Which Bookie for Aussie Rules Betting? | Guide for Irish Punters

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Which Bookie for Aussie Rules Betting? | Guide for Irish Punters

Which Online bookie is best for betting on Australian Rules football from Ireland? - There is not one, but two accounts you would preferably use for betting on the AFL. You will want an account with both BetVictor and Betfair. This will ensure you get both great odds and coverage of as many betting markets as possible in the biggest stats laden betting sport in the world.

Best Bookmakers for AFL Betting

To make the most of the weekend betting on the AFL, I had to select 2 bookmakers. 

BetVictor and Betfair combined offered a great range of options from big win little win handicap betting, head to head & margin fixed odds and some excellent specialist interest too.

4.8 / 5 5 Ratings

Wide range of betting markets available and great odds

BetVictor Review

  • Good H2H betting options
  • Fantastic odds as you would expect
  • Low Minimum Deposit and staking options
4.2 / 5 10 Ratings

Great for In-play trading on a fast-moving sport Grab Early value pre-match on the exchange Great in-play betting options

Betfair Review

  • One account for Exchange and Sportsbook apps
  • Win more on Horse Racing with Betfair SP
  • Enormous range of in play markets

How I Chose the Overall Best AFL Bookie and What I was Looking For

Many online bookmakers offer much the same in terms of market availability, so I wanted to look for something different. A change to normal head to head or margins betting, although they still play a big part in my weekend AFL wagers.

Things to consider when choosing a bookie for AFL betting

  • Line and Points Betting
  • Margin Betting

Line and Spread Betting

This is the most popular area of betting on Australian Rules Football, so arguably the most important.

Which agency provides the best service when offering lines. How flexible are they and what value do they offer?

Handicap Lines and Spread Betting

The most popular ways to bet on Australian Rules football.

We have a special section around spread betting which may interest punters who like to bet the points. How about winning more the more you are right? Although it comes with the caveat of losing more the more you are wrong. This could be the bookmaker for you if you are good and confident about your AFL predictions.

Margin Betting

I take a look at how many choices we have should we prefer to bet on margins. Who offers just standard 2 lines, who offers more?

Match Betting Exotics

I'm not personally a fan of these type of bets. they often have little bearing on the game overall and can often be down to chance, but the rewards can be found in the bigger prices to buy.

Do you like to predict the first scoring play or the first goal kicker? There are even more options too.

Huge Range of Team and Player betting Options

In one of the most stats heavy sports in the world, bets on a team or player performance are very popular

Let's get into the AFL betting comparisons and find out which bookmaker YOU should be using.

In choosing the best bookmaker I had to go deep into the betting markets offered for betting on AFL with all of the bookmakers listed on OLBG.

I wanted to look at how many futures markets were on offer. How many opportunities there were to bet on a single match

I wanted to check out head to head markets and the odds on offer and which offered the best lines.

Some bookies offered a great number of line options, some even allowing you to choose your own and pick a price, others less so

Margins betting, who offered the widest range of options, and which bookies will supply the exotics fams with the best MoM bets, First Goal Kicker or first scoring play.

Best Bookie for AFL Line & Points

BetVictor stood out in a close competition for this section, with little to choose between the top online bookies offering AFL betting.

4.8 / 5 5 Ratings

Great market choice and easy to find events and bets.

BetVictor Review

  • Great head-to-head betting options
  • Excellent odds as you would expect
  • Low minimum deposit options

There wasn't a great deal of difference between the bookmakers here with many offering exactly the same betting markets and exactly the same prices.

Aussie Rules footy offers one of the widest ranges of betting opportunities, and the top line Irish bookies stack their shelves with options, offering well over 100 markets for line and points betting.

bet365 is good but is not outstanding.

BetVictor always offers great odds and it is really clear and simple to find the market you want which is a plus. 

Best Bookie for Margin Bets

Whilst bet365 does not offer as deep a range of betting markets as other bookmakers, they do stand out when it comes to margins.

There are a host of options.

bet365 AFL Margins Betting
Winning Margin 5-Way Winning Margin 5-Way (Alt 1)
Winning Margin 5-Way (Alt 1)
Winning Margin
HT/FT Winning Margin 1st Quarter Winning Margin
1st Quarter Winning Margin 5-Way 1st Half Winning Margin
1st Half Winning Margin 5-Way 1st Half Winning Margin 9-Way


Trying to choose which handicap from the huge range on offer from bet365 can be quite tricky. However, once you have decided where you want to bet, it may be an idea to check Spreadex for their margin spread. 

Staking on spread betting is a bit different but once understood can add another element to your AFL margin predictions betting

AFL Exchange Betting

Pre-match pricing is not much greater than you can get in the sportsbook, but it does offer some trading opportunities for those who like to undertake that type of activity.

In-play betting is a staple of the exchange and provides opportunities to dip in and out of the markets as the game ebbs and flows.

There are usually around 12 markets to play, which pales into insignificance against the 170+ available often and even then liquidity is not very good in many cases.

4.2 / 5 10 Ratings

Irish Horse Racing, GAA betting and more with fixed odds and exchange betting they cater to every level of sports betting enthusiast across Ireland. With Betfair SP outstripping industry SP amounts regularly.

Betfair Review

  • One account for Exchange and Sportsbook apps
  • Win more on Horse Racing with Betfair SP
  • Enormous range of in play markets
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