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GamesMaster New Series Presenter Odds: YouTuber Joe Sugg 9/2 to be a PRESENTER on the comeback of GamesMaster!

Published: Nov 18, 9:40am Last Updated: Nov 22, 9:32am 0 Comments 91 Views

Rhys Stephenson - next Gamesmaster Presenter?

Joe Sugg the bookies favourite to present on the new series of GamesMaster

YouTuber Joe Sugg is the bookmakers favourite to present on the new series of GamesMaster, currently being rebooted to be aired on E4. 

The debut of the new series will be on the E4 YouTube platform, which may hint to them getting a YouTuber to help kick off the show.

New GamesMaster Series Presenter Odds Implied Probability
Joe Sugg 9/2 18.2%
Rhys Stephenson 11/2 15.4%
Roman Kemp 6/1 14.3%
Lady Leshurr 9/1 10%
Tilly Ramsay 10/1 9.1%

Rhys Stephenson is a television presenter that is also appearing on this year's Strictly, something that will become a bit of a theme, and he's second favourite at 11/2 to present this series.

Judging by the bookies odds, it's a younger presenter that the GamesMaster producers are looking for, to speak to what will be the target audience on the show.

With the series debuting on YouTube, this is why YouTubers and content creators are featuring heavily in the betting market

Followers of these YouTubers will end up getting GamesMaster in their recommended feed for following these other creators.

Joe Sugg is the 9/2 bookies favourite to present on the new series of GamesMaster, with the series debuting on YouTube perfect for YouTuber Sugg.

Jake Ashton - Betting Specialist -

Tilly Ramsay 10/1 to present fresh off stint on Strictly Come Dancing

Tilly Ramsay is on the bookies shortlist to present on the new series of GamesMaster, with betting sites giving her a 10/1 chance to be on the show.

Ramsay is currently on this year's Strictly Come Dancing, like fellow market contender Rhys Stephenson, but this shouldn't affect producers choices.

With Tilly Ramsay having over 9.5 million followers on the social media site TikTok, it's clear to see that she has a whole host of fans willing to watch her.

Lady Leshurr is the only other female high up in the betting odds, with the rapper featuring on a whole host of tv shows over the last 18 months including Dancing On Ice and The Circle. 

Tilly Ramsay's 9.5 million TikTok followers make her a popular contender to present on the new series of GamesMaster, with bookies giving her a 10/1 chance!

Jake Ashton - Betting Specialist -

Bookmakers are also giving odds on the specific games that will be featured first on the new series of GamesMaster.

Virtual Reality (or VR) game Beat Saber is the favourite to be the first game on the show at odds of 6/5.

Football game FIFA 22 is the second favourite in the market, suggesting that they may kick the series off with the biggest football series of all time.

Free to play game Fortnite also features in the betting odds here.

First game played in new series of GamesMaster Odds Implied Probability
Beat Saber 6/5 45.5%
FIFA 100/30 23.1%
Just Dance 7/2 22.2%
Fortnite 4/1 20%
Mario Kart 7/1 12.5%


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