Betting on Volleyball - Which Bookmaker in Australia?

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Betting on Volleyball - Which Bookmaker in Australia?
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Certainly one of the niche sports for Australian betting sites but growing in popularity since the addition of beach Volleyball to the Olympics!

4.3 / 5 16 Ratings

Best for Volleyball Betting

The worlds biggest online bookmaker has so much to offer the punter. Top rated by OLBG users for years

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Which is the best bookmaker for betting on Volleyball? - In Australia, we have to go to bet365 for the greatest range of event coverage and market choice. With better odds more often added to the mix, if you are going to bet on volleyball then we would recommend adding the bet365 app to your mobile phone.

4.2 / 5 14 Ratings

Best Alternative to bet365 for Volleyball

The best Live Streaming Bookie! - Unibet are all about taking the really good things from online gambling and making them better. Low Minimum deposit and on site stats!

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Read on to discover how our team pitted their views against our top volleyball betting tipsters to choose a winner for various volleyball betting considerations.

The Best Bookmaker for Volleyball Betting

Volleyball betting may be limited to only die-hard volleyball fans or shrewd punters who like to find a niche to specialise in. We decided here at OLBG that we should give the sport, including the ever-popular beach version the full attention we have other sports in finding the best bookmaker to place your volleyball bets with.

We took our best volleyball betting tipster and asked them to give us their view on which bookmaker would be best for a range of things to consider. In tandem with our betting site experts the following information was found and the recommended volleyball betting site was decided.

Best Sportsbook for Volleyball Betting in Australia
Best Overallbet365
Biggest Volleyball Events ChoiceUnibet
Most Volleyball  Betting Marketsbet365
Best Volleyball  Betting OddsUnibet
Best for FuturesBetfair

Best Overall Bookie for Volleyball  Betting and Why

Best Bookie for betting on Volleyball? - The overall best bookmaker for betting on Volleyball in Australia is bet365 as they offer the best choice of events and betting market depth. It is a close thing with Unibet though so they rate as an excellent alternative if you are not a bet365 fan

Best Bookie for Number of Available Events

Unibet was offering the widest choice of volleyball leagues and matches when I checked, only just shading it from bet365. The pair were way out in front of the likes of BlueBet and betfair

Bookie With Most Volleyball Events

More volleyball matches at Unibet

The Unibet app offered more volleyball matches to bet on than bet365 or any other rival.

Best Bookie for Volleyball  Betting Markets

bet365 nabbed the best overall volleyball bookie by way of offering a better range of markets on each volleyball game when compared to Unibet. More than double the betting market choices than any rival. Betfair was surprisingly poor in this regard with just outright match winners available.

BookieNumber of Markets

The greatest choice of volleyball bets offered by bet365

With more than double the range of markets available elsewhere if you are looking to specialise in handicaps, or props, then bet365 is the route to take.

Best Bookie for Volleyball  Betting Odds

Again this was a very close call between bet365 and Unibet as the only pair of operators really putting volleyball forward as a serious betting proposition. There wasn't a great deal more on offer than the others but the lack of options with the other online bookies meant comparison was really only meaningful between the 2 recommended sites.

Best Bookie for Volleyball  Futures Betting

Virtually no future events or championships on offer in the futures market so nothing to be gleaned in this department.

BookieNumber of Futures Markets

Things to Consider when Choosing a Bookmaker to Bet on Volleyball

A specialised sport for betting purposes, the same basic principle in what to look for in the betting site you choose should be adhered to.

Event Choice

There are many international leagues around the world, including the Champions League, and the Women's Challenge Cup. There are a good number of leagues across Europe, Asia and South America. Although volleyball betting may not be the most popular sport in this regard, there is plenty of actions to choose from, or leagues to learn about and specialise in.

Betting Markets

Match odds and handicaps will be the most popular betting markets. Some games from some bookmakers will have in excess of 14 different betting markets included. A good range of markets to pay allows you to niche down further with your volleyball betting. Match bet and set bets are available in some cases.

Volleyball Betting Odds

You will always benefit in the long term for gaining the best odds when betting. not just on volleyball but any sport and it is worth shopping around for the best price each time. Failing that, use the recommended bookie above for the best volleyball betting odds. You may not get the best odds 100% of the time, but we have found the betting site that offers the best volleyball betting odds most often on the most popular betting markets.


If you do know a great deal about volleyball around the world, you might want to predict the league winners for the season in advance. This is a key element to the overall offering bookmakers can provide for your volleyball bets, and we would expect to see a good range of futures markets available to get involved with.


Volleyball Betting FAQ's (AU)

  • What type of bets can you make on Volleyball?

    The basic match result options will always be available, handicaps and total points lines too. For a more diverse selection of types of bet you can make on Volleyball head over the bet365 who have the widest selections of betting markets.

  • Can you bet on Volleyball 'in-play'?

    As with many sporting betting on Volleyball once the action has started is usually available. just head to your favourite betting site, go to the in-play section and any volleyball games currently in progress will be shown. You should also be able to find which games are scheduled to go 'in-running'

  • Is betting on Volleyball hard?

    The more you know about the game, the leagues, teams and players the easier it is to make a decision on what might be a good bet. Other than that most bookmakers will offer betting on the main volleyball leagues around the world and finding the sport in the menu will be straightforward.

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