I am Italian, living in Dublin since 2004. I am passionate about football, always being a supporter of Lecce (my roots, my over 20 years in the stadium). I follow also European leagues, particularly French (I lived in Nantes and still follow "les canaris"). I like watching Argentinian and Brazilian football, more joy and less tactical exasperation. In my teens I've been charmed by the Boston Celtics. I re-discovered NBA and I am appreciating again (still watching close the Celtics _ what else, since I am in the Celtic Country! _ but also Lakers of giant Kobe Bryant).


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14th June 2024
12:35 Meizhou Hakka v Shandong Taishan

Shandong Taishan

50 WIN

15:00 Southern Vipers Women vs Northern Diamonds Women

Southern Vipers Women

Win Match

50 WIN

15:30 USA vs Ireland

PR Stirling

Man Of The Match

50 WIN

20:00 Germany v Scotland


52 WIN

EURO 2024 in Germany will start in the next few days.The first match, as always is among the organizers and a team from their group: Germany - Scotland will therefore be the first match.The Germans are almost obliged to win.Scotland wants to leave. I see a tight match


Both Teams to Score

50 WIN

I would like to play a decent score: 2-1 for Germany. The Germans are favorites and that also puts a bit of pressure.the last matches between these teams are in 2002/2003 and 2015/16, so not recent. But we have seen: Germany - Scotland 2-1/ Scotland - Germany . 1-1 in 2002/03 andScotland  Germany 2-3, Germany - Scot. 2-1. So I can see the BTTS and 2-1 for the Germans 

Scotland - Germany

Half Time / Full Time

50 WIN

This is a huge odd , not to take a look at it! Germany did not perform very well in the last couple of EURO and WORLD Cup. Now, playing in Germany they have a certian pressure. Why not thinking about a locked game, with a surprise goal for the Scotts at end of half time and then a German (logical) coming back? at 29 we should consider it seriously. 

Germany #2-1

50 WIN

I would like to play a decent score: 2-1 for Germany; these teams are in 2002/2003 and 2015/16,  recorded : GE - Scot 2-1 and Scotland - GE 1-1; then Scotland - Germany 2-3 / GE - Scotland 2-1. More recently the Scots have also scored a lot (only one time goal in their last 10 games, vs Spain, who was however beaten in Glasgow with the same result) . I think Germany will win with some pain
15th June 2024
00:30 South Africa vs Nepal

South Africa

Win Match

50 WIN

01:30 New Zealand vs Uganda

New Zealand

Win Match

50 WIN

14:00 Hungary v Switzerland

Hungary - Draw

Half Time / Full Time

50 WIN

Hungary will be a probable surprise of this group, with Germany not too confident and Switzerland who won 4 times in the last 10 matches (lost 1-0 only one match, so strong anyway...). The Hungarians won 5 matches out of 10, with 5 draws. I think the match will be open, I'm a little afraid of putting a draw, so I take Hungary first goal and match equalised in second half
15:30 India vs Canada


Win Match

50 WIN

18:00 Namibia vs England


Win Match

57 WIN

31st August 2024
17:00 Florida Intl @ Indiana


Money Line

146 WIN

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