ICRG Receives Historic Contribution from BetMGM to Combat Problematic Gambling

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ICRG Receives Historic Contribution from BetMGM to Combat Problematic Gambling
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  • BetMGM donates $180,000 to fight gambling addiction
  • ICRG has made several investments to combat addiction
  • Many states with legal gambling have fewer problems.

The International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) revealed that BetMGM, a well-known online gaming and sports betting company, had given it a grant worth $180,000, in support of the organization's research and instruction on responsible gaming and the influence that advertising has on problem gambling.

Important Contribution for ICGR

Since its founding in 1996, the ICRG has conducted many studies on problem gambling and produced many peer-reviewed journal articles.

The American Medical Association's JAMA Network Open journal recently published the non-profit organization's preliminary findings from sports betting study by Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

The ICRG's president, Arthur Paikowsky, said: "We are pleased to accept this historical contribution from BetMGM. Findings from this evidence-based research study will allow us to better identify potential risks and guide best practices for the gaming industry."

Senior Manager for Responsible Gaming at BetMGM, Richard Taylor, said: "Investment into research around responsible gaming is key to our continued education and commitment to providing best-in-class experiences and programs, as well as to ensure a sustainable industry."

The Gambling Addiction Problem in the States

Nevada, the state that is home to Las Vegas, was the worst state in the US for gambling addiction even though the state does not allow online casinos to operate there yet, according to WalletHub analysis, which examined 13 criteria that contrasted "gambling friendliness" with "gambling problem and treatment."

  • Nevada

  • South Dakota

  • Montana

  • Mississippi

  • Oklahoma

The list, as mentioned above, shows the states with the most gambling problems in the United States, and it is interesting to note that many states where regulated online casinos only grow are far below the list, as is the case of Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that has a booming online casino industry, which has invested in legal and safe bets.

Note that the states above have quite a significant amount of physical casinos and no online casinos. Could the case be that online casinos work harder to prevent harmful gambling than physical ones? 

Of course, the numbers show that gambling problems also grow in legalized states.

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