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Squid Game Betting Odds - 63% Chance of Becoming Most Streamed Show ever on Netflix

Steve Madgwick

Published: Oct 11, 2:59pm Last Updated: Oct 15, 9:10am 0 Comments 33 Views

Squid Game is a Korean TV show with a Macabre Angle on Adults playing Children's Games

We've had The Crown, The Queen's Gambit and more from Netflix, but right now the most popular show on Netflix, anywhere in the world is Squid Game.

Never heard of it, well you should have, it has topped the Netflix popularity charts in no fewer than 83 countries, failing to do so in only one that is has been released.

And now you can make a wager at betting sites on it. Not the games in the TV show itself of course, but on how many consecutive days Squid Game be the most popular series on UK Netflix, according to FlixPatrol? Read market rules for more details.

Squid Games Betting Odds

The first day for reference is 26th September and figures are taken from the FlixPatrol website

Time on top of Charts Odds Probability
15-19 Days 9/10 52.63%
20 or more 9/10 52.63

**Probability percentage figures include bookmakers overround - odds correct at 11/10/2021

Odds are basically predicting more or less than 20 days with the same odds, a shade under evens, available for either option.

It's not quite a 50/50 bet that Squid Game will remain the most popular show on Netflix for 20 consecutive days, but you'll get £9 back for every £10 you bet if you pick the right side. Better odds of survival than if you were playing the game for real!

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

More Betting Markets for Squid Game

Emmy Awards Betting

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Thanks to its popularity, we can look forward to events year-round in which the show could receive awards amongst others.

The Crown and Queens Gambit have swept the floor at awards shows like the Emmys this year and we fully Expect Squid Game to feature heavily in 2022

Odds Probability
Squid Game Becomes Most Streamed Netflix Show Of All Time
4/7 63%
Squid Game To Be Made Into A Feature-Length Film
Best Drama Series 2022 International Emmy Awards
2/1 33%
Best Actor In 2022 International Emmy Awards
5/1 16%
Best Actress In 2022 International Emmy Awards
10/1 9%

Thanks to topping the Netlflix popularity charts in 82 of the 83 released countries, Squid Game has a 63% chance of becoming the most streamed show ever on Netflix

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a Korean series, it's not even in English but subtitled or dubbed everywhere, and is based on people in desperation or in need of money being recruited to play children's games competitively for a $38m prize.

Seems fun; not if you don't win though, there are twists and turns, and not-so-great consequences for the losers of the games.

Suffice to say, if you like a little, or a lot, of gore in your Netflix TV series, Squid Game is not going to disappoint

Likened to The Hunger Games film series, with a bit of Kill Bill mixed in, the show is hugely addictive and an absolute winner for box set binge-watchers.


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