Spread Betting Ireland

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We take a look at Two spread betting forms that also offer fixed odds betting. Take a different look at betting on sport.

Spread Betting Ireland

Sports Spread Betting Companies Compared

You have a choice of two sport spread betting companies, they are Sporting Index and Spreadex. 

Both cover a huge selection of unique markets and provide a great service to those who spread bet. 

You can view the current Sporting Index and Spreadex welcome by clicking the links above 

This article will guide you to the pros and cons of each company and the various features to look out for, especially if you are new to spread betting on sport. 

You can, of course, open an account with both and take advantage of the very generous welcome offers, + joining both enables you to take the best spread betting prices on every event. 

Spread Betting v Traditional Betting v Exchanges

By offering unique markets you can decide whether a spread bet will win you more cash than a traditional bet or via an exchange. 

Do not worry if you never placed a Spread bet before, this article will explain everything.

Spread Betting firms offer a “spread” on hundreds of sporting events.

You decide whether the results will be higher or lower than the spread.

A spread is just a prediction by the spread betting firms of an outcome.

Below is an example from the opening day of the 2019/20 EPL Season. The shortest-priced team of the opening weekend are Liverpool, the Reds are at home to newly-promoted Norwich.

Result bet365 Smarkets SportingIndex
Liverpool 1.14 1.16 22-23
Norwich 15 24 1.5-2.25
Draw 8 9.82 0

The Sporting Index market quoted is the Win Index which is settled at 25, other markets such as Binary are also available. 

You can see your are getting better value on Liverpool with Sporting Index, but need to be aware that if you bought Liverpool at 23 and Jurgen Klopp’s team had a bad day and lost to the canaries, your loss would be much greater than a fixed odds bet, as the win index would be settled at zero(0). 

The Market is settled as follows

  • WIN 25
  • DRAW 10
  • LOSE 0

Buying Liverpool at 23

If Liverpool win you win (25 -23) =2 x your stake. 

A €10 bet would win you €20

If Liverpool lose you lose (23-0) =23 x your stake

A €10 bet would lose you €230. 

With spread betting the more right you are the more you win, the more wrong you are the more you lose. 

You can buy or sell spreads, the important thing to remember is that you can lose more than your initial stake. 

Spread Betting Bonus Offers (Sign-up)

If this style of betting attracts you then you can normally take advantage of any spread betting welcome offers on this page.  

Please make sure you understand the T’s and C’s of each offer and that you are aware of liabilities when placing your spread bets. 

You can currently practice before you commit real funds when joining Sporting Index, via their demo account. 

Make sure you fully understand what you are doing before getting involved, keep stakes and liabilities low, and have fun while you learn.

Of course, you also have the option of taking advantage of both generous offers by opening an account on each spread betting platform.  

In Play Spread Betting

If there is value in pre-match markets when you spread bet, this value is enhanced in play. 

The spreads are updated quickly and you can secure a profit way before an event has finished. 

You assess your current position and close it, or go back in to bet again. You can minimise losses or maximise profits.

If you are new then please take things carefully and always understand how each market works. 

Don't make a costly mistake early on in your spread betting activities, you should be in it for the long haul, don't decimate your betting bank on a single bet. 

Spread Betting Live Streaming

Tennis, football, cricket and many other sports are available on the Spreadex Live Stream. They have a march on Sporting Index who do not offer streaming … yet. 

You should be aware that live streams are live to a point but can be anything up to and beyond 30 seconds behind the real action, so be very careful with fast-moving sports like Tennis or Basketball when watching live streaming and getting involved with in-play spread betting based on what you are seeing.

Spread Betting Bet Builder

Spreadex also offer a bet builder service that should be applauded. 

You can construct your own footy bets for both spread betting and fixed odds betting

Have a play around and see what accumulated odds they come up with for your footy bets, then compare them to a traditional bookie. 

Fixed Odds Betting

Now we know you haven't in the past gone to either Spreadex or Sporting Index for fixed odds, they didn't offer them. 

But from 2018 they have offered fixed odds betting on a range of sports. This looks to be an area which both are going to expand, and it will be interesting to see how their fixed odds compare with the likes of bet 365 and William Hill. 

How Many Sports Can I Spread Bet On?

At the time the spread betting comparison table above was put together, [May 2019] the following 'sports' were available. 

Sport Spreadex SportingIndex
American Football
Australian Rules



Beach Volleyball







Horse Racing

Ice Hockey

Rugby League

Rugby Union






Virtual Sports


Motor Racing

Gaelic Football



FAQs About Spread Betting Companies

Is there a Spread Betting Free Bet or Sign Up Offer?

Take a look at the latest offers available on our detailed reviews of each of the sports spread betting sites - Sporting Index and Spreadex. 

Why Should I Join Sporting Index?

Sporting Index is the market leader and offers unique markets in comparison to bookmakers or betting exchanges. 

These unique markets are aimed at well informed bettors who want to win more from their knowledge. 

Their spreads offer the customer who has sporting acumen the chance to benefit more from his or her expertise.

With fixed odds betting with a bookmaker your return is as it says fixed, with spread betting you can when being shrewd win a great deal more.

Fixed-odds betting are now on offer, so you can mix your bets if you wish. 

Sporting Index offers a demonstration account where you can practice spread betting scenarios without losing money. 

Sporting Index offers spreads on Gaelic Football. 

If you are ready to sign up for this exciting way of betting, click any of the Sporting Index links. 

Why Should I Join Spreadex?

Because it offers such ease of use and is brilliantly laid out. 

Spreadex makes themselves a must-have by their platform offering both spread betting and fixed odds. 

On the same site, you can choose which markets you bet with and compare and contrast those markets for value. 

No longer the need to flip between a bookmaker site and spread betting site, Spreadex has it all covered. 

Spread betting and fixed odds in one place!

By having both Spread Betting accounts you can choose which firm has the best spread on a particular market, and ignore the one that has the poorer spread. 

Once you join one you will quickly see the benefit of opening the other sports spread betting account. Having both in your betting arsenal gives you more options to profit.  

Can I Lose more than my initial Spread Bet stake?

Yes, you can, you need to calculate your total loss if an event does not play out the way you expected. 

In certain markets, you can bet from as low as .25 per point, but in general minimum stakes start at €1 to €5 per point depending on the event.

Can I set up a Spread Betting Credit Account?

A credit account allows you to bet up to an agreed credit limit. Allocation of credit is subject to credit checking procedures and is solely at the firm’s discretion, limits may be lowered from the level originally granted.

Can I set a limit on any Spread Bet losses?

Sporting Index offers Stop Loss accounts.  Spreadex can with their agreement decrease your credit limit.

Sporting Index or Spreadex Summary

I have both and use both equally, it all depends on the spread price and which offers the market I want to bet on. 

From a personal point of view, Spreadex is a touch more generous with their prices and a bit quicker when settling bets and posting prices

Sporting Index tends to be tighter on prices but offers more market options. 

Both offer good sign up options with the Sporting Index offer one of the best of any company on OLBG, please do take a look, there are no catches to this excellent Sporting Index offer. 

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