Betting Move for Cody Assenmacher in Survivor 43 as Dwight Departs

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Betting Move for Cody Assenmacher in Survivor 43 as Dwight Departs
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Karla Godoy from San Diego California remains sportsbooks favourite to win this season but betting on survivor has seen significant support for Cody Assemmacher this week, with his betting odds coming in from +1200 to just +800 now

We lost Dwight in Episode 7 when Cody was close to immunity, but Ryan looks the most likely to be next to go, and that has left some support coming in for Cody

Season 43 Current Odds Probability
Jesse Lopez 300 25.00%
Karla Cruz Godoy 325 23.53%
Sami Layadi 450 18.18%
Owen Knight 600 14.29%
Cody Assenmacher 950 9.52%
Cassidy Clark 1400 6.67%
Mike Gabler 2800 3.45%
Karla has shot to the head of the betting and is now priced at 300 from 600 last week, odds halving as more and more fans of the show display support for the Californian educational project manager by the way of placing wagers on her to win.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

The next Episode (8) is called 'Proposterous" and with a moniker like that, we guess anything could happen. Jesse Lopez remains second favourite at +400, Sami Layadi and Owen Knight are each +550

Contestant Age From Origiinal tribe Merged Finish Day
Morriah Young 28 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Baka 1st voted out Day 3
Justine Brennan 29 Marina del Rey, California Vesi 2nd voted out Day 5
Nneka Ejere 43 Weatherford, Texas Vesi 3rd voted out Day 7
Lindsay Carmine 42 Downingtown, Pennsylvania Coco 4th Voted out Day 9
Geo Bustamante 36 Honolulu, Hawaii Coco 5th Voted out Day 11
Elisabeth "Elie" Scott 31 Salt Lake City, Utah Baka 6th Voted out Day 13
Dwight Moore 22 Collierville, Tennessee Vesi 7th Voted out Day 14
Jeanine Zheng 24 San Francisco, California Baka 8th Voted out Day 16
James Jones 37 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Coco 9th Voted Out Day 17

We have a single Gaia tribe remaining now, but expect more twists and turns in this series of Survivor

Episode 7 of Survivor called, 'Proposterous' will air on CBS on November 9, 2022

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Who is Cody Assenmacher from Survivor?

Robert Voets/CBS

Originally from Preston in Iowa, Cody Assenmbacher was involved with elevator sales prior to becoming a contestant on Survivor series 43. He shares my disgust of clipping nails in public and is averse to Lazy people. Cody has claimed prior to the show that he would play the game like the previous contestant Malcolm Frebery, and he seems to be doing that.

Cody has made some good alliances this series, has few enemies to date, and is set to progress much further hence the move is the betting odds for his chance this week.

Good Luck Cody

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