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eSports Betting Tips - Dota 2, CSGO, LoL Predictions and more

The world of eSports is huge now and eSports betting tips are available on a daily basis from our expert eSports tipsters.

In addition to Esports betting predictions, you can find tips at OLBG on more than 20 different sports, see the main sports betting tips page to view today's top tips.

About eSports betting Tips at OLBG

eSports betting tips are available on a daily basis whilst there are scheduled matches from our knowledgeable eSports tipsters.

The Best eSports Tipsters

Head over to the Best eSports Tipsters page to view daily tips from our best experts, this page will only highlight profitable tipsters. 

The Most Popular eSports Betting Tips

Each scheduled upcoming match that currently has predictions will be listed above, on this page, we include all platforms so expect CounterStrike tips, Dota2 tips and League of Legends tips all right here.

Along with each match will be the outcome that the OLBG tipsters believe is most likely to win, it's the outcome which has received the most tips.

The number of tips will be listed along with the outcome, in addition, will be the total number on the market which as a result displays the percentage of tips that are supporting that outcome.

Value eSports Betting Tips

Using the already mentioned percentage of tips supporting the outcome along with the current odds of the eSport prediction we create a Value Rating.

This rating is displayed by a five-star rating, with five stars being the highest and therefore the most value indicated.

eSports Betting Tips Most Likely To Win

Each person will have their own way of reading the tips on the matches, you may find the outcomes with the most number of tips is the one that suits you best.

Others may look at the percentage of eSports betting tips and prefer the higher number for that over the tip numbers and some will use the value rating.

Another option would be to read the comments left by our expert eSports tipsters, there could be something in their comments which may sway you towards a bet.

If you are planning on having a bet and are yet to open an account then be sure to give our Best eSports Betting Sites and Bookmakers article a read before doing so.

What are eSports betting tips?

You may be wondering what is eSports betting. How can I use these eSports betting tips?

eSports is short for 'Electronic Sports'. There are two types of tournaments that take place, either online or played over LAN.

Tournaments can be played as individual players or as teams on either game consoles or PCs.

Because of the major sponsorship of tournaments coming, the world of eSports has really taken off.

With those placing bets, they are able to view a large number of the matches live on the streaming network Twitch.

We have individual pages where you can find betting tips based on the games:

Who are the best eSports Tipsters?

Our eSports tipsters put in the effort and take the time to give you the best eSports betting tips.

A list of current matches and tournaments is listed above. The selection with the most predictions will be displayed along with the odds, number of tips and percentage of those tips.

Furthermore for a more detailed breakdown of an event simply click on the event name.

On the event page, you will be presented with the 'Most Popular eSports Tip' for that event as well as the 'Best eSports Tipsters Tip'.

You can view each market and also read our eSport tipsters' comments on why they think the tip will win.

If you are happy with a selection, simply hit 'Add to Betslip' and continue browsing other events or using the betslip to find the best odds.

Another option is using the 'Best eSports Tipsters' page which will highlight our best eSports tipsters who currently have predictions open.

Which eSports events do we cover?

The world of eSports is rapidly growing year by year and as a result, the number of events is vast over the different platforms.

There is not a day of the week when there is not some sort of eSports tournament taking place, so our eSports tipsters are certainly kept busy.

eSports isn't just about playing video games for fun whilst listening to soundtracks, professional eSports players are now earning huge sums.

On this page, you will be able to find eSports predictions for multiple games such as:

First Person Shooters

The Counter-Strike series is the most popular in this section so you can expect cs:go betting predictions here very often.

Call of Duty is probably a better-known game outside of the gaming industry whilst Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the fastest-growing games.

You can expect predictions on these games as well as the likes of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Doom, Quack, Overwatch and Rainbow Six from our tipsters.

Fighting Games

Street Fighter will be the name most people have heard of and you can get Street Fighter picks right here.

In addition, Super Smash Bros which features the famous Mario is another which we cover for betting tips and the long-running Tekken.

Those are the three main games that you can find predictions for in the fighting category.

Sports Games

This section has been coming bigger in recent years with three main games leading the way here.

FIFA is one of the most popular games out there and we now have plenty of tournaments each year.

Madden sees NFL fans pity their whit against each other whilst NBA 2K sees the NBA fans have a chance of getting involved.

As well as those, the Rocket League is a very popular game that takes racing and sport to the extreme!

Others (Real-time Strategy & Battle Arena)

Starcraft, World of Warcraft & Hearthstone are all very popular games, especially for Asian fans of eSports who love tactical battles.

Dota 2 & League of Legends are two very popular battle arena games whilst you can also find matches for Tetris & Pokemon!

We cover all of the mentioned games, our eSports tipsters will supply predictions on a daily basis when there are matches available.

This means whether you are looking for League of Legends predictions or FIFA betting tips then we will have them right here!

We also have a number of blogs covering different events that you may be interested in:

Sam Darkens and Andy Powell are the driving forces behind OLBG's esports content, infusing their expertise and fervor into every piece. With Sam's deep understanding of the esports landscape and Andy's strategic insights, they curate engaging analysis and comprehensive coverage of competitive gaming.

Sam Darkens

Sam Darkens

Commercial manager and betting industry expert

Sam Darkens is an eSports fan with a passion for the gaming industry. His expertise stems from years of working in the online betting industry and writing betting guides for a variety of eSports, including CS:GO, League of Legends, and DOTA 2.
Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy Powell is a seasoned esports enthusiast with a passion for competitive gaming. His expertise stems from years of experience participating in online tournaments, both as a member of clans and as an individual player.
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