Race For The White House 2024: VP Candidates Lining Up Behind Biden, AOC Sitting At +4300

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Now that Joe Biden has confirmed he will run for reelection the VP betting market is heating up.

Race For The White House 2024: VP Candidates Lining Up Behind Biden, AOC Sitting At +4300
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  • Kamala Harris is a prohibitive favorite to retain her VP position at -400.
  • Michelle Obama remains a long shot at +4500.
  • Despite his many scandals, Andrew Cuomo is a front-runner according to oddsmakers.

Joe Biden has asked Americans for more time to "finish the job." His statement at the end of April signaled that he will indeed be seeking reelection come November 2024. That news has thrown cold water on potential Democratic presidential nominees like California Governor Gavin Newsom and current Vice President Kamala Harris. Sportsbooks have pivoted to offering updated Vice Presidential odds. Naturally, VP Harris is the entrenched favorite at -400. A sitting Vice President hasn't dropped off the ticket since 1973 when Spiro Agnew resigned, leaving President Nixon to replace him with Gerald Ford. But who else is in the mix behind Harris? 

Vice President Odds

Candidate Moneyline Probability
Kamala Harris -400 80%
Andrew Cuomo
+150 40%
Pete Buttigieg
+300 25%
Beto O'Rourke
+500 16.67%
Gretchen Whitmer
+600 14.29%
Andrew Yang +1000 9.09%
John Ossoff
+1500 6.25%
Bernie Sanders
+2000 4.76%
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
+4300 2.27%
Michelle Obama +4500 2.17%

Presidential Election Betting Odds

Presidential Election Betting Odds

Despite a bounce back in the polls, Biden remains vulnerable in his quest for a second term. For perspective, his current 42.7% approval rating is 7.5 points lower than Obama's at the same point in his presidency and dead even with Trump at the exact same time in his first term. The latest Economist/YouGov poll has Biden and Trump in a dead heat, but a lot can change between now and the Republican Convention next summer. Check back in with OLBG for up-to-date political betting odds

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