Trump vs. DeSantis Betting Odds: Republicans Heavily Favoring The 45th President

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The latest polls indicate Trump is pulling away from the field.

Trump vs. DeSantis Betting Odds: Republicans Heavily Favoring The 45th President
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  • In the most recent Morning Consult poll of potential Republican voters, Trump leads DeSantis 58-20.
  • A HarrisX poll found Trump with an even larger margin of 58-16.
  • A Newsweek poll in early May found Trump holding a nearly insurmountable lead over every other Republican candidate, holding 77% of voter support.

Next summer, Milwaukee will play host to the Republican National Convention at the Fiserv Forum. Candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former president Donald Trump have already announced that they'll be running for president, but the list of Republican challengers has only continued to grow. Some candidates have a chance to make a run at the White House, while others are simply hoping a presidential campaign will up their name ID and position them for a more prestigious role in a presidential administration come 2025. As for the frontrunners, Donald Trump has proven to be a "Teflon Don" of sorts in recent months. Despite a 34-count felony indictment from the New York State Supreme Court, and other legal setbacks, Trump has only increased his lead in the polls. How much have those polling numbers changed the betting markets? Sportsbooks have updated their political odds this week and painted a clear picture of the Republican race. 

Odds To Win The Republican Primary

Player Moneyline Probability
Donald Trump -260 72.22%
Ron DeSantis +175 36.36%
Tim Scott +1800
Nikki Haley
+2500 3.85%
Tucker Carlson +4000
Mike Pence +4000
Glenn Youngkin
Kristi Noem
Liz Cheney
Tulsi Gabbard
Josh Hawley
+9000 1.10%
Marco Rubio
+9500 1.04%

At one time Ron DeSantis had pulled past Trump in early polling data, but that lead has since evaporated, and his campaign is now scrambling to reverse Trump's momentum. DeSantis looks to be out of his element on the campaign trail, failing to hit the right notes at rallies, during interviews, and at other "retail politics" stops.  

In terms of the raw polling, Trump is holding leads of 69, 42, 38 points over DeSantis in the Newsweek, HarrisX and Morning Consult polls respectively. All three polls were conducted in the past three weeks and indicate that DeSantis may not even end the summer as Trump's main rival for the Republican nomination. 

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