Golden Globes 2016

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Postby stereoman » Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:46 am

We're almost at the end...thank Gawd.

Best Picture - Comedy/Musical: The Martian 7/4

Did I mention how I hate the HFPA!? Well even more so now. The early money for 'The Martian' was right. The late money for 'The Big Short'' was not.

Best Actress - Drama: Brie Larson (Room) 4/7

No idea why I was scared. This was an easy pick but I didn't really go for it.

Best Actor - Drama: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant) 1/6

Hint of a surprise because of 'Steve Jobs' going 2-for-2 earlier on but it didn't happen as the 'obvious' did instead.

Best Picture - Drama: The Revenant 11/2

"OUCH!!" to anyone who bet on 'Spotlight'. I didn't see it coming.

INSTA-REACTION AS TO THE KNOCK-ON EFFECT FOR THE OSCARS: 'The Revenant' is no stronger than it was before despite winning three GGs but the 'shock' of the win here might either persuade people to vote for it or against it at the Oscars.

Rare to see the HFPA go against what might actually win the Oscar..which was supposed to be 'Spotlight'. I'd rather lose the GG and cross my fingers that AMPAS rectifies the mistake.

There's BAFTA and the various American guild awards to go.

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