International darts open 2015 - review

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International darts open 2015 - review

Postby matman86 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:51 am

Hello All,

As you may have read I was recently in Germany for the International darts open and thought id share some of the experience on here with you guys.

Before boarding my flight on Thursday afternoon i was told of my draw which was going to be Darren Webster and the winner to play Dave Chisnall.

A tough draw with Chisnall been the form player at the moment and Darren been the world ranked 32 and chasing the World Matchplay.

I do prefer these draws though as i was going into the games knowing what to expect.

I got to the players room 4 hours early on the friday and started hitting the the targets straight away, normally it takes me 30 minutes to start really flowing so was happy to be finding it early which gave me such a confidence rush.
I couldnt wait to get out and play my match and when it came around i hit the ground running going 3-1 up averaging 105. Among this run of legs i was on the 9 dart finish hitting 2 180s and wiring the 7th dart. Cant say the thought didnt cross my mind making my third trip to the board.
The game was close from here with a trade off of legs before i sealed the match 6-5.
My facebook went crazy with messages of support and people sending betting slips to me that they had backed me at 7/4 to win the match which was a nice feeling.

I didnt do anything that night but wait in the room knowing i was in for a tough ride the next day.

Fully focused going into the game with Dave Chisnall and full of belief that i was going to win the match and cause the shock.

Leg one i was agaisnt the throw chasing a break 140 140 91 to leave 130 leaving Dave on 231. At this point i thought possible 6 darts to break at 130 before Dave hits a 180 and goes on to hold.

Leg 2 i wired the 170 finish for a 12 dart leg and then bust my score on d16 rather than d8.

This is set the tone for what the match was going to be like for me.

Dave peaked in the game at 115 average with me at 106 peak. 3-0 down in the match averaging just under 100 was hard to take. You watch darts on tv all the time and see the big 100+ games but standing behind it is a different experience on a stage like that.

Overall i loved the event and cant wait for more big events like this. I have changed some equipment on my darts which has taken my game up a couple of points on the averages which in turn has been getting me some extra results.

Alot of positive feedback has come my way after this weekend and im more hungry than ever.

Thanks again go to olbg for the continued support.

In other news from the event

Micheal Smith wins another euro.

Benito Van De Pas made his first final taking out MVG on route.
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Postby bdodarts » Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:04 pm

Great 1st round win Matt , i'd say it was a great feeling to see people had snapped up 7/4!

All roads to the Worlds now in December, keep going!

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