watched Broadcasts in the UK by Year

The Harry Potter reunion may get a large audience on British TV but it will have some way to go to beat even those that have topped the charts in the last 10 years.

Year Show Network Audience in M
2021 England vs Italy BBC1/ITV 29.85
2020 PM Statement on COVID-19 BBC1 18.99
2019 Gavin & Stacey BBC1 17.92
2018 Croatia vs England ITV 20.73
2017 Blue Planet II BBC1 14.01
2016 Great British Bake Off BBC1 15.90
2015 Great British Bake Off BBC1 15.05
2014 Germany vs Argentina BBC1 14.96
2013 New Years Eve Fireworks BBC1 13.53
2012 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony BBC1 24.46

Source: Wikipedia

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