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Aussie Rules Betting Tips

Get the best Aussie Rules betting tips from our expert Aussie Rules tipsters. They give you their tips on the AFL and WAFL for this weekend. OLBG provides betting predictions for more than 22 different sports, for the top tips from all sports see the main betting tips page


25 Sep 10:15


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Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

25 Sep 10:15


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Aussie Rules Tipster Competition

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  • Best AFL Betting Tips

    During the AFL and WAFL seasons, you will find events listed on this page. Each game that currently has open Aussie Rules betting tips will be displayed.

    Meaning, if you are looking for Aussie Rules football picks or predictions then bookmark this page.

    Along with each game will be displayed when the game is set to take place, date and kick-off time. Also, the matchup will be displayed.

    For each match, the outcome which has received the most tips will be highlighted. Also, the market for the most tipped will be shown.

    The current odds are also available as are the tip statistics. This includes both the number of tips for the outcome compared to the total number of tips on the market.

    As a result, you can see exactly the percentage of tips which have been placed on this outcome.

    To view each match in more detail, click on the 'All Tips' option.

    This takes you to the event page where you can view all of the markets, therefore, being able to view all of the tips on the events.

    Furthermore, any comments on the event left by our tipsters will be visible on this page.

    On both this page and the event page you will see an 'Add to Betslip' option next to each outcome.

    Clicking this will add that outcome to your OLBG Betslip. You can add them as and when you find them.

    Once happy, view your betslip to see which bookmaker is offering the best odds on your picks. Clicking on this bookie will transfer you and your betslip to their site.

  • Which Aussie Rules events do we cover tips for?

    The two main tournaments that we cover will be the AFL and the WAFL.

    The Australian Football League, better known as the AFL is the premium competition in Australia.

    First founded in 1897 it was originally for teams based in the state of Victory and named the Victorian Football Association (VFA).

    During the 1980s it was expanded and given its now name in 1990.

    The Women's Australian rules football (WAFL) was introduced in just 2017.

    Also, like the men's league, it was originally a league for teams located in Victoria (VWFL) and then expanded to West Australia (WAWFL).

    There was then a National Championships before the WAFL was finally introduced.

    Meaning throughout the AFL & WAFL season you can find Aussie Rules predictions right here from our expert tipsters.

  • Aussie Rules betting markets explained

    There are three main markets for Aussie Rules. Fans of US Sports will be familiar with the markets as they are set up the same way. We have the 'To Win' market as well as Total Points and Handicap.

    Each bookmaker has its own rules for the following markets so be sure to check with them. Some include any overtime played, some do not.

    To Win Market: This is a simple which team will win, the home or away team!

    The draw is not an option in this 2-way market meaning should it be a draw then bets are refunded (Check with your bookie rules).

    Draws are very rare in the AFL, there was just three in 2017 and just one in 2018.

    Total Points: There are two ways of scoring points in Aussie Rules, a goal is worth 6 points whilst a 'Behind' is worth 1 point.

    The total points market is as it says, the total points of both teams. This is available by one of two options, either over or under the set line.

    Handicap: This is just the same as Asian Handicap for you football bettors. Each team is set a head-start or deficit and they have to beat it.

    For example, the Crows are marked up as -6.5 which means they have to win by at least 7 points for the bet to land.

    Alternatively, the Crows are marked up as +6.5. This means as long as they don't lose by more than 6 then the bet is a winner.

  • Who are the best Aussie Rules Tipsters?

    Aussie Rules betting tips were only added to the list of sports covered in February of 2019. This means our tipsters have not had enough time to generate statistics.

    However, you can head over to the 'Aussie Rules' tipster table to see who is have a good month whilst the stats build up.

    If you fancy your chances as an Aussie Rules Tipster then why not get involved with the tipster competition!

    Add your 'Aussie Rules Tips' to be in with a chance of landing some of the monthly cash prizes.

  • AFL Past Grand Final Winners

    Season Premiers Runners-up Attendance
    2020 Richmond (81) Geelong (50) 29,707
    2019 Richmond (114) Greater Western Sydney (25) 100,014
    2018 West Coast (79) Collingwood (74) 100,022
    2017 Richmond (108) Adelaide (60) 100,021
    2016 Western Bulldogs (89) Sydney (67) 99,981
    2015 Hawthorn (107) West Coast (61) 98,633
    2014 Hawthorn (137) Sydney (74) 99,454
    2013 Hawthorn (77) Fremantle (62) 100,007
    2012 Sydney (91) Hawthorn (81) 99,683
    2011 Geelong (119) Collingwood (81) 99,537

Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport

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