Betting on Speedway Australia | Which Bookie for Speedway Racing Bets?

Speedway Australia may not be the most popular betting activity, but the sport has its fans, and given you are reading this article, I would expect you are one. 

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bet365 offer great coverage of speedway from around the world and huge focus on the world championship series
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Who is the best bookmaker for betting on Speedway racing? - The best bookmaker for a bet on speedway is the one offering the greatest range of events both home abroad and international meetings.  We need a good choice of betting markets and odds for both teams and riders, and a bookie that properly serves the dedicated speedway betting fan.

Read on to find out the best in class for each category and why the overall winner and best sports betting app was named. We explain what to look for and how we found the winner as we looked at a range of betting sites for speedway racing.

Speedway Australia is alive and kicking although the UK and European Speedway and the World Championships probably rank higher on most punters radar.

Here we look at what's on offer for speedway betting from Australian bookmakers. Our team of in house betting experts got together with our very best speedway tipsters and discussed what each bookmaker had on offer when looking to place a speedway bet and who with. 

Best Sportsbook for Speedway Betting in Australia
Best Overall
Biggest Speedway Events Choice
Most Speedway Betting Markets
Best Speedway Betting Odds
Best for Futures
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The best Live Streaming Bookie! - Unibet are all about taking the really good things from online gambling and making them better. Low Minimum deposit and on site stats!
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Best Overall Bookie for Speedway Betting and Why

Best Bookie for betting on Speedway? - The overall best bookmaker for betting on Speedway in Australia is bet365 - They are the go-to online bookmaker for the biggest range of betting options on speedway action around the world and offer fair betting odds too.

Best Bookie for Number of Available Events

Speedway 2020

These tables are refreshed and awaiting data for the 2020 speedway seasons to provide you the most up to date bookmaker comparisons for speedway betting

Bookie With Most SpeedwayEvents

Best Bookie for Speedway Betting Markets

The betting exchanges, otherwise known as Betfair have the best choice of bets on international events although bet365 offer a wide range of options for other events too.

Bookie Number of Markets

Best Bookie for Speedway Futures Betting

Bookie Number of Futures Markets
bet365 1
Unibet 1
Betfair 0
BlueBet 0

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bookie to Bet on Speedway Australia

There are a number of things to consider when betting on Speedway, especially the depth of market choice, and futures betting if you want to have a speculative punt on the world championships in advance.

Here we run through the categories of speedway betting our panel sat down to discuss to produce the results in the tables above.

Event Choice

Weekly speedway events take place throughout the speedway season, and the availability to bet on them is a must of course. How many leagues and events are scheduled and available at any one time is a consideration, so we can follow riders, teams or countries in specific competitions.

The best bookmaker for speedway betting has the greatest range of events open and available at any given time in comparison with other bookmakers. The best bookmaker will also be willing to take big bets on Speedway too.

Betting Markets

Arguably the most important area of online speedway betting is the range of markets available. Most bookmakers should have simple outright betting and team winners etc. Top riders would be nice to have anywhere, and point spreads and more innovative markets would make a bookmaker choice more appealing. We looked at how many markets were available for each bookmaker as one of the biggest considerations in choosing the best

Speedway Betting Odds

As a more minority sports, one would hope to see the odd rick in the odds on speedway betting. We take gaining the best odds available as often as possible as a key speedway betting strategy. Sourcing the best odds, i not too hard if using an odds comparison service, but it does mean finding the event and the specific market each and every time.

What we wanted to find was the bookmaker offering the best odds, or the joint best odds on the primary betting markets more often than another. With that information, we can dedicate our speedway betting to one bookmaker to save shopping around, but safe in the knowledge that we know we would be getting the best speedway betting odds more often.


I would expect to find at least a couple of markets in the speedway futures betting options. I wouldn't expect it to be crammed, given the lower status of the sports in the betting world but the world championships should be featured year-round with at least a couple of markets, or rider specials available. It's great to get good odds early!

Live Streaming

No bookmaker has speedway live streaming available at the time of writing, eve the more minor events have no coverage

Speedway Betting FAQ's (AU)

  • Can you bet on Speedway?

    There is speedway taking place almost year-round around the world. The biggest event of the year is the Speedway World Championship and you can bet on the winner and make your predictions well in advance of the event. bet365 will offer just about everything any speedway fan could want for betting on the next big event.

  • What type of speedway bets can you make?

    You can bet on teams to win leagues, Riders to score over or under certain points in a meeting, or you can make longer-term bets on the winner of the world championship. you can be sure that is there is a speedway meeting big enough to attract a crowd then a bookmaker will be offering odds on a range of outcomes.

  • What are Speedway betting Odds like?

    Odds will be offered on a range of markets. The easier the market to predict and the higher the probability of the outcome, the lower the odds will be, but also the lower the risk of losing when compared with low probability and high odds betting markets. Our advice is to keep it simple and bet on teams to win meetings, its a two-horse race and there has to be a winner.

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