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Bet Angel Pro - Practice Mode

Postby MikeR24 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:13 pm

Hi there,

Please can anyone advise how I would go about setting up this scenario in Bet Angel Pro Practice Mode?

I want to see If it is possible to automate bets on all soccer matches on Betfair using these rules; Bet ONLY after 80th Minute, ODDS must be 8/1 or HIGHER, BET on match Outcome and/or SCORE, BET on ANOTHER GOAL to be scored.

I want to test certain markets to see which are most profitable long term, as I have been manually backing games and it is VERY profitable, but I want to build a system to automate it all, to build up some stats and to test this over a long period to see what the outcome would be.

Today I had two games, both had goals in the 90th+ minutes, both were well over 20/1, one of the games the FAV team was 1-0 down on the 90th minute, they then went and scored 2 goals to win 2-1 and this was after 90+ minutes, they were HUGE odds, so I would like to run some tests to see what angle we could use here to make long term profits.

Any advise or guidance would be great as I am new to Bet Angel and It will take me ages scrolling through all the training to work this out, but I will If there is not a more simple approach.

Cheers in advance, and you are more than welcome to get involved in this If it is profitable, and as I have said before...all you need to do is look at todays games to see there are a lot of goals in the last 10 minute+ of games and the odds are always big so you dont need a big strike rate....



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