Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

Ever wondered which casino game provides you with the best chance of winning and the lowest house edge? Online casino sites offer the chance to win big but also protect their business by ensuring, in the long run, they can’t lose by including a house edge, through the odds, on all games. 

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Which Casino games have the lowest house edge? - Single deck blackjack has the lowest house edge of all casino games. At just 0.5%, this can be lowered even further by applying the 'basic strategy'. Craps comes next at 1% for certain bets, with Baccarat at 1.5%. Single zero roulette is 2.7%, increasing to 5.26% for double-zero American wheels.

Some games have bigger house advantage than others. Here we run through each in detail.

Black Jack (Single Deck) - House Edge 0.5%

Blackjack provides a better chance of winning with strategy than most casino games, and if you can find a single deck game, then you can be assured the house edge is lower than a multi-deck game.

Crucially, there is an element of skill involved with Black Jack so; the most skilled players will be playing against that 0.5% house edge, while the uninitiated will increase the house edge themselves, probably closer to 2% by simply not being an expert.

The edge will always be with the house, but if you want to lower your chance of losing, learn the game and practice. Not rocket science.

Slots - House Edge up to 15%

Slots are a huge part of casinos and vary in the edge the house gets. Some games can be as low as 0.5% others up to 15%. Read our guide on the best slots by Return To Player (RTP)

Indeed, as far as online casinos go, the slot is the most popular game. Fast, sometimes exciting bonus rounds with huge wins and even Slot Jackpots in the millions are paid out. But in general, the house edge on slots is the biggest anywhere in the casino.

Video Poker - House Edge up to 5%

Video Poker has always been a popular casino game for poker fans wanting a faster experience. They are one of the most popular forms of gambling, even above traditional casinos and sports betting.

Despite Video Poker being computerized and including a house edge, knowing the mathematics of poker can introduce a level of skill and thus lessen the house edge in the long run.

Roulette - House Edge 2.7% and above

Roulette (American Double Zero) - House Edge 5.26%

The only difference between American and European Roulette is that extra zero on the board. It might seem like just one more section taking it to 38 from 37, but the difference it makes to the house edge is double!

Without going into the details, there are fewer rules in American Roulette and thus overall easier to play, but for the beginner, don’t let the extra betting options put you off single zero roulette tables. For basic roulette play they are the same.

Roulette (European single zero) - House Edge 2.70%

Most people are familiar with the game of roulette. A wheel containing numbers 1-36 and a 0

That's 37 places for the ball to land, whilst if you pick on correctly you get paid just 35/1. There is the edge right there.

Roulette is also the easiest game to play in a casino once you know the basic rules and therefore does have one of the higher edges from the games available.

Baccarat - House Edge >1.5%

In its basic form, Baccarat is a straightforward card game with three possible outcomes. 

The banker has a hand, the player has a hand, and then there is the possibility of neither winning the hand [coup], and there is a tie.

You bet on the outcome of choice, although be aware that betting on the banker also comes at a charge, so to keep the edge as low as possible, the player is the bet

Craps - House Edge 1-16%

You’ve undoubtedly seen a film featuring Vegas and the characters in a casino, if not at the roulette for blackjack, then throwing dice down a table with an over-enthusiastic crowd leaning in.

Well, the game is called craps, it’s played with dice, and piles of money!

It’s a slightly more casual game when played at an online casino though!

There are a lot more rules with craps than with most casino games, as such, the house edge is lower. However, before stepping into the craps world, ensure you understand the rules and what you are betting on before betting on the game.

Advice would be to start with pass/don't pass bets, which have a house edge of 0%, This all sounds very good. A game with no house edge, but the catch here is you have to have placed a Pass/don't pass line bet, which has edges of 1.41 and 1.36% respectively.

Combining these bets brings the house edge down further

Move up to the Any seven bet, and you are looking at a massive 16.9%.

Lowest House Edge FAQs (US)

  • What are the best games to play at online casino

    1. Blackjack (Single Deck) House Edge from 0.5% with basic strategy
    2. Craps.  from 5% to 1.4% 
    3. Baccarat.  from 1.5% 
    4. Three-Card Poker.  from 1.5% 
    5. Video Poker.  from 0.5% but can be very high
    6. Slots.  From 2% to 10%
  • What is the easiest Casino game to play?

    Online slots require no skill set whatsoever to play, it is just a matter of feeding the machine and pressing buttons. There are no decisions of a strategic nature to make outside of when to quit playing. That does not make them the bet game. Roulette has some staking strategies, as does blackjack, but the beauty of casino gaming is the simplicity of the games making them available to anyone.

  • Does Blackjack or Craps have the best odds?

    Blackjack is by far the best game for players in terms of house edge and the odds. Blackjack has a lower house edge than craps but arguably suffers on the excitement levels. How much value do you put over a feeling of excitement against the probability of losing?

  • Is there a best time to play online casino for odds?

    The odds for all casino games are static and will not change hour from hour, day to day, or week to week. The odds are fixed with a built in house edge to tenure that the casino makes a profit as a business. Find a way to beat the casino and security will help you find the door, or you'll have your online account restricted and even closed.

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