Best Greyhound Handicappers

See what our best greyhound handicappers are backing today. Each handicapper puts in a great deal of work for their selections with detailed analysis for each pick.

Below you can find the best greyhound expert ordered by annual profit for picks on today's racing.

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We're sorry but we can't make any tipster recommendations for Greyhounds right now. These are normally only available during the height of the Greyhounds season. Please try again later or see our top Greyhounds picks. Also check our top tipsters across all the sports.

About The Best Greyhound Handicappers at OLBG

Here at OLBG, we cover all of the UK greyhound tracks so you can expect picks on a daily basis. Our greyhound handicappers research every pick giving you the best greyhound picks.

Each Greyhound expert who has shown a profit over the past year and has an open pick will be listed above.

With each expert, we supply a statistic breakdown of their greyhound pick history. You can see their annual profit which is calculated to a 10-point stake.

Their annual trend shows you each month for the past year and whether or not that handicapper made a profit or a loss. Furthermore is their annual strike rate which gives you a percentage for the number of picks that have been successful.

You can also view both their seven and thirty-day profits for a more recent record of their picks. Finally, you are given the number of picks that handicappers currently have open.

How do I view the Best Greyhound Handicappers Picks?

If you come across a greyhound handicapper who catches your eye and wants to view their picks, simply click on their name. This takes you to their dedicated greyhound picks page with much more information.

At the top of the screen, you will see the annual trends and profits but you can now also view the daily profit and trends.

Like the annual trends, this highlights the last three weeks on a daily basis and highlights days when the handicapper made a profit or loss.

You can also see the high and low points for the handicappers on both an annual and daily, when did they make the most profit? If it was recent then maybe that expert is coming into form and worth following.

Then you have the handicapper's current open greyhound picks, these will be listed along with the race in which they are competing.

You can also see how many of our experts have tipped that dog compared to overall on the race giving you a percentage. The value rating is based on the odds of the theoretical probability of winning based on the number of picks.

Who Is The Best Greyhound Handicapper?

When looking for the best professional greyhound punters, some people will believe that getting paid greyhound picks would be the best option, we would highlight the record of some of the OLBG greyhound experts, those whose picks you can get for free, and question, why would you pay for greyhound predictions?

So if you are looking for professional greyhound picks, we suggest you look at the OLBG handicappers first, especially when you consider that each handicapper comes with a full breakdown of their greyhound picks over the past year, how many pro bettors will offer you that?

Most Followed Free Greyhound Handicappers (as of May 2024)

Can I view all Greyhound picks?

If you wish to view all greyhound picks, race by race then head over to the Greyhounds Picks page.

Each race that currently has open picks can be found there along with the most tipped runner in the race. You can click on the race to view all runners and all picks.

The Most Profitable Greyhound Handicappers

To view the most profitable greyhound handicappers you can head over to the Greyhound Table from the picks competition. In this table, you can view which handicappers currently have a good month.

Alternatively, you can view their six and twelve records to look for consistent experts. All columns in the table are sortable by clicking on the header.

Maybe you think you can do better than our current greyhound handicappers? If so then why not get involved and see if you can snatch up some of the cash prize money?

Most Profitable Free Greyhound Handicappers (as of May 2024)

Our greyhound racing content is crafted by Darren, a seasoned greyhound racing expert with a wealth of experience in the sport.

Darren Brett

Darren Brett

Tipster competition manager

Darren brings a wealth of greyhound racing expertise to OLBG, leveraging his experience from working in the industry to craft insightful greyhound racing content.
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