Patrick Mahomes Week 1 Performance Big for MVP Bettors

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Patrick Mahomes Week 1 Performance Big for MVP Bettors
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  • Patrick Mahomes is now MVP favourite with Betting Sites
  • Sportsbooks give the Chiefs star a 25% chance of picking up the trophy
  • Josh Allen and Justin Herbert may have something to say!!

Patrick Mahomes has climbed up on the list of MVP favourites after his exceptional performance on Sunday’s night match. He dominated the game, passing for 360 yards and five touchdowns which gave the Kansas City Chiefs a 44-21 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. 

At the beginning of the NFL 2022 season, most sportsbooks had Mahomes behind other star quarterbacks like Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills. However, after his week one performance, most oddsmakers have confidence that he has the best chance to win the NFL MVP award and betting sites have reacted by making him a clear favourite in the betting.

Current NFL MVP Odds Race 

MVP bettors cannot wait to see if their bets will turn against or in their favor. Here are the current NFL MVP odds to consider when betting;

Player Moneyline Probability
Patrick Mahomes (KC) +300 25.0%
Josh Allen (BUF) +500 16.7%
Justin Herbert (LAC) +800 11.1%
Tom Brady (TB) +1000 9.1%
Lamar Jackson (BAL) +1100 8.3%

Patrick Mahomes Becomes MVP Favorite After Week 1 Performance 

On 11 September 2022, Kansas City Chiefs faced the Cardinals in Arizona as the 2022 season kicked off.. Even though the KC had lost one of their best players , Tyreek Hill, during the off-season, they came prepared to win the day. This came true after Mahomes managed to pass for 360 yards and threw five touchdowns. As a result, the team had a convincing win against the Arizona Cardinals. 

After the game, Mahomes confessed that he and his team had fully prepared for the match. He said to ESPN, “ Guys were just ready to go. They were excited to get out there and show what we had. Everybody’s asked us the questions of what this offense, what this team’s going to look like. We’ve always believed that we were going to go out there and put on a show and I thought guys did that.”

“So to go out there and win a game against a really good football team and get the win decisively, it’s a good start.”

Even though it is still early and quarterbacks like Allen are still a threat, Mahomes odds bode well for MVP bettors. Currently, he is leading with +300 MVP odds. Mahomes followed up his big Week 1 performance with a victory on Thursday Night Football against the Los Angeles Chargers.

How Other QBs Performed in Week 1

The NFL is filled with talented quarterbacks that can be the best player in the league on any given week. When discussing MVP candidates for the 2022 season, here are the offensive players to look out for and their performance during Week 1:

Aaron Rodgers

The Packers faced the Vikings in Minnesota as the season began, but they lost. Rodgers lost his best receiver from last season in Davante Adams in an offseason transaction. Currently, he is ranked 7th by many sports books for MVP odds.

Tom Brady

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers veteran is perhaps playing his last season in the NFL before he retires. In Week 1, his team played against the Cowboys for the season opener, dominating the game with a 19-3 win. Brady is among the top five quarterbacks with +1,100 MVP odds.

Josh Allen

The Bill’s champion is the greatest threat to Mahomes according to their Week 1 performance. He opened the season in a match against the Los Angeles Ram, where he threw 297 yards and three touchdowns. He currently ranks second with +500 MVP odds. 

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