MasterChef Season 13 Betting Odds: The Midwest Is Put To The Test

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Brendan Luck breaks down the Midwestern lot of cooks on MasterChef.

MasterChef Season 13 Betting Odds: The Midwest Is Put To The Test
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In this season of MasterChef (entitled United Tastes of America), the contestants will be split up into four competing teams representing four different culinary regions of the United States: Northeast, Midwest, The West, and The South. In the debut episode of the season, the Northeast team was finalized with five contestants making the cut during the team auditions. 

On May 31, the Midwest team had their team auditions as well – and five candidates made the final cut to compete against the rest on this exciting season of MasterChef. At this point in the competition, we have half of our contestants confirmed: the other two teams will be locked in on June 7 (The West), and June 14 (The South). 

After it was all said and done, contestants Charles, Sarah, Wayne, Kyle, and Grant earned their aprons in the Midwest team, while Kevin and Trevor were sent packing. 

MasterChef 13 Current Odds

Character Moneyline Probability
Charles +300 25%
+350 22.22%
Brynn +350 22.22%
Wayne +400 20%
Ryan +450 18.2%
Kyle +600 14.3%
Richie +650 13.3%
Nina +800 11.11%
Grant +1000 9.09%
Sarah +1000 9.09%

Charles Is the Most Promising Contestant So Far at +300 

As it stands currently, the Midwest is best with Charles at our number one spot with odds at +300. Charles (a hairstylist by trade) was confident in his skills and execution and impressed all the judges, including the normally harsh Joe. Joe went so far as to call Charles’ Cambodian Catfish Curry a “Wow dish”, which all of the judges agreed with. 

Joe and Gordon were taken aback by the heat level of Charles’ dish (Cambodians like it spicy!), although Aaron appreciated the Cambodian heat. Although we’re only two episodes into this season, Charles is the contestant that has served the best dish of them all, which is why he’s at the top of our odds table right now. 

Wayne Takes the No. 2 Spot of the Midwest Candidates

While Purvi and Brynn from the Northeast place in the top three of our odds table, keep your eyes peeled for Wayne, a 51-year-old media industry professional with a flair for the culinary arts. Wayne has a competitive streak and admits that his fiery nature might cause him to be divisive amongst his MasterChef peers. Wayne served up a high-end dish of venison filet served with a blackberry and port reduction, parsnip puree, and curried carrots. The dish was not perfect – all four judges admitted that the sauce was overkill and distracted from the well-cooked venison. However, this didn’t stop all four judges from also giving Wayne a yes, as the flavors in his dish were worthy of being included on a menu at a high-end restaurant. 

Sarah and Grant Are Longshots at +1000

Although Charles and Wayne allowed the Midwest to shine, Sarah and Grant barely squeaked by their competition in episode two. Both of these contestants were mixed bags – they had some major mistakes alongside some masterful execution for both of their dishes. Grant served roasted corn Agnolotti with lemon butter and chives, although the acid in the lemon broke his butter sauce, causing Joe to give Grant a “no”. However, the other judges appreciated the flavor of the dish, causing Grant to earn his apron. 

Sarah served a fusion dish of Springfield cashew chicken with fried rice and brown gravy. The judges liked the flavor of the dish, but Judge Aaron was confused by the sauce. Either way, Sarah also erased her apron. While both of these contestants had some bright elements to their dishes, they remain long shots to win the competition if they have mistakes in their very first rounds. 

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