Top Chef Betting Odds Update: Charbel Hayek Takes The Lead, Ali Al Ghzawi In Close Second

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Brendan Luck breaks down the futures market on Top Chef: World All-Stars as the field dwindles down to nine.

Top Chef Betting Odds Update: Charbel Hayek Takes The Lead, Ali Al Ghzawi In Close Second
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This latest season of Top Chef has been a big hit with longstanding fans of the show, and it’s no wonder why: the 20th season of the popular cooking competition show sees the winners from previous international editions of the show battling it out to see which chef can truly be the top dog. 

On April 20th, the 7th episode of the season aired and saw the contestants being tasked with creating dishes that weren’t only delicious to eat, but stunning to look at. We’re not just talking about good plating; the judges were looking for edible pieces of art in this round. 

Ali Al Ghzawi managed to win the challenge, with an inventive mushroom kubbeh, chickpea mousse, and pickled grape leaves. This marks his second win in the season overall, which gives him the distinction of being the only competitor to notch two elimination challenges thus far. At the end of the day, it was Canadian Dale MacKay that was eliminated for a botched chicken mole dish. That leaves us with nine contestants left to vie for the $250,000 grand prize. 

Latest Odds for Top Chef: World All-Stars

Contestant Moneyline Probability
Charbel Hayek +400 20%
Ali Al Ghzawi +450 18.18%
Buddha Lo +500 16.67%
Sara Bradley +500 16.67%
Nicole Gomes +600 14.29%
Victoire Gouloubi +750 11.76%
Amar Santana +800 11.11%
Tom Goetter +1000 9.09%
Gabriel Rodriguez +1000 9.09%

Charbel Hayek Takes the Top Spot from Ali and Buddha

This is the first time that Charbel has managed to take the top spot in our betting odds table, but his place at the top is definitely deserved at this point in the competition. He is the only contestant of the top three to never be at risk of elimination and is also the only contestant whose dishes have been in the top three for a total of four times, with one elimination round win. 

We like Charbel due to his consistency, and due to his versatility as a chef, something which Ali Al Ghzawi somewhat lacks. Ali certainly is owed his due share of credit, as he has notched two total elimination challenge wins, the most of any contestant this season. Buddha Lo has been a solid contestant in the show as well, although he has also been less consistent than Charbel. Right now, it’s Charbel’s competition to lose. 

Sara and Nicole – Safe Picks, But Not Flashy

Sara Bradley and Nicole Gomes are both interesting contestants at this point in the season. Neither has been at risk of being eliminated, but at the same time, neither has managed to distinguish themselves as the best chefs of Top Chef: World All-Stars. Right now, they deserve to be in the middle of the pack, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to stay consistent and go far in the competition due to their risk-averse style of cooking. Their odds present intriguing value if that does happen, so keep your eyes peeled on these two silent but deadly competitors. 

Gabriel Rodriguez – The King of Inconsistency 

It’s been an up-and-down season for former Top Chef Mexico winner Gabriel Rodriguez, and for this betting odds update, he’s at the bottom of the pack. Gabriel has had a tough time staying consistent throughout the season, and has found himself at risk of being eliminated three times, in the first, fourth, and sixth episodes. At the same time, his dishes were also judged as the best dishes twice, in episodes two and three. 

This kind of inconsistency makes for entertaining television, but it does not make for safe betting. We’d avoid any bets on Gabriel Rodriguez unless he finds a stride late into the season. 

Top Chef Season 20 – Betting Odds Updates Weekly 

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