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  • The Best Aussie Rules Tipsters at OLBG

    Here you can find the very best Aussie Rules tipsters on OLBG! These include betting tips on the AFL, VFL, SANFL and WAFL. We only highlight the tipsters who have made a profit over the past twelve months with their predictions and have current tips open.

    Each tipster comes complete with a statistical breakdown which includes their annual profit and strike rate.  Additionally, you can view their annual trends, this highlights if the tipsters made a profit of loss each month over the last year.

    For a more recent breakdown, we also display 7 & 30-day profits, this gives a more recent indication of form. If the tipster is on a hot streak or has hit a big winner this will be highlighted below the tipster's name.

    There are plenty of expert AFL tipsters on OLBG, these are tipsters who specialise in the sport, we have mainly tipsters who are based in Australia meaning their knowledge excels others. There are plenty of Australian sites that provide tips, The Age Footy tips being one but very few of the professional AFL tipsters can provide a statistical breakdown of their AFL tips.

    The free AFL tipsters on OLBG come complete with an annual breakdown of their footy tips meaning you can see which expert tipsters produce a steady profit month after month and which ones are worth following. It could pay to look at the other tipsters, like The Roar AFL tips or the Fox Footy AFL tips and use them in conjunction with the OLBG expert tipsters, they are all free and finding tips that support a majority outcome could be worthwhile.

    Below you can find the Aussie Rules tipsters with the biggest following on the OLBG App as of November 2021.

    Most Followed Aussie Rules Tipsters

  • How to view Individual Tips?

    To view tipsters tips you can either click on their username or the tips button. As a result, you will be taken to their dedicated Aussie Rules page.

    On this page, you will once again see the tipsters statistical breakdown for their Aussie Rules tips as well as some additional stats too. These include daily profit and high and low points.

    Next, you will see the tipsters current tips, these come complete with the tipsters reasoning for their bet. These give you an insight into the tipsters thinking when selecting a tip.

    Furthermore, you can see how the OLBG tipsters are tipping on the event. The outcome selected will indicate how many of the tipsters are also predicting this outcome.

    Additionally, you can see how many have tipped on the market in total which gives you the percentage of OLBG tipsters supporting this outcome.

  • How do I bet on the best tipsters Tips?

    Throughout the season be sure to head over to the main 'Aussie Rules' betting tips page for further tips.

    On each tipsters dedicated Aussie Rules tips page you will find an 'Add' to betslip option next to each of their tips. You will find this option next to any tip on our tip pages also.

    Using this option will place that outcome in your OLBG betslip, you can add tips from here or any other tips page and build yourself an accumulator or add just a single prediction.

    Once you have added all the tips you require, you can then view your betslip and see which bookmaker is offering the best odds. Select this bookie and your betslip will be transferred over where you can place your bet.

  • Who Are The Best Free Aussie Rules Tipsters?

    Head over to our 'Aussie Rules Tipster Competition Table' where you can view which tipsters are having a good current month, six months or twelve months by using the sort option on the LSP column. You can also sort the other columns like the number of profitable months and strike rates. Why not get involved with the monthly competition if you think you know your Aussie Rules! It is free to enter and you could scoop yourself some of the monthly prize money! As of November 2021, we have three tipsters who are all showing an annual profit of over +150 who are currently active on the site, these can be found below.

    Top Free AFL Tipsters

    1. lancen (+288)
    2. ju29ro (+224)
    3. nanualex (+169)
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